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FClassic - Glaceseche

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Here was a first conceptual drawing of the Frigidonian, Glaceséche. You'll notice as with the Fifth Fanger, he greatly resembles Michael J. Fox. One of the reasons was, back when FANGARIUS started out as a series at my high school, some of the female members were smitten with Mr. Fox at the time, and somehow I ended up conjuring several characters (including Fanger's Fifth Incarnation) based on his likeness.

Now rarely do I do something like this, mainly because I was never really any good at illustrating charactures, and I always possessed a deep phobia that if the person ever witnessed my rendition of him/her, they may not fancy the character or my take on it.

Ironically, however, after drawing Michael's image for a social studies project, I found his image easily to illustrate, and mysteriously could fashion characters round him at times.

Glaceséche's origins, strangely enough, began when I had stayed one night nursing a head cold and had been watching an episode of Batman followed by an episode of Family Ties, and found myself slumbering into dreamland. Due to the odd combination, my subconscious created a tale where Mike ends up falling into a vat of Liquid Nitrogen, but rather than succumbing to the chemical, he mysteriously transforms into a subthermalized being.

With the image emblazoned inside my mind, I immediately sketched the character without fail, before it faded back into obscurity. And thus, the Last Frigidonian was born.

Glaceséche © 1983, 2005 RMc, Fangarian Productions
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