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Fangarian Worlds: Necros (G-Forme)

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Necros, within his G-Forme, where he is Persis' assistant, and in his Undead attire.  On a creator's note, Necros was inspired loosely from DC's Solomon Grundy (whose name confused me, since the character was also named after the classic Nursery Rhyme), as well as the ghouls from the 70s.  The ones which looked awesome, but their powers were 'nerfed' in order to make them family-friendly for Saturday afternoons.

In truth, however, I loved how the 'undead/zombie' beings could turn others into them without actually biting them, but by either zapping them with eyebeams, gems embedded in fangs (no fooling), or even kissing them.  With me, I always had the odd dreams of zombies breathing gas on people to transform them. As well as using odd rays from horror-themed power bands.

Hence, how Necros, came to be.  Originally when first making him a literal character for FANGARIUS (where a young man foolishly imbibes a potion from Mama Creole), I did not officially give Necros his name right off, but I didn't want to call him 'zombie wolf,' or something lame, until I read the term necrophilia and learned Necro was the latin term for 'death' or 'dead tissue.'

Necros, however, does not behave in the typical zombie fashion, since he his articulate and can move about normally.  Whenever the Full Moon turns different shades, it enhances Necros' power, whereas the sun tends to weaken his abilities (not eliminate them completely, however).  

Necros, FANGARIUS (c) 1977, 1982, 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
Solomon Grundy (c) 2022 DC Comics
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