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🎆 Like any group though we have our rules.🎆
#1 No bullying, harassing, hate, bad time giving, etc. will not be accepted and you will be banned!
#2 Please! submit to the right folder. You have no idea how annoying it is to have to go through certain folders and remove certain things that do not go in that specific folder when it is done a lot.
#3 that being said, there are some 'grey areas' for certain folders. First off is the 'Mature folder'. The Mature folder is for deviations that are sexually or gore explicit. If you are not 18+, please don't view these unless the Mature Content is not on. Even then, still be cautious. We will not be responsible for you clicking on a deviation that is in this folder and you saying ' oh I didn't know' or ' oh I don't want to see that'. You had enough warning, don't take your negligence out on us or the artist. ALSO on a huge side note, please by all means keep certain things censored. DA is not a porn site.
#4 This one should be obvious but we've had troubles in the past. ONLY UNDERTALE ART.
Concerning the ' Featured folder'. The only people that can get their art in the featured folder are the contributors. If you wish to become a contributor, please message us and send us links of your art in the message. Thank you.
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9,143 Members
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With the release of Deltarune, new folders have been added. These folders include:

-Duke of Puzzles
-The King

Apologies for the late update.
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Mistletoe + Chocolate (Xtale!Chara x OC)Every December, Chara would try the well-known "kiss under the mistletoe" move. Unfortunately, luck never seemed to be on his side. But he kept trying nonetheless. This year, as Chara was once again hanging the small plant on the ceiling, another human holding a basket with a bunch of Christmas-related items was about to walk past him, but they decided to stop on their tracks to check what the taller one was up to. "How is it going, Chara?" They asked. "Uh?" Chara's gaze quickly landed on the shorter human. "Oh, hey Sakari. Don't mind me, I'm just preparing this mistletoe." "Mistletoe...?" Sakari glanced up at the plant with red berries and spiky leaves. "Yeah! You know the tradition? When two people stand under the mistletoe, they gotta kiss on the mouth! That's how that works!" "I see." Sakari nodded, pulling out their notepad to write that down. "Exactly! I haven't been able to get a kiss these last couple years, but I know this year will be different, for sure!" Chara was mostly rambling to himself as Sakari finished writing down the new piece of information. "That's holly." They suddenly said. "Uh... what?" "This tradition is done with mistletoe, right?" They pointed up at the plant. "That is holly." They repeated. Chara looked up and squinted at it, one of his eyes twitching. "I... I've been doing it wrong this whole time?!" "Mmm..." Sakari searched between the items in the basket they were holding. Then, they carefully pulled out another type of plant, one with white berries and round leaves. "Here you go." "Ah...?" Chara took the new plant as Sakari handed it to him. He still couldn't quite believe he had been using the wrong plant, but nonetheless, he quickly proceeded to correct his mistake. Once the actual mistletoe was now hanging, Chara let out a contented huff. "Okay...! So that should do it now, right?" "It should, yes. After all..." Sakari looked up at Chara. "We are two people standing under the mistletoe, aren't we?" "A-..." It took Chara a second, but when he realized what this meant, his cheeks started heating up. "Should we... follow the tradition?" They calmly asked. Chara gulped. He wasn't actually prepared for this! It just seemed to sudden, he- He awkwardly bent down, just enough so Sakari was able to stand on their tiptoes and give him a quick peck on the lips. "We've concluded it, right?" Sakari asked. The taller human, out of words, simply nodded a few times. "That is good to know! I must go now, but I shall see you around!" And with that, Sakari walked away, leaving a very flushed Chara all by himself. Well, that went well, he supposed.• • • • • • • • • •It was a normal day in the mostly-white-and-gray world, and Chara and Sakari were at the older's place. Chara was rather bored since Frisk had gone on one of his sappy dates with Muffet, so he had asked Sakari if they'd like to hang out, to which they accepted, as they were also not doing anything they considered to be of priority. "You know what I'm in the mood for?" Chara suddenly spoke up. Sakari let out a soft "Hm?" as they acknowledged the other. "Chocolate cake. I just really wanna bite down on some sweet, spongy cacao deliciousness." His mouth started to water just from imagining it. "You get what I'm saying?" The youngest tilted their head to the side. "I believe so. Is 'deliciousness' a word?" "Uuh, y-yeah, of course it is!" "I shall make sure to add that to my dictionary then." Chara then stood straight, Sakari already writing down on their notepad. "It's decided then! We're getting that cake!" His mood then suddenly dropped when he remembered something. "Wait... The closest