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Fangarius '72: Three Outfits of Fanger

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Basically people who remember FANGARIUS have wondered how come the Paranormal Time Lord never wore his standard attire during his Exile.  Well, essentially this was due to the fact Fanger had to decontaminate his outfit from a former adventure, when he was rudely hijacked by the Time Lords.  So he was wearing an alternate outfit.

Here I'm showing the three fashion apparel belonging to the Fourth Fanger.  The central image, of course, was Fanger's Paranormal Time Lord wardrobe: shirt, sweater, dark jeans, ropers and Gallifreyan Battlejacket.  One which he donned after his first departure from Gallifrey, the battlejacket was given to him by The Doctor.

The one on the left consists of an arrow-collar shirt, denim jacket and jeans, ropers and modified shades.  This version was inspired by the late Peter Fonda, whom I loved his outfits in Easy Rider and Futureworld. Normally, Fanger admitted he never fancied Seventies fashion, however, Jeremy had talked him into this one, since he felt it made Fanger appear more distinguished.

The right one, is the alternative attire, inspired by an outfit worn by Evan Peters:  collarless shirt, dark blue blazer, dark jeans and shoes.  Ironically this one was briefly 'thrown together' when Fanger had to launder his other clothes after a harrowing adventure.

Usually the right one became his standard fashion, until Jeremy talked him into donning the Peter Fonda look.  

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