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Show Your Heart Haiku
He did not want this
He just wanted someone's love
He found it too late
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Dressup Doll: Lady Loki12 by fangirlMasquerade Dressup Doll: Lady Loki12 :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 7 5 Texting by fangirlMasquerade Texting :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 10 14
The god of Voodoo Dolls
Darcy always knew Loki's sanity was so-so at best most of the time but what could she say, she had a thing for crazy. Besides, his crazy was never aimed at her but more like the rest of the world. Or to be more precise, his not-brother and the Avengers. But sometimes, his sanity levels concerned her.
Like today. Loki had taken up a fascination with voodoo, and Darcy kept finding books on it throughout their shared apartment. He always found odd things to read about, but on her latest credit card statement the intern saw some peculiar items. "Loki?" She was walking through their messy apartment - Loki tried desperately to keep it clean but Darcy was by any means not a clean person.
"In here." He replied her from the kitchen.
"Why are there--" She paused as she walked into the kitchen and took in the scene before her.
On the table was eight little dolls that all looked an awful lot like very specific people. As in, Thor, Loki, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Cli
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Most incredible bday gifts!!! by fangirlMasquerade Most incredible bday gifts!!! :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 15 17
Stark's New Fireplace
Stark was always improving the Avengers Tower with some new gadget or another, making things as comfortable and easy as possible for everyone - not that any of them really cared to always have to learn something new; especially Rogers and the two Asgardians. Loki was quicker to learn than Thor of course, but he still disliked many of the things Stark thought made life simpler.
It was mid fall and Stark had something else installed over the weekend. Thor and Loki had spent the weekend with their women, and coming in on Monday they found a new addition to the lounge within the tower. "Hey! Come here, I want to show you our new fireplace!" Stark called for the brothers to come over.
"Finally, something I understand without needing explained." Thor mumbled, a bit relieved. Loki smirked a bit at Thor, but before he could comment Thor shot him a dark look to silence his silver tongue.
They walked over to where Stark was standing, and both dropped their gazes to what they presumed to be the n
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While Asgard had been explored by the Aesir after Buri became the first king, many still enjoyed traveling and exploring places they personally had not seen. Two such people were the princes of Asgard, Thor and Loki Odinsons. The two brothers had spent many years of their young lives exploring the Golden Realm, but there was still places they had yet to see and intended on seeing.
Their current adventure was one such situation where they were simply exploring their realm. They had been traveling for about three months now, and were far from the capital, in a region they had never been to before. They hadn't passed any villages in a couple of weeks and were running low on their supplies.
Though they could live off of what nature had to offer, they were still princes and still enjoyed what civilization had to offer them. So their current goal was to find a village and restock before they continued on their adventure of exploring Asgard. They were currently riding their mounts along a pat
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Custom Loki necklace (closeup)! by fangirlMasquerade Custom Loki necklace (closeup)! :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 14 4 Custom Loki necklace! by fangirlMasquerade Custom Loki necklace! :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 10 14 #newyear #newdo (OLD) by fangirlMasquerade #newyear #newdo (OLD) :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 7 6 (OLD) Best. Christmas. EVER. 2017 by fangirlMasquerade (OLD) Best. Christmas. EVER. 2017 :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 4 36 Belated dA birthday thing! by fangirlMasquerade Belated dA birthday thing! :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 14 8 X-ray by fangirlMasquerade X-ray :iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 12 19
Frozen Drabble: Fanart Mashup
Elsa really didn't know how she got into this mess. She'd been walking down the Yellow Brick Road toward the Emerald City after arriving in this place called Oz. She had no real recollection as to how she arrived here, but after speaking with a couple strange locals she learned it's name and that perhaps someone in the Emerald City could help her.
