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Group Info

This group is dedicated to the Let's Player Mangaminx, as well as other Let's Players with fanart in deviantART.

The group will have folders for each Let's Player fanart, including one for group art. Mangaminx and the other Let's Players will be informed about this fan club, so it might be the easiest way to make your fanart known.
Founded 7 Years ago
May 9, 2012


Group Focus
Fan Club

263 Members
276 Watchers
22,827 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

[AU] Mage!Minx character sheet by izelletn
Who's Your Daddy? by Lily-Lucid
Danganronpa Minx (Fan Art) by Thunderboy0312
Dead Spaced MangaMinx 88x88 by AlwaysTumbling
Mangaminx Avatar Submission by mybeautifulsilence
TheRPGMinx: 999 by Phatom12
Minx Dark Souls 3 Titlecard by MarchBunny
Minx #2-Resident Evil Revelations by JessicaJ-MC
Minx-Resident Evil Revelations by JessicaJ-MC
Channel Background
Minx Title Card by PastelPain
Minx in Presentable Liberty--Page 1 by CollectorsPrize

Mature Content

MangaMinx VS Spider PART 2 by ThebSayraduka

Mature Content

MangaMinx VS Spider by ThebSayraduka
happy birthday Krism by superPIKATCHU
Minx [Redraw] by ClockworkTurtle
a delicate flower by papopi
TheRPGMinx- Resident Evil: Revelations by Phatom12
Mangaminx by Pandasparkle312
Krinx by izelletn
choose a team! by Umbrony
Sup buttons Available- by MiloSenpai
The cat who caught a shark (OhMinx) by EternalFyre413
Why can't we be French by CuddleRock
ALEXANDER! by animegurl83
Mangaminx in Amnesia: Justine by purplemudkip
Fred the Spider by StarCrossedWolf
resident evil zero minx by papopi
Happy birthday, Minx! by izelletn
Project Million (Part 2) by MarchBunny
Project Million (Part 1) by MarchBunny

Let's Plays

Games that Mangaminx has Let's Played (in her order of LP):

Non-Serial Games
:bulletpurple: Fatal Frame III (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Deadly Creatures (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Jericho (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Cursed Mountain (DISCONTINUED)
:bulletpurple: Undying (DISCONTINUED)
:bulletpurple: Jade Empire (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Overlord (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Lands of Lore (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Cryostasis (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Daedra Quests (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Singularity (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Dark Messiah (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Thief: Deadly Shadows (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Anna (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Ib (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: White Day (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Paranormal (DISCONTINUED)
:bulletpurple: Ao Oni (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Metro 2033 (DISCONTINUED)
:bulletpurple: Corpse Party (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Slender (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: I Am Alive (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Lucius (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Deadlight (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Dishonored (DISCONTINUED)

Dead Space
:bulletpurple: Dead Space (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Dead Space: Extraction (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Dead Space 2 (DISCONTINUED)

Silent Hill
:bulletpurple: Silent Hill 4: The Room (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Silent Hill: Origins (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Silent Hill (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Silent Hill 2 (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Silent Hill: Homecoming (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Silent Hill 3 (COMPLETE)

Game Adaptations
:bulletpurple: JU-ON: The Grudge (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: SAW: The Video Game (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption (DISCONTINUED)

Dead Rising
:bulletpurple: Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (DISCONTINUED)

:bulletpurple: Amnesia: The Dark Descent & Justine (COMPLETE & DISCONTINUED)
:bulletpurple: Amnesia Custom Stories

:bulletpurple: Penumbra: Overture (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Penumbra: Black Plague (COMPLETE)

:bulletpurple: Cry of Fear (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Nightmare House 1 & 2 (DISCONTINUED)
:bulletpurple: Underhell (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Grey (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut (COMPLETE)
:bulletpurple: Black Mesa Source (COMPLETE)

:bulletpurple: Skycraft
:bulletpurple: Trine 2
:bulletpurple: Borderland 1 & 2
:bulletpurple: Dungeon Defenders
:bulletpurple: Left 4 Dead II
:bulletpurple: Dead Island
:bulletpurple: F3AR
:bulletpurple: Zero Continues
First T-shirt : Cryaotic

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i am going to be writing a fan fiction about minx and krism set in a mystical world and i want to know,

if she were a queen what would she name the land she ruled over?

also, of her friends who do you think would make a good steward, general of her army, financial person, stable master, personal maid... pretty much what would each of her youtube friends be the best at?

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