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Welcome, Rules and more

Welcome to Fanfictions for all.

We were made by :icondeathbecomesher20: on Nov 6, 2011.

The goal of this group is to get more people into writing fanfictions and it's just another group to post your stories to get points or just comments.

We welcome everyone that wants to join.

There are a few rules for the group.

:bulletyellow: Be nice to other members.
:bulletpurple: Any kind of Fanfiction is allowed.
:bulletpink: Only photos that are allowed are ones of characters in the fanfics and screen-shot like photo that goes with a fanfic.
:bulletred: Everyone is allowed to join.
:bulletorange: Please don't steal anything.
:bulletblue: You are not limited to anything on here.
:bulletyellow: Your fanfictions don't have to by English. It can be in any language you talk in. ^_^
:bulletpurple: Ratings are K-N 17 or K-M heh

More might be added over time.

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When you put your entire heart, your entire soul, into loving someone. They make you smile. Anything can be overcome so long as they are by your side. They are your world. You rely on them. They mean everything to you. It gets taken away. They walk away. They leave! Rip your heart out. The world, the universe, the meaning of life itself crumbles before your very eyes.
She raised you. Was always there for you. The sweetest woman in the entire world. Always there to help you. Gave everything she could to those who needed. Always worried for you. Always cared. The love, unconditional. Then you get the call. She is failing. Not much time left. You can't get there. Can;t get to her. Can't see her. Can't be there for her as she was always there for you.
Nothing seems right. The whole world is grey. The smiles you give? Forced and fake. Nothing matters anymore. Did it ever really? The misery is so overwhelming. It consumes. Destroys. There's nothing left to do
:iconeviemarlionheart:EviemarLionheart 2 1
1. Introduction
"This is Maria Brown," the teacher said, "She came here all the way from Nebraska."  
That's not an introduction. That's my name and home state. It doesn't tell these people anything about me. They don't know I'm a cat person. They don't know I love Lolita fashion but don't have the guts to wear it. They don't know I hate sports. They don't know I'm an artist. They don't know I was a problem child at my old school. They don't know I've had my heart broken twice. They don't know I'm seeing a psychologist. They know nothing.
"Would you like to tell the class anything about yourself, Maria?"
"Then you may take your seat."
I'll be in this class for the rest of the year. That's plenty of time to introduce myself.
:iconpuddintane:puddintane 3 3
A ghost from the past ch4
Chapter 4
~Dante's dream~
…His steps were echoing on the marble floor in the dark empty halls, filled with darkness. Every corridor lead to bigger and bigger rooms, with high ceiling; statues of horrific creatures and battle scenes engraved in the walls. Each room was like a book- showing events from the world's history. The more Dante walked the deeper into history timeline he was. The one in which he was currently was showing events from about two hundred years ago. A story he knew well- for many it was nothing more than a bedtime story, the story of a strong demon that has forsaken his own race for the sake of humankind The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda.
Humans already have forgotten the great legacy that this one man have left them- the old armor rusting and turning into ashes, the faces of the brave warriors that fought shoulder by shoulder with them fading in the memory; only the names have left. Sparda have helped people understand it is up to them to make the future. But wi
:iconukenceto:ukenceto 4 2
Mature content
Stay With Me? Ch. 1 :iconsosvampire:SOSVampire 9 36
Oh My Gods! Chapter 1: Arrival
Waking up with an yawn, Takao lifted the covers off his lower body and threw them carelessly to the other side of the bed whilst he looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table.
Perfect, just enough time to eat breakfast and go to school, maybe even on time today, that would certainly show Hiromi that he wasn't a "lazy ass"
Yawning one last time, Takao lazily threw on his uniform, an button-up blue long sleeve shirt with long pants of the same color, his top being unbuttoned to allow the plain white shirt he was wearing underneath to show through.
Making his way to the kitchen, Takao noticed the lights were on, so, curious, he investigated, as he could have sworn he had turned off that light the night before just before he had gone to bed.
"Good morning Takao-sama, what would you like for breakfast today?" A cheerful voice asked as Takao, shielding his still sleepy eyes from the sudden light, uncovered them to find himself looking the at an cute boy with shoulder length green hair an
:iconyoko-tan:Yoko-tan 3 0
Whispers In The Dark: Spamano songfic request
Well, here you go sweetepie365! :D! I hope you like it.
Yes, this is a Spamano songfic to the song "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet. Enjoy!!
It is cold. So cold.
I can't feel anything but the biting, whirling ice that eats away at my open wounds as it pounds mercilessly on me, the wind whistling in my ears, taunting me, telling me that I have failed.
I have been reduced to nothing. Absolutely nothing. I am crawling on my hands and knees, the icy snow rubbing against my already pale flesh.
Crawling like a lowlife. A piece of filth.
I've lost it all. Everything.
Everyone I had the slightest care about has been stripped away. All of my hope has been broken. My desire to live has been shattered.
Not completely.
I'm still crawling. I'm still crawling, constantly in broken motion, gritting my teeth as the never ending plethora of ice crystals shoots from the sky.
I need to find him.
Because, something tells me that he's still here.

