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Tejas LOBOS: Cel as Rian Kriav

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Before C'el Kinet became known by his new nom de plume and persona, he was once known as Ri'an Kri'av.  In the Locanshite Clanstribe, the term Kri'av roughly translates to 'clone,' or 'biogenetic construct.'  Essentially because C'el/Ri'an was biogenetically engineered rather than reproduced the conventional means, since this Clanstribe first engineered test tube children long before we Tellurians came up with it.

Originally, when D'Lain was still the Clanstribe Elder, he had created Ri'an to be an Acquistioner, the only side-effect of this was Ri'an being well-built, since most Locanshites prefer developing their minds rather than their muscles.  Fangexlcoatl once compared them as the Vulcans of the Lobani Clanstribes, since they sound and act more like living computers, with the exception of C'el/Ri'an due to his creation matrix.

Ri'an wound up becoming C'el after D'Lain attempted having him 'deleted' for alleged defiance of the Clanstribe.  Rescued by Austin Gene, Kevin and Lilly Carter, he was denoted as C'el Kinet.

C'el Kinet, Ri'an Kri'av, Austin Gene, Kevin, Fangexlcoatl, Lily, Tejas LOBOS (c) 2019, 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
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