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Jake Solaris

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While working on Ripley 3125 AS, I ended up getting writer's block, since the fic was starting to get a bit cliché, and I needed a new PokéMorph character to spice things up. Of course, my supervisor at work suggested I create a PokéMorph based on him. Normally I rarely do caricatures, mainly because I've discovered people get real sensitive when you illustrate them, but my supervisor has a unique attitude and look to him, that I began working on a character roughly based on Blaziken, and named him Jake Solaris.

Now before you start nitpicking, as with FANGARIUS, PokéMorphs sometimes resemble their Pokémon-esque ancestry, and sometimes they don't. Here you see that Solaris is not just limited to Fire-based attacks as his left Psi-Claw (facing him it'd be your right) uses Subthermalized Flames as well.

Basically, what makes Jake Solaris a unique character is his nonchalant demeanor, which he uses to catch his opponents and victims off-guard. In fact, Jake rarely uses his capabilities unless he's forced to do so, since he prefers the more subtle approach for handling obstacles.

Jake Solaris © 2006 RMc, Fangarian Prod. Pokémon © Nintendo, GAMEFREAK, Creature, The Pokémon Company.
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