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PW: Dajin

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Dajin was an interesting character I did for Project Wonderland. Though he was patterned after the Mad Hatter, ironically, his abilities have absolutely nothing to do with hats (!).

Instead Dajin's unique powers deals with utilizing tea powders as weapons, as well as the Suit Transdimensionalizer. Basically, it randomly spins until it lands on either a spade, club, diamond or heart and will perform some odd thing like dimensionally transferring an item from three-dimensions into a two-dimensional card, hypnotizing/mind control, expelling one into another dimension, or something completely unexpected.

Because of it's chaotic effects, Dajin rarely uses the ST for critical situations.

As for Dajin's name, he originally was going to be called Darjeeling , after the famous Indian tea, but then I felt his nickname might be misconstrued as either a female's, or be jokingly called Darling, so Dajin became his name.

Usually Dajin is seen with Elliot when they are attempting to outwit Rubianna's soldiers. And they always have a spot of tea with Fanger's cousin, Chester.

Dajin (c) 2006, 2011 RMc, Fangarian Productions
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I really like the amount of detail you're putting into the characters. I'm looking forward to more Alice in Wonderland inspired characters. You've got a cool idea going here.