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There is a whole lot of fanart for Jeff the killer. That's not a complaint it's an observation. Everybody has made him into their own image from creepy, sexy and even cute. So I thought it's only fair that I give my favourite pieces and if y9u think I'm trying to please one group of people well you're wrong. So have fun sleeping with you're lights on and have fun. Just don't look beside you.

#10. Jeff by: XxJeffTheKillerxX

Jeff by XxJeffTheKillerxX

Good lord this one is creepy, imagine waking up to that face after a terrible nightmare. I really do think this is a pretty awesome piece of art and creepeir than the actual story (that will be explained in a different journal).


#9. Jeff the hedgehog by: CrasconXSwarrior

Jeff the Hedgehog by CrasconXSwarrior

creepypasta's and sonic, it's a very interesting cross to say the least. I imagine sonic.exe isn't that happy. I think I like the idea more than the art, that said I do like the actual image a whole lot. It's enough for the number nine spot.

#8. Betrayal by blood by: TheStrawberryWitch

Betrayal (Jeff the Killer x Lyann FanFic) Ch. 8
Lyann looked around the back yard of the home before squatting down and looking at Emma. The older girl was shaking with worry but Emma only took it that she was excited about killing. “So! Lets see, you need something cool to do when you kill.” Lyann quickly hushed the young girl. “Emma, keep it down you’ll wake up the people.”
The young girl frowned for a second before she piped up again. She whispered now. “Oh, how about you do like Jack and eat their organs?” Lyann’s stomach twisted in knots and she felt like she was going to barf. “I… I think I’ll pass.” She said weakly as she held her stomach. Emma went back to thinking. “Well Jeff says ‘go to sleep.’ I don’t even know why it sounds so stupid.”
Lyann couldn’t help but laugh a little. “How about this.” She started off, standing up and dusting off her legs. “I’ll just say the first thing that comes to

This is an awesome story, it's funny because usualy I'm not into romance fics, especially when they contain an OC. For some reason however I was drawn to this more than creepypasta and fanfictions I actually liked. It's still on going and it does have one of my favourite OC's I've read about. True not every chapter is golden, but that's common with books and it never got to the point where I wasn't excited for the next chapter. It only makes number eight because it is a story and I'm mostly looking at fanart, oh well I guess sometimes rules have to be bent.

#7. bloody bath - Jeff the killer by: Nasuki100

bloody shower - Jeff the killer by Nasuki100
Umm....Okay, a sexy Jeff the killer, I wasn't expecting to like a bunch of them, and by that I mean any of them. This just pulled me in, I don't know how, it just grabbed me, it touched me in all the right places. Yeas, I am making these on purpose, and no I'm not ashamed.

#6. Jeff the killer (preview) by: IllusionSadako

Jeff the Killer (Preview) by IllusionSadako
I was always a fan of Jeff the killer art where it compares him to his "sane" self. I think this is my second favourite of those kinds of pieces. It is sort of like a movie poster, I mean good lord, who here would go see Jeff the killer the movie? I certainly would.

#5. Jeff the Killer by: StrikeList

Jeff the Killer by StrikeList
This is awesome. It's just down right psychotic and it just screams GO TO SLEEP, take that subtlety. Of course I can only imagine what colour his eyes would be after not even blink for lord knows how long.

#4. Jeff the killer- Dying is good for you by: Sh0taakio

<da:thumb id="384016078"/>
this was one of the first JTK pics I have ever put in my favourites, I find that it makes an insane killer look kind of cute. I have already talked about this so, moving on.

#3. Jeff The Killer by: gatanii69

  Jeff The Killer by gatanii69
This is pretty cool. honestly it's like something that's happening in a story that I'm thinking up and never going to write. It has two sides, one full of creepypasta characters and fictional villains and the other me maybe a couple others and the good Jeff, they have to fight once in a while, but there is a twist, and if you watched "the cell" then you should know what happens. Still though awesome piece.

#2. Jeff the Killer by: PsycoNeko159

Jeff the Killer by PsycoNeko159
Every time I read "betrayed by blood" this is one thing I'll have in my head (among "tear you apart" by she wants revenge) This almost makes me feel sorry for him as he can't really feel proper emotions like love, and what can you say to someone who can't truly love?

#1. creepy pasta card end card jeff the killer by: gatanii69

creepy pasta card end card jeff the killer by gatanii69
I have stated in this images comment section that it is one of the best Jeff the killer pics, and I still stand by that. It is porbably the most epic I have ever seen Jeff and he actually looks somewhat sane, somewhat, This is my favourite JTK piece and is so far the best one I've seen.

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