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Welcome, Rules and more

Welcome to Fanfictions for all.

We were made by :icondeathbecomesher20: on Nov 6, 2011.

The goal of this group is to get more people into writing fanfictions and it's just another group to post your stories to get points or just comments.

We welcome everyone that wants to join.

There are a few rules for the group.

:bulletyellow: Be nice to other members.
:bulletpurple: Any kind of Fanfiction is allowed.
:bulletpink: Only photos that are allowed are ones of characters in the fanfics and screen-shot like photo that goes with a fanfic.
:bulletred: Everyone is allowed to join.
:bulletorange: Please don't steal anything.
:bulletblue: You are not limited to anything on here.
:bulletyellow: Your fanfictions don't have to by English. It can be in any language you talk in. ^_^
:bulletpurple: Ratings are K-N 17 or K-M heh

More might be added over time.

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SMALLVILLE-EXPANDED: 08. Relationship by ulimann644
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Star Fighter Pilot Ltjg. Rula Hassani Black Widows by StalinDC
Captain T'Var in 2295 by StalinDC
'Wild Bill' Gallagher and Thomas Passaniti in 2374 by StalinDC
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Bilancia (Cover Page) by ShinyArts16
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New Pokemon Puzzle League: Ash :iconpokejedservo:Pokejedservo 1 1
Mature content
N Pokemon Puzzle League: Brock :iconpokejedservo:Pokejedservo 1 4
Mature content
N Pokemon Puzzle League: Misty :iconpokejedservo:Pokejedservo 6 3
Tighten Your Tie Boy: Part 1
Pairings: Axel/Roxas
The Birthday Massacre: Tighten Your Tie Boy:
"Tonight you can dream, boy. Imagine a whisper,
If you can keep secrets... Then I'll tell you mine"

