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Q'an Xau - Last Pandraelian

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Q'an Xau happens to be one of the enigmatic beings from FANGARIUS. Originally, a friend of mine had inquired whatever happened to some of the Lost Clanstribes, and I decided on doing one--The Pandraelians which exist beyond our normal dimension.

Inbetween Tron and Reboot, I once theorized an interesting notion: what if CyberSpace existed as an alternate dimension, long before we developed the means to enter it with our digital mechanizations? Interesting thought, huh? Anyhoo, so I envisioned a realm which is constantly maintained by this Clanstribe, thus Q'an Xau was born.

So what's with the InuYasha kimono outfit? FANGARIUS was always my Wonderland in retrospect for things not quite being what they seem. Tired of the digital realm presumably being all futuristic, I once thought of making Q'an (pronounced Kwan as in Michelle) appear a bit different than expected. But at the time of creating him on paper, I had no idea how he should be or what would be his attire.

It wasn't until the InuYasha manga had come out, I noticed Sessho-Maru's outfit and borrowed the design a bit, and to still give it that cybernetic atmosphere to it, I added Q'an's Gauntlet and glyph to his right cheek.

In essence, Q'an Xau (last name pronounced zhou or z-ow) watches over the CyberDimension, ensuring nothing escapes into our world and vice versa. Currently he is the last of his Clanstribe (as far as he knows) and doesn't always take kindly to unpleasant invaders entering his sacred domain.
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