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I recall posting something in the beginning of my time here explaining that I suck at updating journals, blogs and similar modes of sharing. So this is all as it should be, this update-drought.

Right now a lot of my time goes into the comic and school. The downside with having a webcomic, I often find, is that when you're done with a page or taking a break from drawing it you don't really want to spend the down time drawing even more, just other stuff.
Not always of course, but I don't draw as much on the side as I used to, and when I do I wobble between more ambitious pictures that end up half finished or easy sketching that get's eraised when I'm done.
I don't feel really productive with this is the point I'm making. I'm not sure I'm developing either.
When I was younger (not that many years ago) I could fill page after page with quick sketches for hours, and I just don't do that anymore. I'm not sure if it's because I lost that habit when I started working digitally, or if I'm just in another artistic phase right now. I do keep telling myself to start bringing my sketch book with me at all times again, which is just good advice in general, because I still see and get ideas for things that I want to draw when I wander outside.
Right now I'm collecting "styles" so to speak, artists whose artwork inspires me and has a technique in it that I want to mimic and make my own, usually pretty basic stuff. I'll post the results here when I have something worth posting.
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Stupid Premium Memebership expired, and now I have to wait until my funds allows me to get a new one, but it feels like it's worth it. I've had it for a year, and now I'm spoiled. That's how they get you.

Creatively things are slow. I'm just sketching around mostly, but any time soon now I think it's time for some real work.

Also, being nostalgic and finding all the old cartoons I watched as a kid on YouTube.
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It occurred to me that I hadn’t updated my journal for ages, so here goes:

It’s been kind of a crazy autumn, and that’s to lead the way out of a crazy year in general. I can’t remember being this… maybe lost isn’t the right word, but disconnected for a very long time. Many things have changed, and plenty of those were for the worse.
Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of little lights in my life, for which I’m grateful, and hopefully I’ll not have to loose more of them, but instead gain a few new ones. My creativity has been kind of down, or odd. I have been pulled back inside myself something fierce and that resulted in some weird art that won’t make an appearance on Deviantart I think…
It’s a strange and sort of desolate hill to be standing on, striped with negative feelings, like the roots of an unwelcome weed growing deeper.
But, before I go off on an emo-poetic-road trip, let me say that I’m confident that this will all pass, thing’s like this always do. That’s why I look forward to the New Year; I think it will be a better one. And even this one had its high points, let’s not forget that.

Oh, and if any of you wondered how my challenge to myself went, about reaching a level of skill that would grant me membership in a certain group around this time of the year, well, then I can announce that that particular goal has been achieved. See? High points, you take’em where you find’em!:nod:
A big thank you to everyone that wished me good luck and cheered me on in this!:love:

And the snow keeps falling. I love that!:snowing:
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Right! I have just been denied membership in a group I applied to. I won't tell you which one, 'cause someone who actually made the cut might rub my face in it.;p
The point is they liked my stuff, but it wasn't quite there yet.

You know what I say to that?


Six months from now I will apply again, and I will get accepted or so help me!
I need to up my game, and to start off I'm sketching on a new picture that is going to be epic. I can see every detail in my mind, and I'm loving it already.

The picture will be finished around mid-April as I'm also planning on selling it on a convention I'll be attending.

But start your timers, kids; SIX MONTHS, mark my words.:shakefist:

Also, Easter rocks, so HAPPY EASTER!

And llamas, they rock too. Lots and lots of llamas.
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This has to be one of the snowiest winters I have ever experienced! Greenhouseeffect or just the combined wishes of snowstarved children like me? Who knows.

I have a lot to do right now, both with the comic and school, but there are still several projects that I have in mind for Deviant. A lot of them involve developing myself in artistic areas that I´m currently not too hot at, so it might be a while, but hopefully something will make it´s way in here before summer ;)

Also, I´m considering creating a new skin for my journal. None of the ones that are public really do it for me, and now that I have a Premium Membership ( thanks to Another Life :) ) I want to spruce up the page a little. I´ll just need to find a tutorial, skin-n00b that I am!

And now off to winter wonderland!
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I'll just leave this here, and hope you check it out:

Tired but pleased, and hoping you have a nice holiday!
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I like this time of the year, and I like Halloween. In Sweden on this weekend people will go to the graves of friends and family and place candles on them that burn for ages. It looks really cool at night, in a pretty/eerie sort of way, like stars have dropped out of the sky and landed on every churchyard. That is how we celebrate All Hallows Eve here, in a typically solemn, scandinavian fashion;)

But the Halloween concept has also made it´s way to us, which is fine by me. I don´t care if it´s been taken over by greeting-card companies, so long as I have an excuse to dress up and eat ridiculous amounts of candy. I would also recommend it to anyone trying to fight off the blues that comes with the darkness and the cold, it can work wonders!
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It´s been a while. Nobody knows it better than I.

I am currently all tied up with school, but am hoping to find the time for new works of, well, let´s just call it art.
I´ve also been going through some older stuff, and discovered that several pieces are missing. How this happended is nothing short of a mystery to me, and it kind of bothers me since they were nice pictures that I wanted to show. Here´s hoping they turn up eventually.

