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Slowly Coming Back from 4-year Absence

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2018, 4:29 PM

As the title states, I have been away from :deviantart: for far too long.
Throughout the last several weeks I have been analyzing the
events that were going in my life. It just hasn't been a thrill ride
and nothing really major has been going on.

I have been working at a different full time job, working long nights
for the last four years. The workplace hasn't really changed except
for the drama. It keeps sneaking up on me in new ways and
about a month ago was just the last straw.

But that is not even the icing on the :cake:!

Towards the end of January has become one the most
significant turning points of my life
For the last month, I have been on a mini sabbatical from
my full-time job.

On January 17th, my mother had a brain aneurysm.
She was released from the hospital after having surgery
on the 1st of February.

She survived it for the most part. However she was on strict bed rest
for about week after her surgery. So I took off from my job
to be around so she wouldn't fall or something worse.

I am so thankful that she is able to wake up
every single day.

So while she's been taking it easy and trying to get more active
I have been getting back to what I have lost over the years - 


As I am writing this journal entry, I am slowly getting back into that
rhythm when I started my :deviantart: page almost 9 years ago.
I didn't realize how much I've missed coming to my page. Just browsing
through all the works of art in my groups, the notes, & alerts I get from
people looking at my page.

New people and long time friends browsing through my artwork,
liking and adding them to their favorites. 
I missed you all.

I know I will be starting from scratch trying to build up
my presence on my page. I do not mind it though.
I'm looking forward it.

If anyone reads my entry all the way through, thank you.

  In the Garden by FanFrye24     At The Door by FanFrye24    Beetle Bug by FanFrye24

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Random Thoughts

Thu Mar 27, 2014, 9:01 PM
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    :new: Group News :new:
    :iconshedboy68: joined as a new team member over at :iconfotomanipulationz:
    show some love ---> link

    JaredPLNormand from :iconabstract--reality:
    is going on a trans-continental motorcycle journey from Louisiana to Alaska and back, this summer.
    He will begin in three weeks and return in six months. Wish him a safe trip.

    Check out these devious artworks

    the moon kingdom by megatruh Colour Me Challenge By Ryky by Calliope5 I'm not afraid by Ashline-illus Chimera by vinegar
    Priestess and shadow wolves by AyyaSAP Song to the skies by RoryonaRainbow Night tales. by AnnaArmona Smitten by Enamorte

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    ::Shoot for the Stars:: by JunkbyJen ::Shoot for the Stars:: by JunkbyJen

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New Art + Features

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 1:53 AM

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Deviant Features

I haven't done a feature in a real long time so I figure I'll share some art with you all.

:thumb321541514: :thumb320894268: Monument Monoliths by Stuzal Hoping Wishing Waiting by alexgphoto
I'll probably drive you wild 8 days a week. by panna-poziomka stripes by KseniaMaytama Ice pond by Majesticjai Winter Time by antichristd0ll my sister. by carriebeu
Glass Block Abstraction by basseca Zen by Mr-Sharingan Reflection by JenniferCulverhouse Free as a bird by T1sup
:thumb352459374: worlds by theVolucris ColorUp by FaustoOo Struwelpeter by feigenfrucht
Nyx - The Night is coming by annewipf Spirit of Yule by Amarazak Before The Dawn by xXIvanaNWXx
:thumb327871063: Natural Water by DianaLobriglio :thumb333219954: :thumb209994500:

Digital & Traditional work



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AA History - My 28-day art challenge

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 6, 2013, 7:12 PM

A few days ago, I started a drawing challenge on Instagram, celebrating Black History month.
Each day I'll posting a new drawing of a well-known person. And I will post all the names towards the end.

So, it's Day 6 and I have six drawings posted so far.

AA History by FanFrye24

Tune into my Instagram account tomorrow for a new drawing. :sprint: :D

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Happy New Year, 2013!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 1, 2013, 9:02 PM

This year I am coming back with a vengeance. First of all, I would like to deeply apologize for
my severe lack of activity here on dA. It's 2013, a brand new year. And I am going to make
sure I will log on as much as as I can. That is my resolution.

I have a lot downtime right now so be prepared for new artwork, photography, as well as
other surprises that I will be posting.

