What the Hell Happened to The Banana Splits?
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About two years ago, I recall the game 'Five Nights At Freddy's,' where basically you play as different people in a pizzeria being pursued by killer animatronic characters.  The series was so popular, it was rumoured that Warner Bros. was in works procuring the rights for making it into a film.  Yet, two years later, Warner Bros. has somehow dropped FNAF and in a fevered moment, decided on using the beloved Banana Splits as the killer androids.

Essentially the plot goes something like this, for Haley's birthday, his family get tickets to a live-screening of The Banana Splits show, mainly because this new version is allegedly using animatronics over costumed characters.  But as with the typical horror-sci-fi shtick, something goes horribly wrong and people are getting killed in the process backstage, much to the family and producers' chagrin.

Now the thing I hate about this is, remember when parents protested the horror flick, Silent Night, Deadly Night, about a killer dressed up as Santa Claus?  Many scoffed, but I comprehended the reasoning, despite the fact Tales from the Crypt (the comic, and original movie, not the series) did it decades before, and we've accepted Killer Robot Santa.  Not to mention there was a decade where filmmakers were practically transforming anything and everything into killers?  Even Tomatoes.  To where the concept was just outlandish to the point where their films became fodder for Elvira, MST3K and RiffTrax.

Why The Banana Splits, I'm wondering, because I grew up watching them and never really thought of them as murderous beings.  They were actually fun characters which I first remember seeing  on the Saturday Superstar Movie, where they did become animated at one point.  Sometimes I wonder why execs think we would love seeing our beloved characters acting as bloodthirsty maniacs, could you imagine if they had transformed the Peanuts Movie into where Charlie Brown became a homicidal neurotic, or Linus summons up a demon in the form of The Great Pumpkin?

The problem I've been witnessing lately is this new trend where execs want to take beloved characters and items and transform them into adult, grotesque things, just on the grounds of following what they think is a popular trend, rather than 'hey-let's-revive-this-the-right-way, where-people-remember-how-these-characters-were.'  No, apparently it's easier to disregard what we the audience desire, and focus more on someone's twisted vision, because they're the 'artiste' and think they know what today's modern culture wants.

Ah, well, maybe I'll be lucky and it'll get riffed by RiffTrax Live or MST3K in a couple of years ahead...


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I’m a friendly android not a killer android.
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I know right? What's next? The Dinosaucers planning to harvest Earth themselves? Jabberjaw becoming the new Jaws? Gosh, why they had to do this comedic funtime show into a R-rated bloodfest when they could have it go comedic like the Peewee Herman movie. Or the Chuck E Cheese movie.