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Well, I decided to actually make another top 10 fan art. So what do I have to say for this one? Absolutely nothing so let's get to the chase.

#10. Jeff reflecting Jeff the killer by: kumn

Jeff the killer by gato-kumn
Okay so this one is interesting, I like how he's looking into the mirror and seeing himself after the events of the story, but there is one thing that bugs me, and that's the killer's face, It doesn't look like any other Jeff the killer that I've gotten used to. Aside from the face I can't get used to, it's still an awesome image and I'd hate myself if I didn't put it on the list. Also I love that "go to sleep" on the top of the mirror.

#9. JeffxLyannFinal by: thestrawberrywitch

JeffxLyannFinal by TheStrawberryWitch
Remember the other list of the same topic? Remember that image of Jeff with a heart on his hoodie? Remember what I said about that image, well here is another image I'll have in my head with betrayed by blood. If the worst part of art is it being to bright, than it's a pretty good piece. I like how I can't see their faces but even still I can see enough emotion through that one eye, I like how even though I can't see his face I can still a little emotion in Jeff, not clear emotion but something's there. So yeah O had a lot to say about this image. Am I going to be glomp hugged again?

#8. Jeff the killer by: PandasRFat

<da:thumb id="419787286"/>
Where do I begin? It's just cool. I love the background of the image black and red really do compliment each other. I like the actual image, I like how the lips are red like they should be, oh well minor details. Awesome drawing and as I'm writing this 0 comments on it.

#7. My First Drawing of Jeff the Killer by: Nakku-Naiome

<da:thumb id="333716561"/>
For a first drawing of anything this is great. Of course when I see it I think of that bugs bunny cartoon where he went to Transylvania, Still though I would not want sleep with this on my wall. I like the phrase "Sleepy yet?". This should've been a note in slender. Wow I have a lot of last minute thoughts.

#6. Jeff the Killer by: master-sharlotte

Jeff the Killer by Sharsharkitty
A Jeff the Killer plush with a working hood and pockets (knife not included). All I can say is WAAAAAAANNNNNNTTTTTT!!!!! Oh and the photo's are pretty cool too.

#5. Slenderman vs Jeff the Killer by: Nasuki100

Slenderman vs Jeff the killer by Nasuki100
This is going to be weird to talk about because I'm not a slenderman fan. Still I know good art when I see it, and this is more than good art. I think if there are words I can say is wow is this awesome. I like the total lack of any colour. Can I really say anything about this? it's awesome end of story. Wow it suddenly feels weird to not have to type the "end paragraph" tag at the end of a paragraph.

#4. Jeff and Jane by: Nasuki100

Jeff and Jane by Nasuki100
Wow I was never expecting an image like this, unless the situation ended in blood. Still though awesome picture and pretty sexy too.

#3. Jeff the Killer - Go To Sleep by: EpicNinjaCat

Jeff the Killer - Go To Sleep by EpicNinjaCat
another one of the first JTK pictures I favourite, surprisingly a mixture of cute and threatening like kodama (I like mythology) I like how dark the background is, it really does make Jeff stand out so much, almost like he's in the night. It's an awesome image even if he has beady eyes.

#2. +Jeff The Killer+ by: NekoAikoChan

<da:thumb id="336966558"/>
I really love this one. It's lack of colour make it look more awesome and just how everything is made, the "GO TO SLEEP" looks like it's graffiti and Jeff looks awesome in this image. However there is only one image that can top it.

#1. Go to sleep by:Nasuki100 (again?)

Go to sleep by Nasuki100
This also one of the first JTK pieces I favourite. I just love it, I like how sinister he looks whilst licking the knife, I like his soul piercing eyes, I like his hair how it kind of looks like mine just cleaner and straighter. I like the words "go to sleep" above his head, I love the background, I love the artwork Nasuki100 does. What can I say it's almost perfect to me.

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TheStrawberryWitch Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*glomps and squeezes the life out of you*
EpicNinjaCat Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh my god thanks! im happy you love my art! i really appreciate it!! ^w^
PandasRFat Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013   Artist
wow i never thought one of my art piece would be reviewed i just started to draw and i'm still practicing thank you! :)
Nakku-Naiome Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, thank you for the review on my piece! The kind words are very much appreciated!! :'D
Nasuki100 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
I am very glad that you like my art so much x3 
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