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Slave of the Queen Chapter 17
3rd Person POV
Black Beetle made his way up the dimly-lit staircase, and navigated through the castle. Guards gave nervous salutes as he walked by, and the slaves instantly bowed when they saw him.
The door to the throne room was held open for him. He stepped through and approached the throne. Kneeling with one knee up and his head down, he greeted the Queen. "Your majesty, we have captured the prisoners," he reported.
"I trust you have dealt with them appropriately? Remember they were all to be kept alive."
"Of course, your majesty," he responded, keeping his head low. He smiled, knowing they wouldn't be that way much longer.
"Good, have them awake and ready to be sent to Kadavo shortly. Soon I will have an army of super powered slaves under my control."
"Yes." Black Beetle stood, bowed, and left the room.
Dooku has come to confront Miraj about why Anakin is still alive.
"Why is Skywalker still alive, Miraj?" Count Dooku demanded.
"Whatever do you mean?" she responded indignantl
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Slave of the Queen Chapter 16
3rd person POV
"Blue, Blue, BLUE! Blue, you have to come back! FIGHT HIM! Come back to me!" Ahsoka shook his shoulders, crying as his armour turned black. "You're strong enough. Fight him. You can beat him, I know you can." His eyes stared, unblinking into the distance, the darkness engulfing him. "Come on Blue, you have to get though this, Impulse and Anakin are counting on you to save them...I need you. Please come back to me," she sobbed. "You have to come back. Please." She cried softly over his shoulder, hugging his neck desperately. As she cried more tears, they landed on his shoulder, and little dots of blue began to appear. The tears ran down his back, and one touched the scarab. A little bit of the scarab turned back to blue, and it started to spread in all directions; first to the rest of the scarab, then his arms, faster and faster, until the rest of his body was blue again - legs, head, and lastly his heart.
Blue Beetle's POV
I opened my eyes slowly, and blinked a few
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Mika Copic Art Sad by FanGirl23459 Mika Copic Art Sad :iconfangirl23459:FanGirl23459 3 3 Mika WIP by FanGirl23459 Mika WIP :iconfangirl23459:FanGirl23459 2 1 Happy New Year by FanGirl23459 Happy New Year :iconfangirl23459:FanGirl23459 0 1 Humanoid Rainbow Dash by FanGirl23459 Humanoid Rainbow Dash :iconfangirl23459:FanGirl23459 0 1 APH France Cirque de Soleil by FanGirl23459 APH France Cirque de Soleil :iconfangirl23459:FanGirl23459 0 0 Yoga girl by FanGirl23459 Yoga girl :iconfangirl23459:FanGirl23459 1 0
Slave of the Queen Chapter 15
3rd Person POV
Click. Click. Click. Black Beetle's footsteps rang on the marble floors of the palace. He entered the throne room, the limp bodies of Anakin and Impulse dragging along behind him. Carelessly throwing them to the side as he neared the throne, he bowed down before Queen Miraj.
"What's this, Black?" she inquired.
"I caught these two outside the palace setting the girl free," he replied solemnly.
"And what of the girl?" Miraj asked, crossing her legs with a scowl.
"She was able to escape. But your guards are currently working on tracking her down. Knowing the Jedi, she will be back in an attempt to rescue her friends. Then we will be able to use that opportunity to capture all three of them."
"Very well, I trust that you will not fail me, Black. Should you be unable to fix this mess, you know what will happen."
"Yes, my queen."
"What of the girl who escaped at the slave auction? Have the guards not locked onto the signal of her tracker yet?"
Black Beetle sighed. "We have rea
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Slave of the Queen Chapter 14
3rd Person POV
He couldn't believe it. He had finally pushed the button. And what happened? The screen died!
"Are you freaking kidding me?!" Blue yelled. "Ugh, this is so frustrating!" All that buildup, and for what? A screen full of static. Superboy might have found it amusing. But he was not in this situation. As for Blue? He was really pissed. Jaime was really quite a gentle person - he was a superhero, but in many ways was just like any normal teenage boy. He had a curfew, he did his homework, he respected his parents, and he didn't get angry very easily, especially not over petty things like a screen breaking. But this - this was different. He had been so sure it would be a useful lead, something big that would reveal something important to the mission. All that excitement, all for a screen of static. "Dammit! Stupid screen! Useless piece of junk!" he cried, slamming a fist down onto the dresser. Grr...
