Fangarian Worlds of the 52nd Meridian
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Considering this section is growing, and inspired by DC's Multiversity, I've created a new folder where you can see the various parallel worlds within the DC/Fangarian Multiverse.  Basically these realms were somehow conjured forth by the Fourth Fanger when TimeStorm had to help save the 52nd Meridian of the ChronoSphere from being annihilated by a mysterious ChronoQuake caused by the Daleks and F-Clones.

Essentially, these versions were originally spin-offs I had wanted to do with FANGARIUS, such as GIN and GENOA, but once reading the Multiversity Guide, I had decided on using the blank Earths as a basis.  But here you get to see some wild versions of the Paranormal Time Lord in action.

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