So she began to travel down this road known as the Yellow Brick Road when suddenly, a green skinned woman on a broom was chasing her. The woman came at her, cackling much like the witch that she looked like. Elsa attempted to simply use her ice magic to defend herself against the maddened woman, when she realized that she couldn't summon even a snowflake!
She'd gotten so used to using her magic since becoming queen of Arendelle, not feeling it at all or being able to do anything made her stand and stare down at her hands in utter shock. It wasn't until she heard that wretched woman almost upon her that Elsa realized she needed to do something
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Family Portrait (Alternate)
No one had expected it when suddenly Loki proposed to Darcy out of the blue. No one figured for the two to take their relationship that serious, but Darcy accepted without a second thought. They were married within a month. Every Avenger and their friends and family were there, and Frigga herself came from Asgard to meet the woman her son was to marry, and witness the marriage herself. She brought with her a gift for Darcy as well; one of Idun's apples.
Other than being married, the two were no different in the least bit. Until a couple months after the wedding. That was when they discovered she was pregnant.
When she and Loki told everyone, Stark looked as though he was going to have a heart attack at the news. The rest of the Avengers were just as terrified of the prospect of having a little Loki running around soon - especially one spawned from Darcy's womb. And they had a right to be terrified; the woman's hormones during her pregnancy made her something of a legend around S.H.I.E.
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Family Portrait
No one had expected it when suddenly Loki proposed to Darcy out of the blue. No one figured for the two to take their relationship that serious, but Darcy accepted without a second thought. So Loki took his fiancee to Asgard with Thor and Jane following, and the very next week, the two mischief makers were married.
It was barely a week after that when Darcy was given a fancy dress (Just as nice as her wedding gown if not more so) to wear for the royal family portrait. Even though she married the wayward son, she was now a member of Asgard's royal family. And apparently taking a family picture whenever a new member of the family was added was tradition.
However, as she followed Loki to where they would be taking said picture, no one explained to her that on Asgard, pictures were taken by hand. As in, family portraits were hand painted. As she walked into the chambers with Odin, Frigga and Thor waiting on the newlyweds, she immediately spotted the easel. "What's that?"
"It is an easel, M
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Loki Faces by CaptainKPeanuts Loki Faces :iconcaptainkpeanuts:CaptainKPeanuts 5 5 Tom Hiddleston King Henry V by CaptainKPeanuts Tom Hiddleston King Henry V :iconcaptainkpeanuts:CaptainKPeanuts 3 4 Tom Hiddleston Pencil Drawing by CaptainKPeanuts Tom Hiddleston Pencil Drawing :iconcaptainkpeanuts:CaptainKPeanuts 6 5 Loki the Defender by Batwynn Loki the Defender :iconbatwynn:Batwynn 187 21 [ AVENGERS ] Venom fanart by huynhkhangart [ AVENGERS ] Venom fanart :iconhuynhkhangart:huynhkhangart 13 0 Loki by Nadin-Black Loki :iconnadin-black:Nadin-Black 25 4 Elf Boy Dress-up: Web Version by AzaleasDolls Elf Boy Dress-up: Web Version :iconazaleasdolls:AzaleasDolls 185 34 The Meadow by kuschelirmel The Meadow :iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 405 24 Silmarillion Reference Sheet -  Melkor by Irulana Silmarillion Reference Sheet - Melkor :iconirulana:Irulana 106 6 Snow Leopard V by BeckyKidus Snow Leopard V :iconbeckykidus:BeckyKidus 738 99 No Time Like The Old Time by WhimsicalBlue No Time Like The Old Time :iconwhimsicalblue:WhimsicalBlue 418 88 The Sword in the Stone by Joseph-C-Knight The Sword in the Stone :iconjoseph-c-knight:Joseph-C-Knight 159 28 Hemlock by LukaSkullard Hemlock :iconlukaskullard:LukaSkullard 74 39 Wlop inspired by Firefly-Path Wlop inspired :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 394 12 Keeper of the Light, Fantasy Woman Art, Daz Studio by shibashake Keeper of the Light, Fantasy Woman Art, Daz Studio :iconshibashake:shibashake 1,051 41


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#ShowYourHeart I post to way too many groups to list the ones I take part in. So instead I'm sharing the two I WANT to take part in, but can't because the admins set submissions to being accepted by someone, then all but abandon the groups to no active admins. ;_;

:iconlokiliteraturelovers: & :iconmischieflovestasers:
And I've even tried contacting the admins in the hopes of becoming one to keep the groups alive but no responses. :(
Apparently this is the first deviation I ever faved lol #ShowYourHeart


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