bakery is Muffet's. And it's closed at the moment..." "That seems like a slight inconvenience, yes." Sakari added. Chara crossed his arms, pouting like a child as he had already assumed he wouldn't be getting his craving. "A valid alternative," Sakari continued. "would be to make the cake ourselves." Chara perked up at that. "Wait. Do you know how to cook?" "I have never tried it. But by taking the important ingredients and procedures into account, I believe it shouldn't be a difficult task." Chara smirked. Maybe they were getting onto something. "Alright! Let's do this then!" Chara headed to his small kitchen, with Sakari following close behind. He quickly began to pull out stuff he thought they'd need for the recipe. "Let's see... We'll need flour, sugar, eggs..." He placed the ingredients on the counter as he named them. "That's normal stuff for a cake, right?" "I would assume so." "And we can't forget the chocolate!" He simply pulled out a chocolate bar. "Hey Sakari, could you grab a bowl?" "Of course." The youngest obediently picked up a big enough bowl which they figured could fit all of the ingredients. At the same time, Chara grabbed an electric hand mixer and a large mug. "Alright, we gotta start by mixing all of this stuff up! So I guess I'll just..." He dumped a generous amount of flour and sugar into the bowl, eye-balling the measurements with the mug. "Shouldn't we be measuring the amounts more carefully?" Sakari pointed out. "Nah, I'm sure this is fine!" Sakari wasn't so sure, but they trusted his judgement nonetheless. "Anyway, could you crack two eggs into the bowl?" "Yes, I shall do that." As Chara grabbed his chocolate, snapping it into several pieces and grabbing a pan to put on the stove and melt it, Sakari meticulously cracked two eggs and dumped them as told, letting out a contented sigh as they successfully avoided dropping any pieces of egg shell onto the mix. "Here it comes!" Chara excitedly exclaimed, tilting the pan above the bowl to pour the now melted chocolate. "Hmm..." Sakari stared down at the bowl's contents. "Is this all we need?" "I guess?" Chara simply shrugged. "Let's just start mixing!" He firmly held the bowl with one hand and grabbed the mixed with the other, impatiently flicking it on with his thumb. Before Sakari could warn him about how inefficient that seemed, a good part of the dry and wet ingredients went flying the moment the spinning mixer made contact with them. Both humans yelped as they were hit by chunks of raw food. After a moment, the two glanced at each other. And then, Chara started chuckling. "What is it?" Sakari asked. "Hahah, I just— I've never seen you that dirty. It's funny!" Sakari looked down at themself, taking notice of their stained clothes and skin. They were sparked by sudden panic. "Ah, I should get myself fixed right away—!" "No no, it's okay! It's not like anyone's gonna see you right now, is it?" Sakari glanced up at the tallest. "You are seeing me right now." "Uh—" Chara was slightly taken aback by the sudden obvious remark, but was able to provide a quick response to it. "Well, yeah. But I'm kinda in the same position as you." He gestured down at himself. "Though even if I weren't, I don't think it would matter... Besides, like I said, this is a rare sight! I don't want you getting rid of it so quickly, heheh!" Sakari was visibly confused by those statements. They simply didn't understand why he would like them looking filthy. Wasn't it more comfortable to be clean? "You intrigue me, Chara." They stated. He rolled his eyes. "Don't take it so seriously! I'm mostly just joking around." "Joking around?" They repeated. "Yeah! We're having fun, aren't we?" "I thought we were baking." Chara squinted down at Sakari. "See? You're too matter-of-fact-y!" "Now I'm positive that isn't a real term." Chara ignored that as he continued speaking. "Really, you need to let yourself go." Shortly after saying that, a mischievous grin made its way to his face. "For example..." And just like that, he bent down to lick a chocolatey stain off Sakari's cheek, which got a surprised gasp out of them. "Chara...!" He laughed, still grinning. "Oh man, you should see your face right now!" Sakari brought their hand up to their cheek. "That's... not an efficient way of cleaning." "But it was fun, wasn't it?" Sakari blinked up at Chara, who just stood there with his hands on his hips and a contented expression. If that was his concept of fun, they figured it would be proper to do the same as him. And so, they suddenly leaned forward, standing on their tiptoes as they reached for a stain on his chin. "Woah, wha—!" Now Chara was the one who had been caught off guard, as he hadn't expected them to return the gesture. A small noise escaped Sakari's mouth as Chara's stubble softly scratched their tongue, making them slightly lose balance and instinctively place their hands on his shoulders for support. The two looked into each other's eyes for a moment, with Chara having to process what was happening. "Um..." He spoke up after a few seconds. "Wh-what was that for?" "You said we were having fun." Sakari stated, lightly tilting their head to the side. "I thought that was only fair." Despite their words being filled with logic as per usual, something about the way that was phrased