Thank you everyone. :) :hug:

2012: A Brand New Year!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2012, 1:27 AM
Facebook l Gallery l Twitter l Note Me l FNPhotography

How has everyone's new year so far? I hope it went well for most of you and fun was to be had. :headbang:
For me, New Year's was pretty much the same as last year me. Just a relaxed moment at home.
2011 went by very quick and everything is kind of a blur - all I can recall is working like a dog during the summer. :(
I had a nice Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas and I got to share it with someone special.
At least the year end on a sweet note - - so let's start 2012 with a bang.

Ok! Here we go...
:bulletpink:Some News Around :devart::bulletpink:

1. Only a small few noticed that I said good-bye to one of my groups ---> Gadget-PHOTOS
It had a nice 1-year run and discovered some wonderful photography.

2. Quite a few deviants noticed that I've created a new group :iconlovelydeviantart:
It's been around for 2 weeks and almost 200 members have joined.
In celebration to the very little success, the first official contest has begun.
Members are allowed to submitentries to create a new icon and the winner can
become a contributer to the group and be able to submit up to 4 artworks a day
to showcase their wonderful talents.
Everyone is more than welcome to join and more information
about the contest can be found here --->…

3. :icontiavon: is hosting "Color my Day" contest
Media: Traditional/Digital/Photography/Pixel art
No Animations, Photomanipulations, Literture, Emoticons etc.
All info/rules/prizes is in this article --> eugenijekornelije.deviantart.c…

4. :icondreamyart: "Dreams for the New Year Contest"
What are your goals, desires, plans for new year?
What do you intend to achieve in 2012?
Tell us with your dreamy art! :aww:

5. :iconbradleysays: post information about a stamp contest
for :iconstamp-kingdom:
Article info is here --->…

:spotlight-left: Groups :spotlight-right:

A list of all the groups I'm a member of:

:icondarkelements: :iconphotomanips-club:
:iconskyandnatureclub: :iconimanipulate: :iconcamerawhore: :iconversebyverse: :iconjustportraits: :iconworld-imaginary:
:iconeerie-and-enchanting: :iconataraxia-zine: :icondigital-photo: :iconilovephotographyclub: :icondream-club: :iconphotographyworld:
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:icondark-emotions: :icondigitaldelicacies: :iconsurreal-fantasy: :iconunique-manipulators: :icona-place4digital-art: :icondigital-art-club:
:iconsouls-of-artists: :iconwelovetraditionalart: :iconwallofdestiny: :iconliliths-realm: :iconim-creative: :iconportraitclub:
:icondeviantartbook: :icondaparanormal: :iconloveforphotos: :iconno-limits-just-art: :iconweheartphotos: :iconso-what-manipulation:
:iconsupernatural-art: :icondark-side-of-life: :iconstudio-28-desaturate: :iconstudio-28-nature: :icontreasuresinart: :iconphotographersdream:
:iconme-and-my-camera: :iconart-crazy-lovers: :iconpopular-photos: :iconall-photos: :iconshikharsportal: :iconlovelydeviantart:
:icondreamyart: :iconda-art-gallery: :iconscenic-somewhere: :iconfinevioletdreams:

:bulletpink: New Artwork :bulletpink:

My last art submitted for 2011
A little Magic by FanFrye24

New for 2012
Railroad by FanFrye24 New York in Nevada by FanFrye24 Warm Path by FanFrye24 And He Follows... by FanFrye24
Window View by FanFrye24 The Way to Avalon by FanFrye24

:bulletpink: F E A T U R E S :bulletpink:

Some art submissions from LovelyDeviantArt

In His Hands by nitefise Surrealistic mind by Cornelie20 Frozen Queen by StarsColdNight
Tranquility by Venneta Butterfly... by TheDevilOfTomorrow Orchid by dustfae
Wispurlot by DottieOnTheMoon Goldenrod Crab Spider by MaddLouise autumm 002 by JackStratford Your Guardian Angel by RaindropsOnRoses21
Between universes by DawnArts Medieval ruins - Peyrusse-le-Roc 03 by HermitCrabStock :thumb275653284: :thumb191222761:
50 character meme by Green-Viper aura autumnus by sweet-innocent-aura

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Lovely Deviant Art

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2011, 9:10 PM

LAdies and Gentlemen!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a brand new group that was created a couple of
days ago. It is created for everyone who loves to express thereselves through art.

Members of :devart: will be accepted with open arms.  And they are free to contribute any
type of art, as long it's tasteful in a non-offensive manner.

Be creative & above all - HAVE FUN!

