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So I have taken time to make a top 10 list of some of my favourite art from this site right here. So the rules are, they have to be in my favourites. So with that said enjoy.

(note: all artworks here are just in thumbnail size, click on the images to see them in full size or check out my favourites)

#10. Clarity. by: Zacatron94

Clarity by Zacatron94

I am not really sure why I like this, it is just amazing, I think it is only better if you read the description which for your convenience I will put a link in here at the end. On top of that, the soft colours are just great, I may not be a brony, but who's to say I must be if I like this? Why is it this person has a pen name that is similar to my youTube username?

Link to it in my favourites:…


#9. wings in the dark. by: Xakriuth

Wings in the dark by Xakriuth

I am a huge fan of dark colours and heavy shading in art and this is a great example. I really like the light shining down on this thing. It's almost how I see the beast form of the entity of darkness, only with batwings.

#8. ninja. by: exata

Ninja by exata

Avoiding obvious reasons, I really like how realistic this looks, and I'm going to be honest it really does remind me of a mortal kombat character like Jade, Kitana, Mileena etc. The background also compliments the character well.

#7. Nightmare X. By: zeroblack3997

<da:thumb id="383548236"/>

Black and grey are to of my favourite colours. This turns them into a piece of art, I haven't played any MMX games so I'm not entirely sure if this is based on X or not, but I really like this. No matter how little I understand.

#6. And you... are a monster. by: MrKawaiiL

And you ... Are a Monster. by MrKawaiiL

As much as I love heavy shading and dark colours in art, I like lack of colours a little bit more, mostly because when the artist wants to get an emotion across, the emotion is a little bit more powerful, especially when it is fear, sadness or mystery. I'm not sure when emotion the artist was going for, but the artist succeeded, the shaded face is a mystery and the similar shape to that of majora's mask is kind of spooky. The image itself is kind of depressing to.

#5. Spyro and Sparx. by: chevalfille

Spyro and Sparx by chevalfille

If only for the fact that spyro (2) ripto's rage was the first video game I remember playing and that there are three spyro games on my top 40 favourite games list, does this make the top 10. For the fact that it has a good colour scheme and great expressions does it make the top five.

#4. Jeff the killer- Dying is good for you. by: sh0taAkio

<da:thumb id="384016078"/>


I read tons of creepypasta (some of my favourites include candle cove, gateway to the mind, pokemon strangled red, pokemon lost silver, abandond by Disney, sonic.exe, hypno's lullaby and especially BEN drowned) Jeff the killer was an interesting creepypasta, it's about a boy who gets invited to a party, before it happens, he and his brother get into a fight with some bullies, to which his brother gets arrested. During the party, Jeff gets set on fire, he then cuts his mouth so he can always and did something to his eyelids (I dunno burnt them off, cut them off I dunno) and decides to start killing people, starting with his parents and his brother (whom was just released from juvie. This piece of art kind of makes him look cute.

#3. Not quite the season. By: OnnasAwesomeStrider

<da:thumb id="387480764"/>

Cosplay interests me, certainly this is my favourite cosplay piece, although I'm not sure what is supposed to be cosplayed here. It6 still looks freaking awesomely amazing. Onna sorry but there's two pieces that top yours.

#2. dragon. By: hellboyLXIX

dragon by hellboyLXIX

This was not picked by the fact that the artist is my brother. This was picked because my brother is an amazing artist. It was a toss up between this and the reaper, but I chose this because Goddess darn it dragons are awesome. This is also all hand drawn, no wonder he still takes I art.

#1. Mask. By: saskia-sama

Mask by Saskia-sama

This was just an amazing piece of art. I like the lack of colour and when there is colour it stands out and becomes more beautiful. The entire thing feels like there is a story to it, which I am a big fan of in art. If you can make the viewer feel like there is a story being told in the picture, you have a winning piece for me. I like a lot of things, from fan art of nostalgic characters, cosplay photos, hand drawn pictures of mythological pictures, creepypasta images, pony images, dark art, expressive art among others, this one takes the cake and turns it into an annoying meme three times. It's just amazing. I can't think of any other words to describe it.

So yeah, this has been me with my top 10 favourite deviantart favourites. I might do another one of these, but that'll take some thought.

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August 16, 2013