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Aamon and his Emeline by Fanglicious Aamon and his Emeline by Fanglicious
Aamon and his lovely Emeline.

OK so alright... the story with these two. Aamon is a demon *well duh.* and Emeline is a young noble women during the french revolution, that was set to meet her end during the reign of terror.
She and her family were awaiting their deaths in a jail cell. One night the youngest child of the noble family beside her family went kinda crazy, killing everyone in the cell along with herself. That's when Emeline first saw him, Aamon. 

Normally humans cannot see demons unless of course they are in form of a human, but she saw his full on true form as he was leaving his possession of the little girl. Through a small crack in the cell wall.

Terrified, Emeline hide herself and pretended she saw nothing. But he knew. He knew she saw him. And being such a rare thing... Aamon grew curious about her. 

A night later, Emeline had forgotten the incident, and was living in terror as her sentence was drawing close. He came to her. He placed a spell on the room, no one woke from her screams, no guard came to tell her to shut up. It was as if time had frozen all around them. And it was just him and her.

He proposed a deal. He would get her out of here. In return she would shelter him with her own body. He would reside within her, and he would in return give her his own power to set herself free. 

Desperate she says yes. She keeps him safe within her own body so he can regain his energy. And when it was her families time to hit the chopping block, Aamon went into action, taking control of her and killing everyone, including her own family.

Now Free... and finally able to regain control of herself. She freaks out knowing what she had done.... Aamon laughs ans asks her what she expected when making a deal with a demon? He then puts his words into action that perhaps yes he had made her kill her entire family? But who put them in that cell in the first place? He fills her mind with thoughts of revenge.... She wanted answers.

Aamon could of left her then, and watched her from elsewhere, but his curiosity about her grew. She fought to regain control of herself during their little escape, and he had to admit, her will was strong. She could see demons, she had some sort of untapped power that most humans do not have. Instead, he decided to stay for entertainment purposes, and to see how far she could go if he taught her a few things.

The two become partners. She still hates him, he is as always bemused by her.

ANYWAYS Doodle is doodle!

Aamon is so purple. XD

Aamon and his lovely Emeline are (c) to ME! 
NO STEALIES!! :shakefist: :spork:
DaeofthePast Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Student Digital Artist
really cool backstory :00
Fanglicious Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. One day I want to put them in comic form. =)
DaeofthePast Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Student Digital Artist
good luck!! :3
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