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PW: Elliot Thyme

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One time I recall when a friend of mine had wanted to do a series called Project Wonderland which was more like an action-adventure series than what Disney could ever produce. Regrettably PW got canned before it had gotten off the ground.

Recently a friend of mine remembered some of the characters I had created for it. The catch here was we couldn't give them obvious names from the book, like "Hearts, White and Hatter."

The first character design I had come up with was a White Rabbit/March Hare hybrid I had dubbed as Elliot Thyme.

Basically Elliot controls all time in both Wonderland and the real world, as well as the transdimensional portals between worlds. His OmniChronometer can convert time between dimensions as well as allow him to travel throughout them as well.

Naturally Queen Rubianna is always after him for this ability, once accidentally ending up in the Wicked Witch of the West's castle in Oz.

Elliot Thyme (c)2006, 2011 RMc, Fangarian Prod.
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