As he stood there hunched over the dresser, muttering curses and growling like
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Slave of the Queen Chapter 13
Blue Beetle's POV
Disconnecting the holo-communicator from my call with Batman, I pulled out my usual comm to contact Impulse.
"Hey Bart, I need a favour, do you think you and Anakin can create a diversion to distract Black Beetle or anyone else who could track signals from my scarab?" I asked, waiting for his reply.
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we've already got that covered," He replied hastily.
"Okay, great, thanks Bart!" I said, smiling. Completely oblivious to the fact that my best friend was being captured at the moment, I turned off the communicator and booted up the cross-dimensional holo-communicator. Sometimes I wonder how Batman even gets all of his technology. Maybe he's got a deal with some billionaire or something, like Bruce Wayne, since he lives in Gotham and all.
"Jaime, is Black Beetle distracted?" Batman asked, getting to the point immediately, even as the connection was still stabilizing.
"Yes, Impulse said he and Anakin have it covered."
"Good. Try to tune into the chann
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Slave of the Queen Chapter 12
Impulse's POV
Anakin stared blankly at the communicator, trying to process Blue's cut-off message.
"What do you think he was talking about?" I asked Anakin, peeking over his shoulder to see what on Earth - er, or rather, Zygerria - was so interesting about it.
"I don't know, but it must be something important for him to contact us. I guess we'd better hurry, and we have to be careful - there're guards everywhere - we might get spotted. How you holding up, Snips? You alright?" Anakin asked, as we continued walking. Ahsoka just nodded in reply. Fishing an extra comm out of his pocket, he pressed a few buttons and handed it to her. "Here, take it for if we get separated. It doesn't matter if we carry them around since people know our true identities now anyways." Sighing, she took the object and attached it to the arm band on the inside of her right arm wrist.
Cautiously, we began making our way through the deserted marketplace, but however much caution we used, it didn't matter - pretty
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Slave of the Queen Chapter 11
3rd Person POV
Impulse raced through the streets of Zygerria, an unrecognizable blur to everyone he passed by. Quickly pulling up the computer built in to his suit, (courtesy of Nightwing,) he opened a map of the area. A little blinking red dot showed his location, while a blue one displayed Jaime's. The red dot was rapidly moving toward the blue one. There was a slowly moving black dot heading towards the blue one as well. (At least it seemed slow to the speedster. Anakin was actually running pretty quickly, although he did have to keep ducking out of sight whenever he saw a guard.) Almost there! Impulse thought. Soon, the pair made it to where Blue stood waiting with R2-D2.
"Artoo!" Anakin cried, joyfully running over. "You found Ahsoka?" There were a few beeps in reply. "Nice work pal." He happily patted the top of R2, kinda like how you would pat a dog. Impulse suppressed a laugh as R2 whistled loudly, almost as if he was pretending to be annoyed. See Jaime? Blue suddenly heard the
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Slave of the Queen Chapter 10
3rd person POV
The squeak of Superman's boots on the polished floors of the watchtower rang out through the silence as he paced back and forth.
"I can't stand it! When are Impulse and Blue gonna get back with Superboy?!" He threw his arms up in frustration, as Batman glared at him from his seat at the computer.
"Do you mind? I'm trying to work here! You know, you could help rather than be a distraction." Superman sighed and stopped pacing, sinking into his chair at the meeting table. He put his head in his hands then flopped down onto the table. Batman rolled his eyes and sighed. "What's wrong?" He said it more as a statement than a question. Superman turned his head to face Batman and sighed again.
"I'm worried."
"About?" Batman asked without turning away from the computer. He already knew the answer, and kept working as he half-listened.
"I don't know, I-" sigh. "It's Superboy."
"He'll be alright."
"I sure hope so."
So he finally admits it. Batman thought to himself, a slight smirk a
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