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Gin: Sa'Faian Tsuki

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Recently I was watching a sci-fi show about Sirens, but the twist here is they are male than the typical female.  Inspired by it, I created a new type of Shizoku (Clanstribe in Chikyu), called the Sai'Nin, and their leader is Sa'Faian.  Though here I have him with legs, Sa'Faian also has an aquatic tail replacing his wolf's one.  His Shizoku is the rare amphibious type, since they can both exist on land and sea.

Sa'Faian's name loosely means 'Sapphire Moon,' implementing the gemstone as his theme.  Besides using gadgets, he also utilizes Phonomancy, since he has a sonic tone to mesmerize other beings.

Enigmatically he has an interest with Gin and 'Ris, as well as intending on reviving his Shizoku and taking over Chikyu.

Gin, Sa'Faian Tskui, Gin, 'Ris, Chikyu (c) 2018, 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
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