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Aamon the Terrible or something by Fanglicious Aamon the Terrible or something by Fanglicious
Well he is a demon so I guess he's pretty bad.  =/

Aamon is known to be the Grand Marquis of Hell.... meaning he ain't no Prince of Hell but he's one of the high higher ups in the nobility of Hell. Seriously go look it up. I went through a bunch of Demonology to find stuff out. XD And that isn't just now... Demonology has always intrigued me. 

Anywho his purpleness is he true form, The human guy is actually him being a fancy shit in disguise as a human... when he uses his disguise he is always in some fancy get up. He never appears poor unless the situation calls for it. While in human form he is always dressed as noblemen... or at the very least a middle class man... again depending on what he needs the disguise for. XD

Like most demons Aamon cannot stay in the physical realm without being tethered to a human. Emeline is what keeps him grounded in this world. Aamon does not always take physical form on his own, many a times he has claimed possession of Emeline, or more like resides within her while lending her his power to fight off... whatever bad guys come their way. While he takes shelter within her he likes to talk his ideas into her head. The two must work as a team... but Aamon likes to give her subtle hints at what to do next and how to do it.... these methods are not always approved by Emeline.... but eventually at times, not always, he breaks her down and gets her to agree with him. Besides the more souls he can claim, the more power it gives him so he can then take material form *demon or human doesn't matter* for quite awhile.

Emeline does not need to fear in loosing her boost from her demon counterpart when he separates from her. Even when standing beside her, he lends Emeline his power. But Aamon knows she has something withing her that is all her own. A power he has not seen in a human in ages. In many attemps he has tried to meld his power with hers to try and awaken her own but no avail. He believes it is something she must "grow into".

Aamon for being a demon actually takes great joy in teaching Emeline new things, and trying to untap her hidden powers. And when she gets it right, he takes even greater pride.

Little by little he becomes more infatuated with this beloved little Emeline.

Aamon and Emeline are (c) to ME!
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April 26, 2017
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