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Hey I haven't done a top 10 in a while. I've been so consumed with reviewing creepypasta's it's getting ridiculous. So let's count down my favourite fan-art from all creepypasta, why for three reasons, 1. I've already done two Jeff the killer lists, 2. some of this is way better than the Jeff fan art and 3. I'm the entity of darkness, why can I not do this? Only one per character and one group, duos don't count as a group, but only one duo per characters (no more than one Jeff X Jane picture) if I didn't have this rule it would be full of Jeff fan art, also I'm sorry strawberrywitch but sadly "Betrayal by blood" isn't on the list I'm looking at art so I can't include it, if I could it'd be in the top 5 hands down. So let's begin.

#10. Eyeless Jack by: nasuki100

Eyeless Jack by Nasuki100

You again? Okay what do you expect me to say the entire reason I stopped leaving comments on nasuki100's art is because there are so many comments saying the exact same thing I'm saying, there is no point in commenting on this because everybody has said the same thing. It's great artwork what else can I say?

#9. Cut! Cut! by: Kiziotta28

<da:thumb id="425210967"/>

I don't know exactly what I like about this one, it has great artwork, but if you've seen my brother's stuff you'd also say this has been blown out of the water. I guess I like the pairing, but there's other friendships and bromances you can make this probably isn't the best. I guess I just like it a lot enough to put it on the list, but that's really it.

#8. Slenderman Sketch by: Nasuki100

Slenderman Sketch by Nasuki100

The irony is I don't really like slenderman, after actually dissecting his design with how stupid it really looks, with him being the most known pasta character kind of makes me dislike him a lot. Still though I will admit there are ways of making him scary, this is one of them. I really like the red it kind of reminds of sin city in visuals.

#7. the following five Jeff the killer pices by: PsycoNeko159/nasuki100/StrikeList/Keysmoke

Jeff the Killer by PsycoNeko159 Go to sleep by Nasuki100 bloody shower - Jeff the killer by Nasuki100 Jeff the Killer by StrikeList<da:thumb id="410690521"/>

It was tough to narrow down my favourite Jeff the killer fanart, in the end I decided to pick these five and lump them all in one spot. Now I've talked about most of these except for the last image of the bunch. I think I like that the most but each one of these images are awesome and could've been on the list in general.

#6. ticci toby by: gatanii69

ticci toby by gatanii69

I may be an avid creepypasta reader, but until I did some digging around deviant I've never heard of masky, hoody nor ticci toby. Oh well. I like how Gothic this looks, and the background appearance of masky and hoody is also a nice touch. I like the design of each character and the shading is also great so yeah.

#5. Welcome to the nightmare by: gatanii69 AND Ben Drowned By: Nasuki100

Welcome to the nightmare by gatanii69 Ben Drowned by Nasuki100

I decided to put these two together because truthfully, I like them equally, they're both dark and eerie. If you pinned me down and forced me to decide I'd probably choose "Welcome to my nightmare" because it has a background, but I also like "Ben drowned" because of how gothic it looks. In the end just like #7 I have to lump these two together.

#4. Creepy pasta? by: inushomarugama

<da:thumb id="379652591"/>

If some of you remember when I did a list of my favourite images, you might remember this one. I like the characters chosen and now that I'm here I know almost all of these characters. It's pretty awesome and very well made to.

#3. Jane The Killer by: Katrenk

<da:thumb id="426700539"/>

Picking my favourite Jane the killer picture wasn't easy since they all really looked the same. I decided to go with this one because it seemed to have everything in it, it had dark colouring, a a sexy character and overall just looked the best, I honestly would've chosen a different background other than black but that's just me.

#2. Jeff the killer vs Slenderman by: AldhaRoku

Jeff the killer vs Slenderman by AldhaRoku

How many pictures of these two exist? it's not even that much of a challenge Jeff would die, unless he jumped on slenderman's head and stabbed him. I like the lack of colour (obviously) and the pose of each character only one can top this and you can probably guess who made it.

#1. Jeff and Jane by: nasuki100

Jeff and Jane by Nasuki100

Do I need to explain it's just, do I need to explain this is just amazing I don't think this could really be topped. Going by my other Jeff the killer list you'd probably guess this wouldn't be #1 but the thing is I didn't put it higher because it wasn't just Jeff this one I can and it's almost one of my favourite pieces of art on this site almost up there with "mask" or "the reaper" (pictured below)

Mask by Saskia-sama The Reaper by hellboyLXIX

In the end only Nasuki100 could top this list and yes I'm hanging my head in shame. I'm the entity of darkness and I'm done for the week.

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