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Demons of Paris - Page Ten by Fanglicious Demons of Paris - Page Ten by Fanglicious

Here we go, page ten! Marks something good I suppose, =)

ANWYHO  Enjoy the page

Up next is a fight scene.... yay.... *mumbles about drawing it* lol

Aamon and Emeline are (c) to me!
NO STEALIES :shakefist: :spork:
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BMSO Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was a pretty good read. I get the hint this was inspired by BB? o.O?
Fanglicious Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Although I do love Black Butler, there isn't really anything drawn from it. In all actuality, I was on facebook one day and wanted to draw and write up something new and interesting, a friend and I got talking for ideas and whatnot, and in the end this was the thing we came up with. I wanted to do something with a demon originally, later we thought vampires but through it was to over done, so demons it was.

There will be a lot more stuff down the road that is questionable as to how far I will want to take it, like smutt and violence. 

Aamon is no servent to Emeline, more like he has become a teacher to her, and tries really really hard to perhaps become her lover as well. XD He's got the hots for her. *hence future smutt. plus Aamon in demonology is known for being a god like being of sex and was worshipped by egyptions to like have great sex and knock up their wives lol*

Plus let's just say Aamon knows far more about Emeline then she'd like, she herself is not entirely human. =)
BMSO Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see. Well at least you ended up with a fantastic idea and great read out of it. :D

I saw he was trying his damnest to be her lover since the first page of the comic though she just kept pushing away his advances. From my understanding after checking out the comic is she does not find him all that attractive the way he sees her. Though she mainly sees it as a deal with the demon.
I also caught bits of her working for some lady though he doesn't seem to like her all that well.

BTW do I smell a plot twist for this comic in the near future? xD
Fanglicious Featured By Owner Edited Aug 14, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Does Emeline find Aamon attractive? You'll find out in the next few pages. *snickers*

This is like the backstory of it all....

Emeline was waiting her death with her family in, guillotine was to be their demise. *whole reign of terror thing, her family was one of the noble familes that got murdered* The family next to her caused a commotion. The youngest child in the cell, somehow killed her entire family and then herself. That's when she first saw him. When he left his possession of the child. He stood there amongst the bodies and then out of the corner of his eye he saw Emeline looking through a hole in the wall. He knew that she saw him. Which isn't supposed to happens. Humans cannot see demons in their true form. Only whilst in human disguise. 

Intrigued Aamon approached Emeline 2 nights after the horror show next door. He spoke to her and time was frozen all around them. He offered her a deal. He need a human to be tethered to, or he would return to Hell. And he wanted to stay on Earth a little while longer. The deal was that he tethered himself to her, he could rest within her, nestled right up to her own soul. And when the time came for the chopping block he would get her out of there.
She agreed.

The day came and Aamon, possessing Emenline, went into action. Killing everyone and everything that moved, including Emelines own family.

The so called Queen of the Underworld took Emeline in, all for the price of a few odd jobs *murders and whatnot*. At this point she has no choice. She's on the run and there is no more family for her to go back to. Aamon helped her fight, but then began to train her himself. 

So basically that is the premises of it all, with a lot more in the middle XD

Yer right tho Aamon does not like The Queen of the Underworld, in fact most humans he doesn't like. but he sure likes his Emeline.
It doesn't matter in the end however she thinks. She is tethered to him, even when she dies, she'll always belong to him.... which is something he likes to remind her of.

AND YES LOTS OF PLOT TWISTS! MWAHAHAHA!!! I plan to fuck with eveyones brains lol
BMSO Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm very intrigued now. Can't wait to see more.

Haha! I love twists in a comic and story. Some much brain scratching fun. xD
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