:iconmeridiannightfall:MeridianNightfall 31 23
Liberi - If
A little ray of sunshine has come into the world,
A little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl.
A little ray of sunshine -
I want to know if you think she looks good in the pink,
That grandma has bought her ... our own little daughter.

Little Ray of Sunshine - Axiom
Zack Fair walked down the hospital corridor, two-year-old Malachi held in one arm, and four-year-old Griffin holding the hand of the other, both boys clutching gifts. Malachi had both arms wrapped around a large bouquet of flowers, making it hard for Zack to see where he was going. Griffin had a bag slung over one shoulder, one hand hoisting it up so it didn't drag on the floor. The young brothers' eyes widened with excitement as Zack turned and entered the doorway of a ward with them.
Aerith sat in the bed nearest the window, a tiny bundle wrapped in a blanket in her arms. Griffin let go of his father's hand and ran towards her, whilst Malachi wriggled around in Zack's arms to get a better look.
"What's he
:iconariaalways:AriaAlways 10 4
fem!Italy x Germany x Italy:Whose is He? Prologue
"Doitsu~? Are you awake~?"
 a girl-- about Italy's age-- had snuck into the German man's room again. There would be, yet another, face-off between Italy and this girl. She claimed to also be North Italy, but no one really believed her. "Feliciana!! Get out~! He's mine and you know it~!" Feliciano said as soon as he noticed her. "No. He's mine. You should've know that." she said, trying her best not to wake the man in the bed next to them. "Ve~ He's mine!! Get out!! Right now!!" Feliciano pushed her away. "Oh, Feli, that's how you want to play, now is it? I can play that way too~ Ve~" she smirked.  "Vhat the hell~ Italy vhat are you doing?" a very irritated Germany sat up. "Ve~ It was her fault!!"  Italy cried, pointing at the girl. "Mein Gott... Who is she?" Germany had forced himself not to say anything about how cute the small Italian girl was. "Ve~ I'm Feliciana~!" she said, with that same zesty Italian attitude Feliciano had. "Mein Gott... So, Italy, she's you~? A fe
:iconstarwarsanime:starwarsanime 5 10
France x Reader: Let's Don't Call it a Night
Okay!! This is my first real songfic!! It'll be short...Just don't kill me, France haters!!
Love the way you look in that dress
Got me thinkin' thoughts in my head
The way your body's movin'
Slowly to the music
Only leaves me wantin' more.

You had been listening to the music for awhile, and a slow one finally came on. You had decided to dance to it, since it had been your favorite for a while now. Your boyfriend, Francis, watched you dance, a little smirk on his face. It wasn't unusual that he liked to see you in that short dress, but he seemed to like you even more on this Valentines evening.
So baby, let's don't call it a night
Love the way you're holding me tight
When you're next to me, there's no place I'd rather be
Everything is feelin' so right
So baby let's not call it a night

