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Fangarian Worlds: Maxxian (L-Forme)

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'Learn this, and know well, Little One, I do not choose whom I serve, but instead they select me. I cannot determine the outcome of my services.' - Maxxian, FANGARIUS - Return of The Mind Robber

In Fangarian Whoniverse, the Second Fanger was the one whom had saved The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie from the  Imaginatron the Land of Fiction.  For the early pre-Time Lord Tombeurian admitted the group had never left the TARDIS, but instead had been mentally transferred into the realm itself, as well as the writer of Ensign Magazine.  However, the Second Fanger had discovered the horrible truth about the man being brought there.  In 1927, the author had suffered a stroke, and fearing a life cut short, had accidentally summoned, not the Imaginatron itself, but a curious being known as Maxxian.

Both The Doctor and Fanger learned Maxxian had granted the man's wish, but at a terrible price:  becoming a part of the Imaginatron itself!  Making matters worse, since aging is not a familiar concept with the Land of Fiction, the symbiocomputer, designed by the Gods of Ragnarok, could not effectively make the man immortal, but instead granted him extended life.  However, as the Imaginatron could no longer sustain the man, it had located the Time Lord, presuming The Doctor would make a perfect replacement. 

When the Imaginatron was destroyed, Maxxian immediately had ejected The Drive and was flung into the Multiverse.  Until it was discovered first by the Fourth Fanger, when both DC and Marvel Universes were threatened by its existence, as it had intended on reconstructing a more powerful Imaginatron symbiocomputer.  Then later, by The Owl on Earth-3.

As Ja'Gan was engineered by The Drive itself, Maxxian was secretly awakened, and it was him which granted Ja'Gan sentience. 

Essentially referred to as a 'Reality Bender,' Maxxian had transported Ja'Gan to the blank realm of Earth-15, and recreated it into Phantasia.  As well as summoning forth several Fictional versions of Fangarian characters.  Taking the form of what might to be a twenty-something male, in a Tombeurian construct, Maxxian can ultimately manipulate the ChronoSphere and Realities to his whim, or his Master's desires.  Technically, he is even more powerful than Mr. Mxyzptlk and Impossible Man combined, but as Fanger discovered has some limits to his powers.

Though somewhat loyal to Ja'Gan, Maxxian does tend to think on his own, and can manipulate other dimensions if he so desires.  Because of his odd appearance, he usually catches his opponents off-guard.

Maxxian, Ja'Gan, Fanger, FANGARIUS (c) 1977, 1982, 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Herriot, TARDIS (c) 1963, 2020 BBC Enterprises
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