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Triumph over Winter

This is my entry for :icontriumphartbook: contest. Hope this makes it into the art book.

1. Name: Athena Lim a.k.a fangelsi
2. Title: Triumph Over Winter
3. Season picked: Spring

This piece tells the story about replacing winter with spring, which happens annually. For me, the transition between winter and spring emphasizes the triumph for spring. The coming of spring means a new age, a new beginning, a new era, replacing the deadly cold of winter to something warmer and friendlier. The girl's pose is someone who is throwing away flower seeds, to bloom away and replace winter. The random things in the background (boats, umbrellas, dolls) represents new dreams and ambitions emerging with the "new age" of spring. The dreams are centered around girlish hopes. I hope the meaning is clear enough. As for the style, I'm trying out patterns, ombre, and rainbow colors (from red to purple). Hope you all like it, this is my biggest (and most difficult) project yet.

As for commissions, I'm a bit delayed because of school, but I'll finish it as soon as possible =D

And here's the amazing artist who made the pattern. Thank you for the awesomeness!!

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Oh wow! I really like the colors and little details in this piece. The former especially - everything's so eye-catching, but it's not overwhelming.
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oh my gosh you're really good~! All the colors are bautiful~
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there's so much detail in this-I love it :)
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this is so pretty and colourful
twinkle-little-bat's avatar
your are very welcome and good luck with the contest
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Great detail

Harumi <3
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No problem!

Harumi <3
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This is very very very cute >w<
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It's so pretty, I love it!
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very beautiful! well composite:)
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Thank you =D
Glad you like it
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t-t :O the colors *eyes implode sssssizzle* awesome
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Thank youuu
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