As the song ended, you sat next to  him and held him in a tight hug. He gave you a light kiss, and put his arm around you. "let's not call it a night." h
:iconstarwarsanime:starwarsanime 4 6
If only you knew... [Austria X Reader]
[[Kk~ It's me~! Inturruptin yo readin'! Okay, so, copy this link into a new tab, and totally listen to it while you're reading~! It's the song Austria was playing~    ]]
"Where is that man? When I find him I'm going to--" you cut yourself off as you heard Austria playing piano. 'It sounds so... Heavenly...' you thought, as you went nearer to the room he was playing in. You knew the lyrics to this song. Heck, you had won first place in the school talent show a few years ago singing this song occapello. "I must have rehearsed my lines a million times, until I had them memorized" you sang quietly, halfly hoping he wouldn't hear you, but wanting him to hear you so badly also. So badly that you sang a bit louder. "But when I get up the nerve, to tell you the words, they never seem to come out right." you heard him say something tohimself, but tried to
:iconstarwarsanime:starwarsanime 45 39
EnglandxReader: Imperfect lover
"More yelling." you whisper to yourself, and that would be a correct assumption, for you were at a World Meeting and Arthur was busy arguing with Alfred quite loudly. "Fine! You win!" Arthur left the room quickly. "The hero has won again!" Alfred said. The meeting was over, so you went to the hall to find the Englishman who had left a bit earlier. "Arthur had better stop his-" you were cut off from your mumbling as you ran into someone and almost fell. "_____! I'm sorry!" he said quickly. It was Arthur. "Hey. It's fine." you replied quietly, blushing a little. "I guess I'll be going." you finished. "No. Uh...____, I wanted to ask if maybe you wanted to come to my home later? It's quite far for you to go home tonight." he said, also blushing a bit. "Oh. Sure." you said. Even though you seemed quite calm to him, you were absolutely exploding with joy inside.
--Quite a bit later...At Arthur's--
"It was great, I promise you." you said. He had fixed dinner, and anyone who knew how he was wi
:iconstarwarsanime:starwarsanime 18 8
Fan Fiction Dump 2
1. Just My Luck
Scotland x Reader
You groaned and rolled over, frantically moving your hands for your phone as it blared "Drop the Accent" through it's speakers. Yep; Allistor had changed your ringtone again. But it wasn't that which made you angry at the Scottish man; it was the fact that he was calling you at three in the morning.
And more than likely he was drunker than England when thinking about the American Revolution.
You release multiple curses from your mouth as you fall from your bed during your search. Finally finding your phone, you roughly press the buttons and answer it. Thrusting it to your ear, you were ready to give the Scott an earful.
"Ey, (Name)! You shud get don 'ere an' pick me up," he slurred through the phone and you groaned. He was dead drunk as usual. Of course, you were the one he'd always call and then crash on your couch. That is, if he made it to the couch before passing out.
"Damn it Allistor-!" you began, but he interrupted.
"Get yer la
:iconforever-n:Forever-N 82 30
This is war
       Bumblebee is dead.
       You killed him.
       Don't you remember?
       After you had fourteen too many drinks and went on a terrible rampage killing who knows how many innocent lives, Bumblebee {finally} came to stop you. Being the crazed fan that you were, you went and hugged him tight…but you still had a blade in your hand and it went through some vital part of his circuitry.
       The funeral was short because everyone thought you would come to it and maybe kill some more citizens off. So Bumblebee had to be forgotten because the NCIS agents could not locate you quickly enough.
       About five hours later, Gibbs found you and beat the crap out of you. When you were unconscious he took you to NCIS to have a psychologicl evaluation. You were very excited that
:iconcalin-4:Calin-4 6 15
SAW VIII: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Seeking the light of the flashlight shines the room after the new addition. In the rear, left corner hangs the light cone. There he lies, the murderer of many innocent policemen, FBI investigators and Jill Tuck, unconscious or dead, face down on the dirty tile floor. Mark Hoffman. Jigsaw's self-appointed heir.
Slowly the unknown person is approaching to him. Gordon, or one of the two latest victims can not be the unknown. The steps are not hard enough. Also true, the petite, slightly smaller figure does not match that of the other. His face is hooded by a hat and coat.
He bends down to Mark, feels his pulse and breathing. The second is rather weak, 'Shit.' Surprising the masked man climbs over him, a key obtained from his pocket and opens the lock on the ankle, then he goes back to Hoffman's head, grabs him under his arms and pulls the lifeless body into the middle of the room. He immediately take the necessary measures to first aid: Recovery position. Then he lit it
:iconbiohazard-no-1:biohazard-no-1 5 3
SAW VIII: Prologue
"Let me outta here!", dies away the voice of Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman in his own basement, "Gordon, you son of a bitch, I'll kill you!!!", he stops shortly. The insight of the uselessness of his distressed calls comes over him. No one can hear him, or in the case, somebody listens, he won't help.
Again he pulls the iron chain.
Come on, buckle!!!
It doesn't make any sense. All his hope is gone, "I'll kill you...!", he sobs. He never ever thought John, this 'son of a bitch', will really make provisions, in case Jill suddenly dies. The fact, that HE should get in such a trap, like the Reverse Bear Trap... Although he cherishes his life!!!
Incredible wrath starts growing within him. He has to get out of here! Again Hoffman sets on his bulge and feels the floor -in totally darkness- for something hard, thin, sharp or copped; something he can pick the lock with, or at least something he can cut off his foot.
'This... Lawrence... what he did... this asshole threw th
:iconbiohazard-no-1:biohazard-no-1 7 3




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