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Dragon Poses

Just somr dragon poses i sketched.
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Gahh!! I hope you don’t mind me using this for a reference, because I’m currently struggling to draw and this could be really helpful to me!

And I looked around a bit on your page and you are an amazing, talented drawer!! So talented <3 <3
GoldenDrxqoness's avatar
It didnt let me edit on mobile so im just adding a quick reply to it
The first one is dont and the second one is im, lol
KrazyKitty304's avatar
This is amazing!!! I love this!!!
Mikaioalani's avatar
This has been impossibly helpful; came back to dA to look for some dergun references, and I find this. Thank you so much!
UnhoodedCobra's avatar
These poses will help me with my dragon ocs very helpful : )
MewMew55's avatar
may i use these poses :D?
EarlAnnex's avatar
I must say, those are extremely helpful.
Liothiara's avatar
O M G It's Amazing!!!! oh oh!
blanjojo's avatar
Finally a simple way to draw dragons!! I learned more from this then from all the tutorials xD Thanks!
aecy's avatar
May I also use them as a reference? =]
Wolveseer's avatar
These are fantastic
NikoWolf22's avatar
That's pretty cool.
wishfulbunny's avatar
Thanks this helped a lot with a new project I'm starting.
baimangal's avatar
helped a lot....btw, where did you learn the dragon structure and etc...
Nagase13's avatar
these are brilliant!
Phyrxus's avatar
I'm using one for my new OC! This is so great. :heart:
Tikioaktree's avatar
Thanks heaps mate does great for reference help!! keep it up :)
Fangthorn's avatar
thanks this is going to help me be able to draw dragons easier
Mmoto53's avatar
these poses are very nice i will certainly be using them in the near future. Thank you so much :D
WirelessFruit's avatar
may i use this for a refrance?
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