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Castle Oblivion was legendary. It had one Hell of a reputation, and more than lived up to it's name. An old, renovated castle on the fringes of Twilight Town. Nobody knew the history of the place, but it was unlike any castle I'd ever seen. It looked modern almost, even before the changes made to it by the club's owner, Xemnas. The main entrance was huge. The massive double doors were easily two stories high, dwarfing the bouncer that stood still and silent in the doorway, daring anyone to cause trouble. A strange portcullis was held above the doors by gleaming silver chains.  The tip of each deadly pole shaped in the same way as the Club's symbol. A strange mark that littered the white stone walls, and stained glass windows of the myste
:iconwinters-lightning:Winters-Lightning 24 28
The Undesired Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer Pt. 1
"Mom! Please don't make me go!"
Those were the last words to my mother before she kicked me out of the house and slammed the door in my face, I could hear the faint click of the lock. Before she had kicked me out she had put a rucksack outside of the door along with a pair of dark blue running shoes and socks. I mumbled at this sight and kicked off my black flats and pulled the running shoes on, my mom had been smart and had tricked me into wearing and outfit that was a perfect fit for a Pokémon adventure. Comfortable, dark blue capris with a light green t-shirt that had a dark blue swirl design on it. I had to admit it was cute but I was still upset and now I was going on a forced Pokémon adventure, which my mom has been trying to nicely convince me to go on for the past two years and now she had just kicked me out to make me go on one.
Now, you're probably wondering, why wouldn't someone want to go on a Pokémon adventure? Well, I can tell you why I don't want to. My na
:iconameginchi:AmeGinchi 7 3
Mulans of FFVII: Ch 18 Onward to Battle
     Zack swung his sword off his back and held it out to the encroaching birds. Cloud had shouldered his gun, a grimace on his face.
     "You okay, kid?" Cloud shrugged in answer, which practically screamed denial. Zack sighed heavily and promised himself that he would keep an eye on the cadet. Cloud's wounds may have been treated, but they were still deep and would slow him down. Also, the status effects could hit him again at any moment. "This isn't going to end well…" To Zack's surprise, however, the Shadow chocobos slowed as they approached, forming ranks. Once they'd all gotten into position, they dropped down, as if to let their riders dismount.
     "What are they waiting for?" Cloud asked nervously, trying to steady his gun despite his shaking arm. The cuts weren't conducive to holding weapons. He took a series of slow steady breaths, trying to focus on the entire forest at once. The wind
:icondeadly-fudge:Deadly-fudge 1 2
The Distraction: An excerpt from an AkuNami fanfic
"They'll kill us if they found us out.  You can't let them know.  I'm begging you, please, don't tell them anything."
Demyx was not one to keep secrets, but who could ignore the urgency and desperateness of the memory witch's voice?  
"Ok, fine, I won't say a thing.  You can count on me."
He remembered how casual and careless he'd sounded back then when he'd first assured Namine that he'd keep mum about her and Axel.  But of course, back when he made that discovery, he liked to screw around a bit…mess with people, annoy them a little bit...  
In fact, just to generate some spice, he was planning to let slip an ambiguous reference to what he'd discovered about Axel and Namine to Vexen, just to see if he'd start freaking out like a paranoid father.  Demyx wondered if that was the result of Vexen having to help take care of Zexion back when both of them were human and Zexion had barely even started a
:icongttorres:gttorres 2 3
APH: Surrender Your Love
For as long as he could physically remember, Norway stole Denmark's heart. He was completely infatuated with the Norwegian. He loved the way he spoke, the way he felt in the rare times they were close, the way skin glowed in all four seasons, the way his eyes shined in both light and darkness; he loved Norway in every way.
But getting Norway to love him back was no easy task.
Denmark had tried everything in the book to gain the love of the Norwegian man. He had tried for centuries to win his heart but every one of his attempts had failed. And every time an attempt failed, Denmark would always brush it off. "Oh, he just needs some time! He just needs time to think about it. After all love shouldn't be rushed!" He'd always say to himself. But deep down, behind those words, Denmark was hurt by Norway's repeated rejections. And as the centuries went by, the more painful each attempt became and the more he realized his chances were slipping.
Today Denmark was going to make one last attempt.
:iconicelilly:Icelilly 24 21
Miko of My Desire 16
Miko of My Desire
By: Aurora Collins
Disclaimers: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with it. I'm only borrowing the characters to amuse myself and hopefully others. ^__^
Ch. 16 The Fallen Demon
Inuyasha and the group were fighting the wasps that had emerged before them. One after another fell but even more took their place. The sky was so full of them that it made the day look like night. Miroku couldn't use his wind tunnel, as he knew would be the case; but with Sango by his side they were able to illuminate the pests before they had the chance to inflict more damage. Shippo used his fox fire to burn their wings, making them drop to the ground where Kilala finished them off. It seemed that all was going well, that is before Kikyo showed up.
She had her bow in hand, arrows strapped to the back and she stared down at them from a hill. All battle immediately ceased and Inuyasha yelled out, "Kikyo!" Kikyo smiled an evil grin as she pulled and arrow back on the bow
:iconruuruu-chan:RuuRuu-Chan 34 5
Miko of My Desire 17 THE END!!
Miko of My Desire
By: Aurora Collins
Disclaimers: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters associated with it. I'm only borrowing the characters to amuse myself and hopefully others. ^__^
Ch. 17 Hello Mother
   It had been nearly two weeks before Kagome got well enough to leave the bed and by that time everyone went their separate ways. Miroku's wind tunnel vanished, Sango got her little brother back and Shippo would stay with them for a while until his fox lessons started with Rui in the castle. Inuyasha and Kikyo would help Kaeda with the village and the sisters would once again be reunited. Rui, although he is a good babysitter, has been given a special mission to stop all slave trade within Sesshomaru's lands; and then the fox would be given the job he always wanted, a general in the royal militia…. Well after Rin grew up of course. Everything seemed so perfect, but there was one thing that had to be completed.
It was late at night when Sesshomaru finally
:iconruuruu-chan:RuuRuu-Chan 59 39
Checkmate Chapter Eight
"Oh my- Black what the hell are you doing?!" White screamed at him, reaching out to grab his jacket.
It was too late. Black was already in his descent. He flailed in the air as he fell, and the hero-like appearance he had hoped to keep while flying towards the Plasma grunts quickly vanished. "Shitshitshitshitshit!" he hissed as the distance between the grunts and his body quickly lessened. When his curses met their ears, the grunts paused and went back to back, scanning the stairwell and defensively hiding behind their Liepards. Unfortunately, they didn't think the sounds were coming from above them.
Black yelped as he landed on their heads, and as their weight buckled beneath his, their Liepards went down, as well. The five of them tumbled down the stairs in a heap, and they all came to a sudden halt when they met the wall.
Black moaned as a headache attacked him, and his vision swirled before his eyes. In that moment, he made a mental note never to jump off of the stairs again
:iconwarriors-and-pjato:warriors-and-pjato 26 28
Freedom Crew:Primer dia en la tripulacion:Marcus 1
.:El Primer dia de Marcus en la Tripulación Freedom:.
Marcus estaba feliz de salir a la mar siendo un autentico pirata, era feliz por el hecho que esas chicas lo aceptaran en su tripulación ... (bueno, que Anne le invitara a formar parte de su tripulación ...)
- Vaya ... (se decia Marcus)... bueno, ahora que me han admitido no me vendria nada mal conocer al resto ... Vamos a ver, creo que la espadachina morena (pelo negro) tuerta (de un solo ojo) estaba por aqui cerca ... De acuerdo, comenzare con ella !
Marcus abrió la puerta de su camarote, caminó por el pasillo y abrió otra puerta al azar ... En efecto, alli estaba la espadachina, él se sorprendió de la suerte de acertar a la primera ... mientras ella, estaba sentada en el suelo afilando y limpiando una de sus katanas, shapupen (pluma afilada) la cual fortalece su poder de ave, aunque eso es otra historia ...
- Hmmm .. Hola ?! Ehmm, yo, esto ... tu e
:iconleranamirobin:LeraNamiRobin 5 16
Freedom Crew:Primer dia en la tripulacion:Marcus 2
.:El Primer dia de Marcus en la Tripulación Freedom:.
[Anteriormente:  El llanto era cada vez más y más intenso mientras que Marcus seguia atrapado ... CONTINUARA ...]
*Cniieeeeg* El chirrido venía de la puerta que se estaba abriendo ... Dos nakamas entraron, una niña con vestido y pelo colorido y corto y una mujer alta, armada, con un moño que recoge su pelo rizado y un cigarro en los labios ... una de ellas comenzó a iluminar la habitación y la otra chica dijo en voz alta :
Marcus : Eh..??? Ge..gente...??? (dijo Marcus) Por... porfavor !!! Ayudadme !!! *Arf* *Arf* ... Me estoy ahogando !!!
Chica Misteriosa : BUUAAAAAHHH !!! BUUUAAAHHH !!!
Chica 01 : Molly, bonita, vamos calmate porfavor, tranquilizate, no llores ... Que te pasa !!???
Molly (Chica Misteriosa) : BBBUUAAAAHHHH !!! No es mi culpa
:iconleranamirobin:LeraNamiRobin 3 9
Losing to Let Go
Losing to Let Go
It starts out with a few little things.
Tony notices how Steve is always attentive – he's the perfect boyfriend who never does anything wrong. He's always there when he needs him and hovering in the background when he doesn't – or thinks he doesn't – and he seems to always have the right thing to say at the right time. Sure, he's a little awkward, but his heart is in the right place and Tony would have to be completely blind not to see that he's head-over-heels in love with him.
And he can't take advantage of that.
But that isn't so much what Tony notices.
It's the way he always is at Tony's side; how he always seems to lurk protectively near him whenever he goes out in public – even if he's just going to grab a coffee or something. Steve is always there, standing beside him, offering to go with him even though Tony knows he's going anyway. There's just no way that he can deny that smile.
And Tony knows why he's doing it. He doesn't know if S
:icontwilightscribe:twilightscribe 53 54
DW: Gallifrey, Part 1
"All my life! You made me!" the Master cried, adding to the drowning noise that congested the atmosphere. The lightning that shot out through the palms of his hands crackled and sizzled, rapidly sapping the Master's energy. He didn't care anymore; he had to defeat Rassilon, even if it killed him.
"One! Two! Three! Four!" the Master screamed out, above the roaring of Gallifrey returning to the Time Lock. As the Master cried out the last words, he crumbled to the floor of the mansion. The ripples in time enveloped him in a blinding light, carrying him back to Gallifrey as his last shreds of energy surged from his body.

