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Despite the mispelling on the art, inspired by Ben Dunn's NHS "alternate" anime/manga characters, I created a Warner/Ranma hybird: The Seztome Bros. and their sister Wat.

Like Ranma they change with cold water, but because they are Toons, they change to whatever they think of when submerged, only hot water can transform them back to (?!) normal.
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Ranma Saotome is a character from [i]Ranma 1/2[/i] by Rumiko Takahashi (of [i]Inu-Yasha[/i] fame), which told the story about his boy and father who were on their way to Japan to meet up with Ranma's [i]intended[/i].

Regrettably, the father took a stop at [i]Jusenkyo[/i] a land of mystical cursed springs that took the lives of many, meaning whoever falls in one of those springs, you get the body of whoever or whatever drowned there. Genma (Ranma's Dad) fell into the Spring of the Drowned Panda... while Ranma ... well, fell into the gender-bending Spring of the Drowned Girl.

Although HOT water reverses the effects of the cursed spring, a splash of cold water reactivates the effect.

Crazy, huh?
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Not sure what 'ranma' is but seems nifty...