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This is mainly for practice reasons; to develop animating skills.
-Note me and send points to donation pool
Arcana Cards
A card much like Tarot, but universal. Theses cards don't have to be any of the already existing arcana; if you have an idea, go with it.

-Character reference required (Colored, but if you want monochrome an additional ref will be needed.)
-Name of Card (Does not have to be English, or any already existing language, but do not use derogatory terms please.)
-Footnote of Card (Again, no nsfw.)
-Texture (New, Old, Really ancient, ripped, blurred, vintage, all, etc. You can show me a card with the texture you want if needed)
-Please note me for this, and send points to my donation pool below.

(This is only a digital drawing, there are no physical cards involved)
OC Headshots
-Colored reference is required.
-Note me and send points to donation pool
Fullbody Characters (Traditional)
- OCs only for now
- A full body reference is required, colors are optional.
- I will not draw any NSFW...
-Note me and send points to donation pool
Fullbody Characters (Digital)
-For OCs only for now.
-A colored full body reference is needed, or more if there are.
-I will not draw anything NSFW...
-If you want a custom character, then you'd have to note me.
-Specify if you want color or just a grayscale, or some other palette you want (Should it be different from the actual palette the character originally uses.)
-Note me and send points to donation pool

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Fangdream has started a donation pool!
1,070 / 5,000
Please pay for commissions here, or if you want to donate for any other random reason, that is just as fine! Even just one point is fine! Have a good and safe time! :3

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Both gals belong to HypnoticHatter! Thank you for your time, have a good day? :D
Does anyone here have Quotev? I made an account today so I can share my stories there before I post them here; my school banned DeviantArt usage but not Quotev so I'm glad for it. If you guys have one, find me! My user is OUROBOUROS, and my name PUAKIA. I will be uploading some stories from here onto there for a good start.
"Father look at that flying bird!"
"Haha, that flying bird..."
"No, seriously, over there!"
"Hn.. Wait, that's a hummingbird."
"A hummy bird?"
"A hummingbird. They don't live in this area though... I wonder how it got here..."
"Why don't they live here?"
"Well, the climate and landscape don't often attract these birds."
"Why not?"
"Every creature has it's own specific needs to survive. Therefore they live in areas they can survive in. Wouldn't you like to see living birds rather than none?"
"Seeing living birds is better than dead!"
"Oh, my Heavens, Roman."
"Can I be a hummingbird?"
    A young child at the age of 14 was skimming through his journal in the shade of the  summer day. He glanced up every so often to glance at his younger sister and mother... He flinched as  he felt a palm on his shoulder, and looking up, he saw that pallid hand leading to that of his father's being. He groaned as he immediately shut his journal. "Father, you really don't need to do that.."
    "Do what?" The man was tall, and his pale features were topped off with groomed black hair and matching raven colored eyes, the grey elf seeming more fatigued than usual...
    Roman looked no different from him.

    Instead of responding to his low-voiced father, he grumbled and looked ahead once more, seeing his dakaran mother and halfling sister chase dragon butterflies as they glided in the wind. Roman sighed as his father smiled slightly, adjusting still to this new family of his... The elder man called out to the midget woman and her even shorter daughter. "Fate... I'm sure you should apply more nussa before you get sunburned. Same for Josephine."
The albino woman just turned and beamed a bright smile in their direction, then whispering to the black-haired daughter as she watched the dragon butterfly fluttered away into the blue sky. Roman glanced back into his journal as Kennedy walked over to Fate and their daughter... And the teenager skimmed through a couple of prior pages, skimming over words he had written long past... He aimed to be a poet.
    A warmly cool chill ran through his spine as the wind stilled and the aura of the nature around him quieted... He sat up from lying on his stomach and saw a flurry of white in the green sycamore around them... "An.. owl?" A small, brown, grey, and white feathered owl stared down into his silver eyes as it stood unmoved. The boy's heart skipped once; his land was not one owls favored in general. But here one was... he wondered if it was an owlet, but to his surprise...
    Roman quickly stood up, sparing a glimpse to his journal, flipping a page... yet when he looked back at the tree, the owl was nowhere to be found. His eyes widened as he sat back down, flipping one last page as he stared in its direction. In time, Kennedy held his daughter's hand as Fate looked to see where Roman looked; she furrowed her brows finding nothing. The fuschia-eyed woman looked to him. "Roman? What are you looking at?"
    "I-I saw an owl..." Her eyes widened at his comment, and she clasped her hands together.
    "You know, maybe that owl had a special message for you!"
    "What?" He thought she was crazy, moving back further into the shade. Fate just sighed.
    "Sweetheart, Roman doesn't quite understand what you mean."
    "Well, if that wasn't obvious then the sky is golden!"
    "Roman, have you heard of an animal guide?" Fate sat next to the boy, looking up at him as Kennedy kneeled down to Josephine's level, brushing her hair with his hands.
    "Uh...." The wavy-haired child moved a little, uncomfortable, but peeped at his stepmother as she picked a leaf out of her blonde-white hair. She continued speaking.
    "Owls are the harbringers of truth. They are a symbol of wisdom and intuition, even prophecy."
    "I thought it meant death..." Kennedy picked up the daughter as she looked down at her brother with her heterochromatic eyes, wide with curiosity.
    "Kennedy, hush. But that's true as well." Fate giggled as Roman's eyes widened. "By death calls for change, dear."
    The boy turned away, obviously uncomfortable with her nicknaming him. She looked around and squeaked as she picked up a small black stone, cracked with what seemed to be white calcite. The woman examined it for a moment before stuffing it into her pocket.
    "Collecting more rocks?"
    "Different stones contain different energies the lot of us need to heal!" She perked up. His father chuckled, then spoke.
 Bbb"It is time past noon. Let us go inside, and eat."
    "Yes, let's!" Fate jumped up as Roman joined as the family headed inside, into the acropolis built for the Sigurian Emperor and his heir, as well as the dwarf-elf and their daughter.

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