"Or so I thought. That didn't happen, though; rather, a fold in time-" the Master explained in a calm tone, the pace of his words and the speed of his walk matching the Eternal Drums. As he paced about the marble floor of the first floor, he paid his audience no heed, so he could finish his spiel. But because it was The Doctor, he interrupted as he pleased.
"-a Ti
:icongadzooks187:gadzooks187 17 14
DW: The Eleven Doctors
The Doctor trailed his fingers across the control panel of the TARDIS, waiting for Romana to come down.
"Romana, hurry up! I'm not waiting all day just so you can match shoes! Come on!" he bellowed impatiently. Soon, she came thundering down the hall.
"I wasn't trying on shoes, Doctor; while you were muddling around the TARDIS, my scanner started to detect suspicious activity. It's gotten huge readings." she responded with annoyance.
"What scanner? What're you talking about?" the Doctor asked. He didn't like being shown up by his companions, Romana the least.
"My Time Seismic scanner. Whenever something detrimental to the well-being of time is about to occur, it starts giving off a signal. Usually it's small, but now it's so humongous it dwarfs the Mona Lisa incident in France." she responded, pulling a tiny metal object from her pocket and showing it to the Doctor. It beeped rapidly and shrilly. "See?" It looked like a radiation tester on Earth, only the needle was floored to the edge
:icongadzooks187:gadzooks187 8 6




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