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Tejas LOBOS: Medu Atlas

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Model  William RamosLocation  Mexico
Medu Atlas, Ceph's Primlan (Cousin), belongs to the Mariasi Clanstribe as well, but resides within the Lacandon Jungle near the Pantano D'Lobani.  Medu is appropriately named since his TransElemental Powers consist of Petrification and G-Force Manipulation.  In other words, Medu can control gravity as well as transforming any object into solid stone.  

Medu, however, is most famous for being the first Lobani allowed to participate in the North American BodyShaping League.  Not only has he won the USA Powerhouse Championships in 1961, 1968 and 1971, he was the first Lobani to win a gold medal for Weightlifting and a silver for Lobani Lucha (Wrestling/Fighting) at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.  He's also close friends with Fangexlcoatl, and will sometimes hang out with Ceph on occasion.

Medu is usually easy going, and does have a mild temperament despite his muscular physique.  Ironically, it's this disposition which makes it difficult to determine when he gets annoyed or angered, however, can be demonstrated by his powers.  Due to his Paranormal attributes, Medu wears several seals upon his body, keeping his powers in check.

He also works for Dunestar at Rue Cauchemar, since Medu has other skills than just bodybuilding and fighting.  

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