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FANGARIUS: 'No, Alex, Not Like Greg.'

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Recreation of the classic scene which ended in the Doctor Who/Fanger episode, The Starscan Project, and began with the Fourth Fanger's first adventure, Doctran.  Cause of death for the Third Fanger was falling off a radio telescope dish.  The impact forced Fanger to enter his first physical Regeneration.  

The Fourth Fanger's first cryptic words comes from the fact, Alex P. Keaton had witnessed the Third Fanger's untimely demise, while The Doctor was attempting to console his godchild (Fanger, not Alex).  Encountering Fanger after the death of his friend Greg, Alex had become rather attached to the Wolf-Being.  So during Fanger's temporal departure, Alex was constantly crying, 'Not like Greg! Not like Greg!'  Strangely, the emotional force from Alex had triggered Fanger's Regeneration, and regrettably, the being's new form was a bit too much for his former clothes, leaving him somewhat in the buff, while his Hat of Rassilon had transformed into a multicoloured headband. 

Side note: Contrary to popular belief, Fanger's headband was not created for Pride, or any type of political faction, but instead was my take on the 80s, since rainbows were big back then, and the headband was derived from Rambo as well as The Karate Kid.

Noticing his Companion distraught over what seems to be the presumed loss of another friend, the Fourth Fanger, unaware of his sudden lack of clothes, simply looks at him, reassuring he technically hasn't been taken by the Grim Reaper.  Hence the phrase.  Of course, the tale would later usher in the series FANGARIUS back in my high school days.

Fanger, FANGARIUS (c) 1977, 1982, 2020, 2022 RMc, Fangarian Productions
Alex P. Keation (c) 1982, 2020 Gary Goldberg, UBU Productions
Doctor Who (C) 1963, 2020 BBC Productions 
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