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So, some of you might have noticed (maybe, maybe not. It only just happened recently as of a couple hours ago), my mot recent piece has been taken down. You know the one featuring Ben and Twyla celebrating both the holiday season and my 200+ watcher milestone? Yeah, that got deleted.

Of course, I have the original file, so it's no big loss. Granted, I am annoyed, but I can understand Deviantart's reasoning - apparently, I violated the site's policies concerning mature content, one of which stipulates that the subjects involved must be 18 years or older. As some of you might have figured out, Twyla's involvement in the piece was probably what triggered the devs to bring the hammer down on me. What has me annoyed however is that there are dozens of similar pieces all across this website breaking not only this rule, but a number of others and none of them have been flagged down :annoyed: 

So . . . yeah. Because I still want my watchers to enjoy my artwork (and because I refuse to let this slide without fighting back in some way), I'll most likely be posting the piece to another site that is either specifically made for this kind of content or is less . . . constraining. Probably something like Hentaifoundry. I'll be sure to shoot you a link if you want to keep up with some of my mature content (while also seeing if any mature content I have planned in the future will be able to remain on this site).

UPDATE: I've opened an account on Hentaifoundry and uploaded the missing piece! Currently, it's still waiting for pending, so hopefully it'll make it through! In the future, I'll be sure to post a cropped/censored version of any mature pieces I've made on this site with a link leading to the uncut/uncensored version over on Hentai Foundry. And don't worry, any mature content that does abide by Deviantart's policies will be posted here without any censorship (unless they force my hand).

This is usually the part where I'd drop a link to my profile, but Deviantart has decided that, no, I can't do that either so your best chance to find me is to either search for my username, Creaturemaster, or to search for terms relating to the piece; I've found the best results involve the characters portrayed.
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geneticmonster03 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey dude just know
that i am working on that piece with your undead tetramand self with madline and Jane
its just that life has me under its bigass tumor thumb 
but i promise you it will be done
geneticmonster03 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*drops out of the sky*
Ugh i think i hit my head
*shakes head*
Nope im okay

sup dude how is life
geneticmonster03 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi their is a new dc superhero girls reboot cartoon short on YouTube called # the late batsby to see how the animation looks 
geneticmonster03 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okay I imagined one other cute/sad scene with Saurian and Chloe

So basically this is after saurian's parents cut him off and out of their lives
they gave him a box and while saurian and Chloe were back home
saurian opened the box to see the horror that lied within

it was filled with photos of Jackson and his family together 
and sketches he made over years and year

these where all things he held dear to him 
cut up
ripped up and burnt 

he dropped the box
and Chloe walked in to see if he was okay
and saw him sitting on the floor with his face in his arms

she was to concerned for him to notice what was in the box and went over to see if he was okay
he didnt respond to her

he just said
look in the box

so she went over to look and she didn't know what to say
she was in total shock that his parents would do something like this 

she covered her mouth and her eyes widened with tears coming down her cheeks
knowing full well why Jackson was in pain 
his parents have essiantly given him the ultimate boot out and did this just to get rid of him for good 

she then rushed over to Jackson who is know crying in the corner of the wall
curled up and shaking with his eyes red with tears

she sat down beside him and just hugged him with no words
trying to make him feel better

while all of this is happening
Jackson having thousands of thoughts rushing through his head
that all humans are bad 
everything hates him
there is no such thing as hope, love, happiness or even hope
no one gives a damm about him and that he should just do the earth a favor and just wipe out every single human so the earth can live in peace and so can he

all of these negative thoughts are the only one rushing through his head as he sits there 
crying, shaking and considering what to do next and is now psychologically scared and in great pain
he then tells Chloe 

life isn't worth living 
I am nothing
and is contemplating suicide at this point and that the only way for him to be truly at peace is for him to rest in peace

Chloe knowing what he is saying
comforts him and is now trying her very best to keep nd is scared for his life tries to prevent Jackson from doing something drastic like that

she brings over a blanket to wrap around him and calm him down
it doesn't work
 jackson remain unresponsive for several minutes
and is still crying and shaking

then he starts growling and his feathers start to raise like the hair on a person when you get goosebumps
with his eyes glowing a deep red oranged and his pupil a scary reptilian slit ingluffed in tears
hid mind so traumatized, damaged and hurt that his most twisted and more disturbing thought has taken over his mind with primal instinct

with only one thing on his mind
killing his parents for causing his shitty life and all of his pain,sorrow and for doing this to him
Chloe realizes why he is strting to be like this
and immedatley goes into super best fiancee mode
she locks the doors shuts the windows tightly locking them and then goes back to jackson with two pillows
and hopes that he doesnt escape 

she then throws them at him knowing what he gonna do 

he immediately jumps and grabs them both and rips them apart with all of his strength and his claws and teeth
they are reduced to nothing but shredded little sheets and feathers 

but he is still not calm and is in primal instinct
Chloe at this point not knowing what to do anymore
just goes up to him and hugs him as tight as she can and gives him kisses while crying thinking he might lose his cool an go ballistic on her and possibly kill her since he has never been this deep in primal instinct and is mentally broken with his heart and soul changed and wrapped with the mindest that all humans bring nothing but pain and sadness(even though this is not true)

Chloe tells him how much she loves him and cries while doing it wanting nothing but him to be happy with her and for his pain to be taken away and for him to comeback to her

