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Fangarian Worlds: Persis (G-Forme)

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Persis' G-Forme which was based loosely on an Ancient Lore concerning the Silver Wolf.  In most of the folklore, the Silver Wolf was supposed to either be a ghostly being, or a harbinger of death.  Where its presence would warn those if Death itself was approaching, or warn others about impending danger heading their way.  Whatever the case, the Silver Wolf was both respected and feared, hence Persis' G-Forme character configuration.

Persis, being the male deviation from Persephone, is known as the Wolf of the Underworld, and can control the forces of Life and Death itself.  Not to mention the sole forces of Phobias and Somnambulism, in this form, he can become invisible and intangible like a Phantasm, as well as slip through dimensions as well.

He can materialise and dematerialise wherever he chooses.  Regrettably, however, his powers slightly diminish when he is exposed to direct sunlight, and increase under a full moon.

Persis (c) 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
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