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Think of this as the top 20. Basically I love art so if you didn't see this coming, well here it is. The same rule applies but now the pieces have to have been left out from the previous list. Enjoy!

#10. cossplay miles tails prower by: TreyTR13

cosplay Miles Tails Prower by TreyTR13

Tails is my favourite sonic character, but even taking away that fact, I'm always impressed when somebody does a sonic cosplay, mostly because sonic characters are mostly anthropomorphic creatures (with eggman and a couple others being exceptions) So if you cosplay as sonic, tails, knuckles, amy, rouge, shadow, tikal or any others I'm going to be interested.

#9. Demo reel: Donnie and his mother saying goodbye 2 by: dragon-in-a-jar

Demo Reel: Donnie and his mother saying goodbye 2 by dragon-in-a-jar

I loved demo reel, many people didn't because it wasn't nostalgia critic, because apparently they'd rather see the NC turn into the simpsons instead of try something new that actually worked. This was not thrown on here so I could talk about that, it was thrown on here because it's good art, it's kind of depressing to.

#8. Knouge couch (colored) by: SwiftArt-Star

Knouge couch (colored) by MzSwift
It feels so weird to spell "Colour" without a "u". Anyways, Nice art, now before anybody says it, yes I am a knouge fan, I personaly think it's better than shadowXrouge. really this is great art.

#7. Shiek by: Poyoyo

Sheik by Poyoyo

I love Shiek, Shiek is very poetic and very ninja like. This art really does show the character in a very close way, ninja like and poetic. Really that's it, it is great art and it portrays the character very well.

#6. sub-zero Concept Render by: TheGeckoNinja

sub-zero Concept Render by TheGeckoNinja

I love sub-zero (who doesn't). This art is really cool (pun intended this time) especially the dark background, it makes sub-zero just pop out. As a mortal kombat fan, I am pretty much contractually obligated to love anything MK related and at least find positives in the weaker things. This is certainly one of the stronger things that is MK related.

#5. Vampire by: Nightingale965

Vampire by Nightingale965

I like the font, and the colours are just soft and beautiful. That is all.

#4. creepy pasta? by: inushomarugama

<da:thumb id="379652591"/>
I read lots of creepypastas but you all knew that so here is some more art based on said creepypasta. Admittedly I don't know a lot of these characters, but they are all drawn very nicely. Although I am a bit disappointed with the absence of my favourite creepypasta (candle cove) I do like the selection here, if you know any of them please tell me.

#3. V for Vendetta Fanart by: joshuaearlestrother

<da:thumb id="375391213"/>
This is very interesting for me to pick because I am not a V for vendetta fan, never was probably never will be, so when I put this on my favourites it's mostly for the art and not the basis. I like the lack of colour and the heavy shading, I personally would like to see more freeks wearing the guy fawks mask.

#2. NiGHTS into Dreams by: artistdude88

NiGHTS into Dreams by artistdude88
NiGHTS is an interesting series of games, it is about kids and their dreams. This art is really good, the soft colours and pop out of my ninth favourite video game character make this a favourite of mine. What could top it?

#1. The Reaper by: hellboyLXIX

The Reaper by hellboyLXIX
This is my brother drawing his friend. It is awesome in like, the legend of Zelda ocarina of time awesome, like kano's Mk fatalities awesome.

I'll mkake another just a warning.

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Submitted on
August 24, 2013