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In comic form would you like to see....? 

5 deviants said Evalas! *A fantasy sci fi based work, one of my oldest and biggest stories*
4 deviants said This Fire *A FF7 based comic starring Netzach and some other characters that people have allowed me to have in the original Fanfic*
2 deviants said Ravenous *A story that takes place in Athgot, where a war is held between vampires and demons. Roa is the main character, yet another old and huge ass story*
1 deviant said More Warchild... *I will still work on Warchild along with the other I want to work on XD* I don't care! More WARCHILD! *o.O*
1 deviant said Some clips o future Warchild stuff. LIke some events of Aurora in the present day. What is she doing now? Why? And how is Geist still alive and young??? o.O
No deviants said Xisis * A total sci fi world, the main cast are robots and humes *very similar to humans obviously* are exctint. Has some fantasy factor as well since it involved a Sorceress, demons and some dragons. Basically follwing the story of Novion**

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