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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 29, 2011, 3:59 PM
Recently I just received Craig Yoe's latest collection, Archie's MADHOUSE, which was Archie's Comics version of MAD, Cracked, and Tales of the Crypt all rolled into one.

Though I really never got into the series when it came out (still into Harvey Comics back then), I remember when my Dad accidentally got me an issue during its final run round 1982.

Back in the 1960s, while EC Comics had the Cryptkeeper, Archie had Hilda the Witch (who would later evolve into Sabrina's Aunt) for telling unique tales of horror (usually more in the humorous way).  There were also tales of wackiness, sci-fi and other craziness, which first began with Archie and the Gang, then later with such characters as Chester the Square, and Lester the Cool Hipster.

Speaking of Sabrina, she originally got her start in Archie's MADHOUSE as well.  And I believe she started sharing anthology duties with Hilda before breaking out into her own comic series.

If you thought Archie was wild now, check out this classic collection.  Hard to believe this title didn't survive beyond the 1980s, but who knows? With movies and television making remakes of classics, maybe Archie Comics might reopen the MadHouse.

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Very interesting.:nod:
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