made Chara's cheeks turn a deep red. He reached down to grab them by the waist, holding them onto their tiptoes. "Ah... S-so that's how it's gonna be?" "What is?" They asked back. "Well..." He cleared his throat. "The way I see it, I'm gonna have to get back to you." Sakari blinked at that. "And how are you going to do that?" He glanced to the side at the half-empty bowl, reaching towards it to scoop some of the remaining mixture with his index finger. Due to this, he had to pull Sakari closer with his other hand, now resting on their lower back, so he could keep properly holding them. "Would you stick your tongue out?" He requested. Sakari obeyed, to which Chara proceeded to slowly but surely spread the sugary substance across their tongue. Now that he had such a close look at them, in that position... damn, that's kinda hot, he thought. Not wanting to waste any more time, he leaned down with half-closed eyes and started to lick the chocolate off their tongue, absentmindedly exhaling into their mouth as he did so. It didn't take much longer until he fully closed the proximity between the two, letting the sudden intensity of the situation get to him. Sakari, on the other hand, while they accepted this, kept their eyes wide open, desperately trying to understand what this action was. Well, it was a kiss, that much they knew, but it wasn't nearly as brief or soft as the one they gave him months prior for that "Christmas tradition". Either way, it felt nice, so they figured it was a good thing. The kiss only lasted a few seconds though, with Chara pulling away after thinking he should allow them to breathe properly. The two panted lowly, and Sakari found themself once again feeling confused, as they didn't know why their breathing had got so heavy over such a seemingly small action. "... Hah... W-well..." Chara spoke up. "H-how was that?" Sakari felt the heat steadily increasing on their own cheeks. "Very..." They exhaled, trying to maintain their composure. "... intriguing, indeed." A short chuckle escaped Chara, noticing how Sakari had used the same term as earlier. Before any of them had time to do anything else, they started hearing approaching footsteps. Instinctively, Chara let go of Sakari and took a couple of steps back. Soon enough, Frisk stood right by the entrance. He looked around, and then at the other two, observing the mess on them and the kitchen counter. "... What the heck did you two do?"
Escape!Tale || New Flowey Fight Sprite || by EscapeTale0fficial
Flowey and Asriel
UNDERTALE Asriel (Childhood-Adulthood) by MaskyMask2004
hat made 100% of ghost tears by TheBlackHole090
Frisk and Chara
Pride 2021 Trans by LexieTheBloodPixie
Gaster Practice 16 by LucrataNexarii
Hot Flame by RoyalElemental
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Pride 2021 Polyam by LexieTheBloodPixie
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Creepy Face [Icon] by Shimmer-Shy
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Toriel by Posv-e
(Undertale) Mettaton or smthn, i wanna breath by Sharfav3in
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Escape!Tale || Monsterkid Sprite Animation || by EscapeTale0fficial
Spider Dance (Muffet And Frisk/ UNDERTALE) by BBGBBopGamer
NapstaBloook bro by Temaneki
Prince Arnu by Keysic
Error Day by wiin18
Woven Souls character ref - Papyrus by Bedeku
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Gaster: Bone Pendant 6 by LucrataNexarii
Sans v3 by AmogusTheSus
Sans and Papyrus FULL
Saness lemme smash by CyaneWorks
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Papyrus and Gaster sprites remake by VAC-BAN
[Undertale] Mt. Ebott 3D by Latyprod
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(Undertale) True Lab's DT Extractor by Sharfav3in
Undyne by HC-Artz
Ships otp
Sans x Chara by Angeliquelol

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Heavy surprise by TLW216
Escape!Tale ||Toriel huggin Nick|| by EscapeTale0fficial
Two Characters
A Spider raised by a Turtle by Prinbloss
Aftertale AU
Geno sans fanart by HeyImAni
Errortale AU
Error in a Suit by aureolus7
FlowerFell AU
Flowerfell Frisk !!Read Desc!! by Sad-Doodles
Monofell AU
Leap of Faith by PC-Doodle
Outertale AU
Outertale Sans (Pallet Challenge) by HarmonyTRE
Reapertale AU
The more bubbles the more sanses~ by RapidSkies
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Papyrus SilentTale by RandomSatanist
Storyshift AU
Chara from Storyshift by D-E-N-N-Y-D-U
Underfell AU
Game Over by aureolus7
Underswap AU
Swap Frans Doodle by RapidSkies
Misc. AU 2
Comm character design by CyaneWorks
Misc. AU - FULL
Comm Mars by CyaneWorks
AU CrossOver
Same but Different by aureolus7
Horrortale AU
Horror Sans Toby Styled by AmogusTheSus
Comics 2 -Full
Giustizia Ciao - Page 33 by VanGold
I don't know where to put this
Bete Noire: Hate by Angeliquelol
Kris you like it.... by Sad-Doodles
She has a very nICE sweater- by CutieGrumpyCerym
Comission Ralsei Deltarune 2019 low res by cybertrevil
Speedy Lancer by Highvoltage-art
Duke of Puzzles
R0-XLS by Tnynfox
The King of Spades
Chaos King by meanpersonaart
Delta Rune
Ralsei by metr0nix727
Join Us In The Spiral by Raggens18
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Growing Pains Pg22 by GhostLiger

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