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Fangarian Worlds: Dr. Psikotronic (G-Forme)

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Model  Tony TaylorLocation  Cyber Psycho Realm
© 2020 fangarius
Dr. Mod Psikotronic in his Gentakai (or Genet-Real) Forme, with his persona and character configuration finalized.  Essentially Dr. Psikotronic has the ability to control one's emotional and psychological states.  One of his covert weapons are his 'Mood Rings,' which he inherited from the Batman '66 Realm.  Similar to Green Lantern's ring, except here they can manipulate one's emotions, from the Batman game in Earth-33, he possesses his Psi-Oculus, which enables him to create illusions, mind control, and telepathy.

The cobalt earrings covertly serve as a regulating seal for his powers, since Ja'Gan discovered without them, Dr. Psikotronic could literally send worlds and dimensions into madness and chaos with just a mere thought.

Dr. Mod Psikotronic, Ja'Gan, Phantasia (c) 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
Batman (c) 1944, 2020 Bob Kane, DC Comics
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