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Fangarian Worlds: TempestAnimi

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Enigmatically, TempestAnimi is the first Literati not to originate in the 52nd Meridian, but rather the Fangarian Worlds Beyond.  Ironically, however, he does have Batman '66 connections.  On Earth-TL (Tejas LOBOS), back in 1969, Adam West was friends with Fangexlcoatl.  Due to the Lobani Rights awareness, the network was going to have Fangexl become the first Lobani villain for the Caped Crusaders.  

Regrettably, the writers wanted to create a stereotypical version, but Adam balked at the concept, deciding Fangexl should have a worthy nemesis character not unlike The Joker and Mr. Freeze.  Removing all Lobani Mythos, he and Fangexl had come up with the character known as TempestAnimi (fancy name for MindStorm).  Basically Tempest's alter-ego was Dr. Cesar Kimyona, whom was appointed as the head psychoanalyst for the Arkham Institute.

As TempestAnimi, he can control one's mind and emotions, where like the Black Widow, had been covertly making financial institutions hand over cash for his secret funding for his private projects.  Usually for placing the world under his subliminal control, starting with Gotham.  Amazingly, Fangexl's portrayal of the character was superb, it was the first Batman Rogue to guest star over five times!

Though the series did end in 1971, TempestAnimi briefly lived on in reruns, and was later used for Tim Burton's film, BATMAN, with Kevin Saunders as Angst.

Acknowledging the character's powerful popularity, Ja'Gan had The Drive bring TempestAnimi to Phantasia.

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