Jackson then falls to his knees and is crying ounce more but not shaking

Chloe holding his head close to her chest and is relived he got out his killing urge on those pillows instead of someone

jackson just holds her and cries in her shirt and is still mentally broken
she then strokes his head feathers and kisses him looks him in the eye and tells him that she loves him to the ends of the universe and that she will do everything in her power to make him happy and that he deserves a good person to love and be with

 she just hugs him and holds him in her arms  nd hopes that it doesnt make him become more cynical of people than he already is 

jackson then says while still crying
for her to never leave him and that he feels like there is no good in the world and that why his is life just filled with pain
and continues to cry

Chloe just escorts him to their bed and tucks him in
and jackson holds her for comfort and healing while chloe hums a little tune to him in hopes of him getting betterChloe just curls up and jackson holds her even more trying to be 
jackson just squzzes her andjust wants it all to stop his pain and his anger and all of the other emotions that cause him pain to just stop and cries himself to sleep.

crossover-619 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2019
hi so do you still remember part of the story of future ben and robecca having a daughter how's also slowing rotting away and the only way to save her is to get her a new body? and she can choice what kind she can have? well how about she becomes a revonnahgander
Fanficwriter1 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Currently, the placeholder is JetStream, if I can get the creator's permission to feature a member of his species. I'm not sure if I'll have Ben or any of the ghouls unlock the form or not, but the idea was that Robecca's daughter would go for an alien that reminds her of or is similar to her mother. Since both Jetstream and Robecca fly around via propulsion from their feet, I felt it was a good choice (plus, I have this personal head canon that once she's free of the disease and has a new body, she becomes a bit of a daredevil and wants to pursue a career as an intergalactic stuntwoman - you know, performing dangerous stunts in asteroid belts and near black holes and the likes).
geneticmonster03 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 10, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay bear with me now
I imagined 2 other scenes
1. After a long day I come back home and inky and oceane(we are basically roommates and oceane is a close friend) are really tired and oceane and inky take a nap and they wake up hearing some one crying
They goes to investigate and finds out it's me

You see during this day
Alot of people where making fun of me and one if them called me a reject, mistake, retard or something like that and I didn't react to it so they threw a marker at my head to get me to react(this actually happened in real life)
And I lost it grabbing them and throwing them with one arm. For the rest of the day people said things behind my back and since I have a Beyond good sense of humor is I heard everything they said. Now I am on the floor sitting down like how did in the how I feel at times peice I did and I am going through some inner emotional turmoil stuff.
What would they do if they saw me like that all vunrable and not happy,joyful or jolly
Just sad and depressed
with my depression and anxiety sweeping over me
i waited for them to go to sleep and then id cry 

The other scene is the same thing but with Kobara  and it is kinda the same sinaero
What would be her reaction and how would she respond?
geneticmonster03 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 9, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just imagined a cute little scene with me and inky
(I'm calling her only cause it just makes her even cuter than she already is)

So this is after she saw my Leviathan form and freaked the fuck out
She Inked me
Screamed and glowed so bright it hurt my eyes a little

And is scared
So with oceanes help's me find her and she is  in her cave at the bottom of the ocean sniffing one of my sweaters and hugging it tightly

I decided to take the cuter calmer approach
So I turn into a little dumbo octopus form with cute eyes and is small enough to fit in her hands and with two little pseudopod arms which are basically like Kirby hands

In go inside her cave and try to talk to her
She sees me and I'm a lil tubby dumbo octopus with a cute little and she sees me like this and I talk to her but she takes one look at me and scoops me up and holds me really close to her chest and is so glad to see me and I am feircly blushing

The reason for this is because
A. I reasonably small, enough to fit in her hands and she just shoved me into her chest

and so I am blushing and happy she still loves me and is hugging me

the point where I basically having my eyes and it popped out of my head and I'm like how is this little octo girl so strong(vamp remember that I'm small enough to fit in her hands and I'm cute as hell so I didn't exactly blame her)

Then she realizes that I am literally body deep in her boobs and she releases me and I'm trying to catch my breath and can barely speak gasping for water to breathe. And she is super embarrassed that one she nearly crushed me (I mean I technically don't have a skeleton so I'm good) and two she just put me basically inside her boobs which to me are the size of giant beanbags. I explained to her that it's okay that I kind of do the same thing to her too so I kind of like it reversed sometimes and I give her a little hug with two little arm tentacles and I emit some heat and cuddles in her arms. She aaawws and I apologize that I showed her my Leviathan form and scared her soul out of her body.

She then says that it's okay just don't scare her like that again I tell her no promises and she gives me a look of BRUH WE JUST GOT BACK TO GET HER DONT FUCK THIS UP. I say okay I won't

And Im just all cuddled up with her in her cave and I'm glowing due to being essentially wresting on her chest with two giant soft bean bags wink wink. And I emit a cute little purr and she is just cuted out at this point

Oceane comes in and sees me and her
And she scoops me up in my sleep and sees me all cute and chubby and gives me a little nose kiss and does some baby talk squeezing me
I'm dead asleep and inky wakes but likes


Oceane is like I can't help it

Inky says fair enough
And they both kiss me on opposite cheecks while I give a friendly little wink

Because i am totally drawing this
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