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Ko Ryu Japanese Poster

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Model  Ko Ryu BodybuilderLocation  Psychic Force
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One thing I always loved about Japanese Media was the posters and title art were always so great, sometimes it would even look far better than the show/film itself!  Even when they appeared campy, there's something ascetically intriguing about them.  Sometimes you already know what the story's about just from looking at it.  As I've done with some others, I'd thought I'd give Ko Ryu the same treatment.

The reason for him being practically in the buff is, some have asked me to show the basic outer anatomy of a Wolf-Being (Tombeurian, Lobani, etc.), since their facial features aren't like Chewbacca's or someone with Hyper trichinosis (aka werewolf disorder).  But instead they have thick fur over their shoulders, chest abdomen, 'naughty bits', and some have a tuft near their feet.

Also loved this psychic background, since it fits with Ko Ryu's pose and Parakinetic Stare.

Ko Ryu (c) 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
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