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Should I get a prints account and do you think people would buy my crap? 

12 deviants said Sure, I bet someone would buy something!
3 deviants said Go ahead, do it, although I'm not sure if anyone would buy from you but they may eventually.
2 deviants said I won't buy, I'm broke!
1 deviant said Yes I want to buy something from you! XD
1 deviant said Nope, no one would buy.
1 deviant said Oo
No deviants said NEIN!
No deviants said No yer stuff isn't THAT good girl!
No deviants said JA!!

Devious Comments

Deathelm Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2005   Digital Artist
Would you like to know my honest opinion?? I'll give it to you as straight as can be-
"But you probably already know the answer, becuase !!WATCH OUT!! Its that lunatic hot headed freak Ryan!!!!" Everyone is pissing on me on this site. I say Fuck them! One day i will be better than all of them.
s0fus-snk Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2005
i wish people would buy my stuff too. i need money.
Lilithx13 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2005   Photographer
You've grow quiete popular these days. I say go it! :D
wa11a6y Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
If you want to sell your crap, put it on E-Bay. Folks there will buy anything!

If you want to sell your Art... that's a different story! ;)

The most important thing about DA Prints is having high resolution files of your work. Most images used for gallery viewing are too small for prints. the largest you're likely to get is a wallet-sized image.

Here's a quick tutroial I put together for a friend on Print Size (in pixels) and Aspect Ratio. [link] I'm sure Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw have similar functions in their software.

And here is an excerpt on Prints from DA Prints FAQ that should help you decide...

Do I have to submit an image to deviantART before submitting an image to Prints?

Once you submit your image to deviantART as a deviation, you will be able to make it available as a print.
Does the image file I submit to deviantART have to be the same file I submit to Prints?

In fact, they should most definitely be different:
Images for display on deviantART should be saved at lower resolutions/file sizes since they will be viewed on screen.
Images submitted to Prints should be at a higher resolution that is more suitable for printing.
How long does it take for my print to be approved?
Most prints should be approved or rejected within 24 hours on weekdays.
What are the requirements for a print to be approved?
Factors affecting print approval include:
Image aspect ratio
Image quality at print size
Sufficient space on borders to reduce the chance of cropping key image elements
Whether the print meets submission policy guidelines (copyrights, trademarks, etc.)
How closely the print matches the original deviation
My image meets the requirements for a print, why was it rejected?
This varies for each image, which is why the email you received when the print was rejected should have an explanation of why the print was rejected. If you still do not know why it was rejected, email the prints team at, and they can help you.
How do I update a print that has already been approved?
On your Manage Prints page, click the Submit link beside the deviation associated with the print you would like to update. This will automatically deactivate the previous print. The old print will show up as being "rejected." This is normal.
If I am updating an already approved print, why do I need to go through the approval process again?
To ensure that your updated source file meets the minimum requirements.
I deleted the deviation and the associated print disappeared. What happened?
Because the deviation is required in order to sale that image, deleting the deviation deletes the print.
Why isn't my source file uploading correctly?
If you are having trouble with the web based method of uploading your source files, or are on a lower speed connection, we recommend trying FTP. If you don't have an FTP program, try CuteFTP's free demo.

Point your software at [link], and use your deviantART name and password. After you are logged in, upload your source file. After that, go to submit your print again. When asked to provide your source file, choose the file you uploaded from the FTP dropdown menu.

What file types are accepted by deviantART Prints?
JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF (uncompressed and LZW compressed, but not AdobeDeflate compressed).
What are the advantages/disadvantages of each file type?
JPEG - This filetype has the lowest filesizes but compression artifacts may be visible as you lower the quality option, since JPEG is a lossy format (see this for an example).

PNG - This filetype is lossless and compressed, however it can take longer than JPEG to save files.

BMP - This filetype is lossless, large and uncompressed.

TIFF - These files can be compressed or uncompressed, and both versions are lossless.

We highly recommend that you submit files in JPEG format with a quality option of 95, as it offers the best combination of quality and small file size, making it easier for you to upload quality source files.

If your image came from a digital camera in JPEG format and you modified the file, we recommend that you save in PNG format to prevent further loss of quality.
Should I submit print images as RGB or CMYK?
Submit all source files as RGB.

What is the print quality like?
Prints are printed on high quality Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper, and will last over 100 years without fading.
What is DPI?
DPI is an abbreviation for Dots Per Inch, and specifies the number of dots in a square inch that make up an image on a printed page. More dots in a square inch mean a smoother image, whereas with an image with a low DPI, the dots may be visible to the naked eye.

Since deviantART Prints automatically scales the source file to fit the entire print, we ignore the DPI information saved into the file. The number that matters the most is the DPI of your image when it is printed on the largest sized print that you want.

You can find out the DPI of your image when it is on a print by dividing the largest dimension of the image by the largest dimension of the print. For example, if your image is 3000x4500 and you wanted to make a 20x30 print available, your DPI is 150 because 4500 divided by 30 = 150. The minimum acceptable DPI for a DA Print is 150 DPI, while 300 DPI is an excellent quality print.

What are the minimum image sizes for each print size?
They can be found below. With the minimum print size, you will still get a very high quality print. Submitting an image with the "Excellent" size will just ensure that pixellation is not visible to even the most discerning eye, from very close up.

Note that resizing your image to a larger size will greatly reduce its quality. If you submit a source image that is of "Excellent" pixel size, yet has been greatly enlarged, the Prints Quality Control Technician who reviews your image will most likely reject it based on low image quality.

Print Size Image Size Aspect Ratio
Minimum Excellent
3.5x5 525x750 1050x1500 1.43:1
4x5 600x750 1200x1500 1.25:1
4x6 600x900 1200x1800 1.50:1
5x7 750x1050 1500x2100 1.40:1
8x10 1200x1500 2400x3000 1.25:1
8x12 1200x1800 2400x3600 1.50:1
11x14 1650x2100 3300x4200 1.27:1
10x15 1500x2250 3000x4500 1.50:1
16x20 2400x3000 4800x6000 1.25:1
16x24 2400x3600 4800x7200 1.50:1
18x24 2700x3600 5400x7200 1.33:1
20x24 3000x3600 6000x7200 1.20:1
20x30 3000x4500 6000x9000 1.50:1

What are the shipping charges?
Shipping charges vary depending on the size of the prints being ordered, the type of shipping chosen and where the prints are being shipped.

If you live in the United States, you can ship up to five 20x30 prints for $5.95. For other countries and types of shipping, you will be shown the shipping charges before the order is submitted or payment is required, so feel free to go through the checkout process just far enough to get an estimation of shipping charges.

Hope this helps! :shamrock:
TDBK Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess try it out and see. I was thinking of getting one but I hear that sales are pretty low unless you have a large amount of traffic coming to your da page. I almost want to get one though. I wonder if anybody would buy my stuff?? Hmm.. maybe I should make a poll too! :D
BrennenGeist Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2005
Sure, go for it, People will buy stuff (not me though, I gots no money.. sorry :( )
Fanglicious Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
lol no worries, most people I know are to broke to buy something from me anywho.
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