For those of you wondering "Hey, whatever happened to that awesome vampire-comic-thingy?", fear not. A separate page is still in the works but it is coming (it looks gorgeous), so just be patient a little longer, k? I promise to make it worth the wait!

In other (old) news; it seems that Terminator, the Sarah Connor chronicles tv-series has been canceled. A damn shame, if you ask me.

And the summer is almost over.
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Right, due to a period of, let's just call it not being able to work, this unveiling has been somewhat delayed, but now the time has come!

For a while now I have been working on a comic that I'm going to put out on its very own homepage when it's ready. Here, on Deviant Art, I'm going to post the very first pages of the first storyline, and when the website for the comic is finished, the address will be posted here as well. The comic will only be posted in Swedish, but in time I wouldn't be surprised if a translation to English showed up.
Keep your eyes open for more, and hope you enjoy my effort in the realm of comics!

Memento Vivere

Vampires are very real. They exist all around us, from the sewers beneath our feat, to the echelons of our society, in the wilderness surrounding our cities, and sometimes very, very close to our own homes. Amongst themselves they are known as the kindred.
They mask their existence skillfully but their world is a dark and violent one filled with the intrigues and struggles making up their endless nights, and that world sometimes spills over into ours.

In the northern lands of Europe the city of Gothenburg has long been held as the crown jewel, the pearl of Scandinavia among kindred strongholds. But a time of great trial and change is upon the city and the vampires inhabiting it. Old enemies draw nearer, even older alliances shatter and a new arrival finds herself in the midst of an unfamiliar and confusing reality.

The prince
The politician
The warrior
The innocent

The evil
The good?

This is Memento Vivere
Waaaaait for it...;)
It´s hot outside. It will inevitable  get hotter.

I am not a big fan of heat. It makes my skin all itchy and red and generally uncomfortable to inhabit. I hate having to go outside when the sun is cooking everything medium-dead. I get bored as hell by the activity of lying perfectly still and actually trying to soak up as much sun as humanly possible and I always feal as though I have nothing in my warderobe suited to the temperature. Yes, I´m sure you all can relate to my pain.

But there´s an upside, oh yes, because summer means vacation, and this summer in particular. I haven´t got a summerjob, my normal, seasonal pastime, so I find myself with this huge hole in my calendar that I will use to draw whatever I want, and also give me the chance to take on commissions and sell stuff. Jobless means cashless, and that´s not gonna fly, so here I am, taking on any job for anyone who wants some real pretty art!:) Go go go!
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No, I haven´t died, nor have I broken any fingers preventing me from drawing.
Well, preventing me from scanning old stuff at least.
I am, in the slightly pretentious language of an aaartist, simply not "feeling it" right now. My muse has taken a hike, and me, I just feel like going to sleep. It can´t be normal to be this tired all the time. Or mayby I should just start gulping down coffee like there´s no tomorrow. Hopefully things will improve with time, ´cause right now I can´t make the slightest effort towards updating stuff at all.

What can I say, it´s not easy being green.
A thousand views... That´s actually kind of cool :)
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I´m at it again and have taken on the rather ambitious project of scanning many pictures from my large bounty of sketchpads.
Ambitious because there are many, many pictures and the work involved in cleaning them up and making them presentable will be tedious and long. That is not how I like to work. I like to draw fast and then move on, but it would be nice to assemble some of the work and take it another step.

Who knows, I might actually get around to colouring a piece or two:o

Feels like my energy is slooowly returning, knock-on-wood.
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I can´t believe this.

I have ideas, but not the energy to draw them. Moving to a new city takes a lot out of you - who knew?
Well, I´m moving. I have been living between cities lately, studying in one and socialising in the other, but no more. I have a bigger apartement, so now I will commit to one town (almost) all of the time.
My old place is filled with boxes, and in a coupple of days it will all be stashed in my lovely new home.

And best of all-I will have my drawing-board and sketchpads with me, so keep your eyes open for more art coming your way soon!
Christmas is just two shakes of a lambs tale away, and I can´t wait!

I love it, even though I become more and more ambitious in my decorations, cooking, crafting etcetera each year, and thus adding a little extra stress to the holly and the jolly as the years go by. Still worth it!

Also, I´m hoping to recieve some gifts in the shape of tutorials, photoshoptutorials more specifically, and then the rest of my freetime shall be spent creating something new to post. There´s more old stuff lying about so I´ll post either way, but I want to make something new now.

Counting down...

And making last-minute panicy rounds to the stores while I´m at it.

Seasons Greetings!
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I´m not much for keeping a journal.

I forget to write regularly, and then I feel bad for not writing, so I scribble down something incredibly dumb, crazy and/or pointless. I swear, anyone reading some of my old notes would probably laugh their socks off.
Well, that or just call the asylum.
No, really.

I can´t say that I see that changing either, just another one of my charming, rather permanent  little features.

I guess my art is my journal, thoughts and feelings filtered through my  mind and emerging on the other side completely different. Heh, "art", it sounds so pretentious when I write it down.


I can´t get Bizzare Love Triangle by Stabbing Westward out of my head.
It´s been there for weeks, so now I´m trying to play it out.

And I hope that some of the stuff I make will be appreciated. The best compliment I can get is when I inspire someone else to create something cool of their own.

All the best!