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Queen Myrrah

she's a bitch but you gotta love her dedication to her kind ^.^ nothing to special about this piece just a little editing to an existing photo lol
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Nov 16, 2011, 9:13:24 PM
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Myrrah is such a badass queen lady
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You never see enough nobles, generals, or other high-ranking authority bleeding with their men. She is quite dedicated. Still doesn't answer if she's human though.
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She used to be human, she was more or less like the Siren's, she was a test subject. Her name WAS Geist Allmother, and this was her when she was human: [link]

Personally she's hotter now.
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you know i think she is human and she stumbled on them at one point and hated humanity or something and she wanted to save them and they accepted her or something like that you know? i would love to know a back story on her ^.^
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If you wish to know, I explained it above to the other guy. (:
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lol totally didnt see your comment lol
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That would be because I posted it after you.
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too funny cause it tells me you did it before me ^.^ i think my comp is being wonky lol
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Oh, strange! It's probably dA.

You have a gamertag?
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i do its ViperShy :giggle:
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