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The heist of the century: The distraction for the heist of the century: The double-cross of the heist of the century: Rooster Teeth: Took 6 minutes to steal a microwave Achievement Hunter: Took 2 minutes to steal an entire office Lesson: Take the fuc ...
This is employment goals:
Ever since the last few shows of the Animation Renaissance began to slowly but surely finish telling their stories, I was looking forward to this one. Now that's it's almost here, I can barely wait for it and the other awesome shows coming our way, l ...


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hi am here to let you know that in the DC super hero girls reboot Harley Quinn has her two hyenas  Tumblr pvafkaeV511vdeo93o10 1280 by crossover-619 and the strange thing is their names are not bud and Lou is  Ethel and Lucy...weird also I know the age of the six main girls are green lantern is 15 super girl 16 bumblebee 14 (she skip a grade) zatana 16 batgirl 15 and wonder woman is 317 (in Amazon years 17 in human years) 
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Hey again man! This is is something I think you will find very interesting!
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Any headcanons for relationships between Gooliope x Raven, Claudeen x Torelai, and Frankie x Darling?
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Hey, dude! :D What's up? Hope everything's going well for ya. Anyways, as I wait for your next response, I actually have a recommendation for ya this time.

You ever heard of or played a computer game (It's on Steam.) called Monster Prom? If not, I bet you'd like it. It's a dating sim....if it was made by Deadpool, so basically a parody of dating sims that says "F you" to logic...and is pretty much what it would be like if Monster High was actually aimed at adults. (Hell, one of the four characters you can play as looks like a fairly blatant Frankie knock-off... Pretty damn cute knock-off, though!)

One playthrough of it can be completed in an hour, but with all the possible genuinely-funny shenanigans that goes on in that game, multiple runs are highly encouraged just to see more of the hijinks and to see what other kind of choices and outcomes happen. Hell, the "Will he/she go to Prom with you?" endings can be completely hijacked by the outcome of ongoing side-quests to give you secret endings, depending on what goes down during a playthrough. (Again, practically made by Deadpool.)

The 6 (or 8, if you get the DLC) characters ya can try to impress are pretty fun. 3 (or 4) boos and 3 (or 4) ghouls. Even playing field for players' gender preferences. Polly Geist the ghost is best ghoul, at least in my opinion. Especially if you like the "She's into every vice!" type of crazy ghouls. Lol. Although, Zoe the nerdy fanghoul that happens to be a Chtulhu-type being is also cool, although I find it kinda tough to actually land a date with her. Probably because I keep mucking up interactions because I tried to use logic in a game where logic often gets thrown out the window. XD Ah well... Guess that's expected when trying to get with an eldritch Lovecraftian horror...

And then there's the game's damn soundtrack... Great music choices here. :) Almost all of them sound like the type of music you might hear in the background if you were to make a small subplot for WAM/OUAT-verse where Ben goes with the Omnitrix Club half of his harem on a... (I'm going Beetlejuice cartoon series style on this pun) Scummer Vacation, hitting all the haunted beaches and other spooky summertime locales his ghouls would think to visit and, of course, ending up being part of some crazy comedy shenanigans because the Multiverse still likes messing with Ben. Anyone seen the scum-tan lotion?

Hope this link works, since I sent a playlist instead of a single video. (First 7 tunes are the game's BGM and what I'm mainly talking about. The 8th tune is the oddly-somber "What happens after?" epilogue music and the last song is the credits song.)

Anyways, just thought I'd tell ya about that. I figured the game might be right up your alley, even if dating sims aren't your thing. And if I haven't sold ya on it at all, I at least hope ya get a kick out of the music I sent. Lol.

Seriously, "Monster High: Scummer Vacation" featuring Ben Tennyson. Hmmm... Wonder if that idea would work alongside the "Harem throws mega-sized house party at their Monster Mansion, Ben's villains crash the party, Mansion gets completely wrecked because it was half-rave and half-battle, Ben and Rojo form a truce next morning because Rojo likes to party" one.
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geneticmonster03|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey bro
im available to chat on discord if your up for it 
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geneticmonster03|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey dude you free to chat on discord?
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geneticmonster03|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey dude im free to chat on discord
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