Watcher Features

Mature Content

The Stone Angel by The-Average-Alex
Serene wave -Click it- by The-Average-Alex The last tear by dark--shepherd Fear of the Light by dark--shepherd
Blessed are the pure in heart by CompleoOrexis Dear Spring, I miss you... by CompleoOrexis

Home by Seiorai Deviant Photographer - Stamp by Habjan

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Coming to An End

Fri Nov 25, 2011, 7:39 PM
Profile | Gallery | FNPhotography

About a year ago, I have created a group to showcase a certain side of photography.
:icongadget-photos: is a photo group where you can show your artistic photo skills.
Showing personal electronic "gadgets" such as photos with computers, iPods, cell phones, old radios, cameras - most important things you just cannot live without.
Of course, that is not limited to just those domestic objects - architectural clocks, musical instruments can be accepted as photos.

However the group didn't seem to pick up like I wanted.  So, it is my decision that the group will close at the end of this year.

I really want to thank the members who joined and supported the group throughout the process:

DanZarayDotCom vspeck23 WalkingOnAir18 HiImIan fiction-writing drop-of-imagination Xhielle GozuTashoya uchihatj23 CryingForTheAngels OldFashionedPill Ellemkay ruioliveira-photo KathleenMay ShadyBlues Paramore4eva11 Azleas2 NikkoWolf SimplyNevaeH ADzArt TheUnforgivenPeople Kyrill76 freak-of-nature15 Lisa-M-T Batman1066 Asenev MReiser Luv-ar15s 19dearsally93

Also, I really want to give a special thanks to :iconzipercoode: for the concept of the group.

Again, thank you all so very much. It was a real experience.

Mess by OldFashionedPill Damn, I think I broke it. by Luv-ar15s :thumb182536375: Kodak Junior Six-20 by erbphotography Classic iPod II by Kyrill76 By3 iPod by ZipercooDe save my heart by buckatone Time is .. by mitchorr Classic iPod IV by Kyrill76 :thumb256551898: Dear Agony by RegularStupidPeople say cheese by TicuTac mysterious photographer by pills4happiness trance by freak-of-nature15 Classy Classic by amesho :thumb177850200: Apple key by Kyrill76 Perfect Lens by FotoNerdz HP by Vestermk Pro Mouse III by Kyrill76 Carl Zeiss tribute 001 by JackStratford :thumb113021062: Telephone by BenHeine Day 21 by ilostmyusername Time after time by DeeMelino definition of time by WalkingOnAir18 :thumb221541327: :thumb243860693: Astronomical Clock Series III by mikewheels Music by PoisonGirl-sts   The old-fashioned ipod by diamondaria I love Photography . by drop-of-imagination S o n y i s L o v e by PiwyLullaby I Better Switch To Digital by IgorLaptev Time won't let me go by iNeedChemicalX music in time. by maskqueraide :thumb194502243: -for the love of film- by fangedfem keys to my heart by JeanFan zrk by TheLastNight Keyboard by CryingForTheAngels

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Winners Announced for the Jamboree!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2011, 6:25 PM
FNPhotography l Gallery l StOCk l Facebook l Twitter l Note Me

:boogie: At last, here is the anticipated journal you deviants have been waiting for.
The End of Summer Jamboree Contest winners.....

If you've missed the news, here is what went down - I've made an announcement that I was hosting
my 2nd contest here on :devart:.  The theme - what did you do during the summer? - did you go to concert,
go swimming at the beach, have a cookout, play an instrument, paint, draw, just enjoying life. Whatever it is,
I wanted to see all creativity.  The Jamboree started on August 1st and ended in September.
All the winners will be featured in a news and journal feature and also a permanent place on my profile page to
showcase their works of art.  Photography, traditional/digital art, & visual literary works were accepted.

