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Amber is shy and kind. She is generally content but doesn't divulge her feelings or her secrets easily. However, when she is around Damien she tends to relax her guard a little, but is easily embarrassed. Damien likes to exploit this with light, harmless teasing.  Her manerisms are subtle but graceful.

Amber is intelligent and loves reading. She's also know to be a connoisseur of various coffees and loves cats and kittens. She's also known for her affinity of hairpins and clips that she uses to keep her long bangs out of her face.

For fashion, Amber prefers simple colors and patterns, usually in purples, blues and greys or blacks. She loves sweaters and skirts, but never wears a skirt shorter than her ankles. She also likes ruffles and lace when done right.

Becky is energetic and an extrovert. She loves adventure and trying new things. She's a loyal friend and will be the first to try to cheer up a buddy who's feeling down. Becky likes to dress cute and casual, and is often perky. She has a tendency to say what comes to mind without necessarily thinking about it, which can be both funny and scary.

Becky enjoys swimming, soccer and cooking, loves dogs and likes to collect plushies - especially cute looking weird or unusual things (eg. cthulu, germs, etc).

Candy is elegant and demure. She is confident and isn't afraid to strive for her dreams, but is not boastful. She can be fussy and sometimes critical (though mostly of herself, in the end).

Candy enjoys the performing arts, especially singing. She often attends ballet and play performances, and has participated in a few herself. She loves teas and cakes and other sweet and decadent things.

Elliot and Candy are good friends, but appear to have feelings for each other that exceed that. Neither has the guts to admit it or commit. Candy doesn't play around, but Elliot can be a flirt, so she gets irritated with him often.

Candy comes from a well-off family and usually dresses in nice, well-fitting clothes. She dresses attractively, but deeply resents the "if you've got it, flaunt it," motto. She may appear spoiled, but doesn't take her blessings for granted.

Damien is confident and outgoing. He loves hanging out with his friends and playing sports, especially Soccer and Basketball. He also likes to play video games, but typically only enjoys them when he has friends to play them with.

In his spare time, Damien also likes to play guitar and volunteer at his local community center. Music is one of his very favorite things. He likes to tease his friends, especially Amber, but knows where to draw the line. Damien can be protective of the ones he cares about most, and is often chivalrous toward his female friends.

For fashion, Damien is simple and low maintenance. He's not one to part with his favorite old jeans, depite how worn they may be, and enjoys layering his shirts over one another. His clothes are comfortably loose and he sometimes accessorizes with a single necklace a certain somebody gave him for his birthday.

Elliot is a bit of a prodigy when it comes to math and science, but is easily distracted by girls, technology and other shiny things. Especially girls. Sometimes it appears that he's slacking off a lot, but in secret he enjoys learning new things and always manages the highest scores. This often irritates those around him.

Though he knows how he really feels, he's afraid to commit to being with Candy for fear of ruining their long-standing friendship or getting in the way of her dreams.

Like Candy, he has a fine taste in clothing and likes to dress smart, even day-to-day. He very rarely wears jeans, preferring dark slacks instead.
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Is Amber completely against shorts skirts in general, or just showing leg? XD. I already finished her up in a school-girl type skirt, but I can easily make her wear full sized leggings!

Aww, they seem like a sweet bunch, they would make a fun manga XD.
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Your picture was fine. ;)
AconiteHikaru's avatar
Hmm... I already have some ideas for this :D
fanimecon's avatar
Awesome. We look forward to seeing it!
kairis-shadow's avatar
._. I finished drawing my submission piece which includes Becky and Amber, and I totally didn't even see this. Guess I got lucky when I decided not to put a short skirt on Amber. XDD
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This description just made me :heart: Elliot just a little bit more. *sigh*
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