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House Lannister

I...... ugh :iconfinallyplz: :heart:
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Did you tell the original artist you posted this?
fangirl-art's avatar
Ahahaha! I am the original artist, it's just that I have two accounts in DA. XD
Cuttlepluff's avatar
So this isn't an alt account for marimoreno or something? That's their signature all right, so what's up with this? 
AvatarRokusGhost's avatar
Heh, the Lion King-Game of Thrones similarity is astounding here
TheMoonRaven's avatar
It's awesome how they look like, -themselves!!
I just LOVE it all! :clap:
Great job!
sirdaveysockrocker's avatar
why is deviantart user marimoreno  saying she is the artist of these?
fangirl-art's avatar
HAHA! That's because I'm marimoreno, this is my fan art-only account ;)
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I really love the concept of this, and think that if Disney were darker this would be a perfect movie! You've captured each character perfectly, though I think Tywin is the best- his expression is just like Charles Dance's!! Really fantastic!! :D
fangirl-art's avatar
Ha ha! Thanks a lot! :D
IssyDoodle's avatar
You're very welcome. :)
Mikudfg's avatar
Awasome ^.^. Can you do that for doctor who ? :D
fangirl-art's avatar
HAHA! Probably! :D
bennixalice's avatar
That's so cool - and it looks like them! Well done!
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TheCrownJeweller's avatar
Wow you are really good. They actually look like the characters. Well done!
fangirl-art's avatar
TheCrownJeweller's avatar
Your very welcome. :XD: It's so good how much like the real actors they look!
FredtheDinosaurman's avatar
OH MA GOSH! You...nailed it perfectly :D VERY well done!!!
fangirl-art's avatar
Gahh!! thank you so much! :D :heart:
Satine83's avatar
I need Charles Dance to see this, the drawing is impressive, but Tywin is DEAD ON
fangirl-art's avatar
Ha! Thanks a lot! Well, if Charles Dance ever sees this I'd swoon, lol! XD
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