:bulletred: 1st place :bulletred:
3 month sub --->FanFrye24
1 month sub --->Emerald-Depths
100 points ------>Emerald-Depths
50 :points: - Bnspyrd
A slideshow of works of art
Exclusive stock --> Eirian-stock, Bnspyrd
Journal Feature --> Bnspyrd
Group Feature ---> :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconwallofdestiny:

:bulletblue: 2nd place :bulletblue:
1 month sub --->Emerald-Depths
50 points ------>Emerald-Depths
Exclusive stock --> Eirian-stock,
Journal Feature - Bnspyrd
Group Feature ---> :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconwallofdestiny:

3rd place
25 :points: -----> Emerald-Depths
Exclusive stock --> Eirian-stock
Journal Feature --> Bnspyrd
Group Feature ---> :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconwallofdestiny:

*Honorable mentions will receive 1 :points:

A NEWS Feature of all winners--> FanFrye24 & FuzzyGawjuz

The winners are - - - -

1st place - ErisForan with Tropical Beauty
Tropical Beauty by ErisForan

2nd place - szuzi with My Summertime
My Summertime by szuzi

3rd place - cmwphotography with Sunset Sandcastle
Sunset Sandcastle by cmwphotography

Honorable Mentions
Another summer went by by Larocka84 Warm Flashes by Astranat Sweet Tooth by funnyzzz The sea loves you. by Sandrita-87

Thank you to everyone for your participation. :w00t:



:iconphotographyaddiction: :icondarkelements: :iconabstract--reality: :icondigital-art-club:
:iconartistic-photography: :icondeviantartbook: :icongadget-photos:


:iconphotolovers: :iconphotomanips-club: :icondark-emotions:

:iconskyandnatureclub: :iconcamerawhore: :iconimanipulate: :iconversebyverse: :iconjustportraits: :iconworld-imaginary: :iconeerie-and-enchanting: :iconataraxia-zine: :icondigital-photo: :iconilovephotographyclub: :icondream-club: :iconpurplesparadise: :iconphotographyworld:  :icondreamers-of-avalon: :iconphotography-group: :iconcreative-digitalart: :iconpremiummembers: :iconpopular-photos: :iconthedeviantartgallery:  :icondesigningdivas: :iconportraitclub: :iconphotographlove: :iconmanipartist: :iconaroundtheearth: :icondigitalmixedmedia: :iconbridgehunters: :iconamazing-arts-club:  :iconpetantics: :iconfotomanipulationz: :iconwhen-darkness-comes: :iconliliths-realm: :iconstudio-28::icondigitalartnetwork: :iconalmobdeoon: :iconmarvelousmanips:  :icontwistedfairytales: :iconallarts: :iconmystical-art-club: :iconits-a-snap: :icontouched-art: :iconcraving-4-nature: :iconphotography-fans: :iconallartsupport: :iconphotographyispoetry: :iconvisually-composed: :iconfantasy-masters: :iconheavenly-manips: :icondigitaldelicacies: :iconsurreal-fantasy: :iconunique-manipulators: :icona-place4digital-art: :iconsouls-of-artists: :iconwelovetraditionalart: :iconim-creative::iconwallofdestiny: :iconloveforphotos: :iconweheartphotos: :iconno-limits-just-art: :iconsupernatural-art: :iconso-what-manipulation: :icondark-side-of-life: :iconstudio-28-desaturate: :iconstudio-28-nature::icontreasuresinart::iconphotographersdream::iconme-and-my-camera:

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The Summer Jamboree officially came to an end on Sept. 25th.

Judging is still in process and the list of the winners will be posted soon.

Deviants has submitted some wonderful entries. So check them out and pick your faves. :D…

Goodbye Summer by Ameb1God Warm Flashes by Astranat
Sunset Sandcastle by cmwphotography Tropical Beauty by ErisForan
My Summertime by szuzi

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Summer Jamboree has been E X T E N D E D!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 7:15 PM

Thanks for visitin by k-nelo Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Thanks for visitin by k-nelo

End of Summer Jamboree

:new: The deadline for the contest has been extended to September 25
You can send in you entries via note to FanFrye24 .  Just make sure to
type the subject 'Summer Jam' so I will know that it's for the contest.  If you want to leave a comment on this
journal with a link to your entry, that is fine as well.
There is a folder already created in my favorites gallery so everyone will be able to see the entries.
So let the summer jam commence....

The theme - what did you do during the summer? - did you go to concert, go swimming at the beach, have a cookout,
play an instrument, paint, draw, just enjoying life.


Photography, traditional/digital art, & visual literary works are  accepted.

*You MuSt be an active member of DevArt
*2 entries per person
*Works - only entries that were upload to DevArt after June 2011.
*Link back to my journal or profile page in your entries.
*No Sexual/nude,Violent or Gory, offensive or disrespectful concepts.
*Literary Rule--> visual works accepted only
(EDIT)*If you submit a manipulation, credit all stock artists (no outside<