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Fangarian Worlds: Persis (L-Forme)

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Persis was one of the most perplexing Literati Beings Ja'Gan had summoned forth from the Drive, since technically it had never started out as a Fictional Being, but rather a conceptual one by the Locanshite Clanstribe.  Persis, a male derivation from Persephone, was created through the Techn'Cothi Symbiocomputers, and originally engineered as a Tombeurian version of the Grim Reaper.  Also as a means for the Locanshite to comprehend the nature behind Phobias, or fear itself, since Persis' Prime Directive was discovering and learning the source behind this irrational emotion. 

Regrettably, because Persis was not biogenetically-engineered like Tsi'Drael (or the alternate C'el Kinet), this Locanshite (hence the serpentine eyes) is not affected by the standard Laws of Physics or Paranormalicy.  Though it was said Dunestar had contained Persis in an Eternity Capsule, the being was unwittingly freed by Superman of Earth-1 (whom thought Persis had been wrongfully imprisoned).  Rather than cause havoc, Persis decided on traveling through the 52nd Meridian, visiting Earth-13, Earth-29 (Htrae/Bizarro World) and Earth-33.  But it wasn't until Persis decided on fighting against Captain Marvel on Earth-5 (Thunderworld), the Fictional Locanshite was tricked into being transported into The Drive itself.

Until later Ja'Gan had freed him when the Composite Fangarian had come across Persis' file, which released the being from his slumbering prison.

Persis, Ja'Gan, Locanshite, Techn'Cothi, Dunestar (c) 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
52 Worlds and respective DC Heroes (c) 1938, 2020 DC Comics
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