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-because we share life-

A shot with one of my foster kitten babies. Nothing like a tiny soul puurring next to you to make the world right again :love:

(This image gets so many comments its impossible for me reply to each one but KNOW that I do read them and it makes me very happy that so many people enjoy this photo- THANK YOU! :heart: )

NOTE: DONT LITTER! Spay and neuter your pets! While baby animals are very cute there are too many in the world that have to be euthanized each day because of overpopulation! Dont contribute to more deaths!!
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OMG, it's so wittle.

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The tiny toe beans ahhhhh

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It's so, so many years later and I still come back to this photo, it's so pure, I'll always love it :heart:
OMG!!!! THATS! SO! CUTE!!!!!
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This makes my heart melt
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I didn't know pewdiepie liked this
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LOL didnt know either. I am not a fan so how do you know he did? :P

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i think i looked thru his faves on his old acc Pewdie (no longer active since this isnt rlly his platform 
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Sweet little kittling!  =^.^=
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Adorable photo. So cute :)
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Amazing 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
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That is one tiny cutie!
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that cats like HELP ME
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I had to give my cat one last act of love back in june of this year. He was 2 weeks old when we got him back in 2003 on a cold winter evening.
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So adorable and it's smiling. Ours have learned the game of run away when you try and pet them lol
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THAT IS ACTUALLY SO CUTEE In love In love In love 
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Soul Eater - Kid Jaw Drop Soul Eater - Kid Jaw Drop Soul Eater - Death the Kid Icon 1 Soul Eater - Kid Chuckle 

Sorry ;w;
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