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Intergalactic '76: Bizarre Science Tales

By fangarius
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While still on the EC Comics' Howl-O-Ween Theme, I'd thought I'd give Jean-Luc and the Gang over at Intergalactic '76 the classic treatment.  Recently, I have been a fan of Weird Science (the comic not the film, song, or the horrible TV spin-off), but when the 70s came round, what I loved about the independent comics attempting to do their renditions of sci-fi anthologies, was they would somehow gravitate back to horror than what was intended.  But nevertheless, some tales were still fantastic, and believe it or not, were insights into our future.

Essentially in this format, Jean-Luc and Jer'Mei are visiting their favourite watering hole, the Bradburian Convergence, an enigmatic cantina/restaurant located at the Edge of the Multiverse.  There they, or the patrons, will spin wild tales of science fiction.  Except being 'Intergalactic '76,' they have sort of a 70s retro feel to them, as well as interesting mash-ups.

In this premiere issue, Jean-Luc and Jer'Mei provide a brief intro about the Bradburian Convergence, explaining they love coming here since the intriguing thing about the place, isn't the patrons themselves, but the tales they encounter with them.  The issue promptly commences with a surprise visit from Spen'sar, the Corin'tec himself.  However, stating this is an incognito visit, and due to the strict policies of no conflicts, he orders up a drink with Jean and Jerri, providing an odd story.  One where the first Holo-Sim game had almost become its last.

Spen'sar Ben'net - Uncanny Annie's Horrible Hall - While developing the first immersion Holo-Sim, two program developers decide on spicing up their boring interactives with an ancient board game from the 1960s.  While allowing several beta testers to try out the new interactive, they and the developers swiftly learn that not all genres make for a great game.

Jer'Mei T'Kiban - One in a Million - Recalling one of his trips through the Spectral Zone, Jerri fashions a tale about a couple, Dr. Roger Calan, and his assistant, Pamela Mitchell, and an interesting get-rich-scheme, back in the 1950s.  Wishing to get away from her overbearing husband, Pamela learns of Dr. Calan's latest invention: the SuspensChamber.  While talking to one of her friends at the local bank, Pam learns how interest works and begins concocting a devious mechanization. 

By covertly depositing $20 within a private bank account, and using the SuspensChamber to send them one thousand years into the future, both Pam and Roger can now live wealthy and peaceful lives as millionaires.  That is until Roger brings something unintentional to the future as well, ending up in disastrous results.

Jean-Luc T'Kiban - Cosmic Symphony While watching a classic Dave Stardust concert on the Holo-Vid, Jean-Luc recalls a tale concerning Dave's mysterious disappearance after performing the infamous Creatures and Aliens concert in Australia.  Spinning back to 1978, a disenchanted Dave is upset over the fact his fame is fading, since he hasn't played a concert, written any new songs, or produced any albums for seven years.  Angered over the new fad of synthpop, Dave desperately hunts for a new original sound for his fans.  Mysteriously, he encounters a deaf girl, Celande, who somehow can play alluring music and tones which apparently can affect its listeners.  

Intrigued they collaborate, instantly restoring Dave Stardust's fame to even higher acclaims.  Until one fateful night, Celande insists they have a concert somewhere in Australia.  And it's there Dave Stardust regrettably learns that all fame comes with an unexpected price.

Afterwards, the group secretly bid the reader adieu, as they go and leave to their respective homes.

Interesting, no?

Jean-Luc, Jer'Mei, Spen'sar, Intergalactic '76, Bizarre Science Tales (c) 2019, 2021 RMc, Fangarian Productions
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