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Welcome, Rules and more

Welcome to Fanfictions for all.

We were made by :icondeathbecomesher20: on Nov 6, 2011.

The goal of this group is to get more people into writing fanfictions and it's just another group to post your stories to get points or just comments.

We welcome everyone that wants to join.

There are a few rules for the group.

:bulletyellow: Be nice to other members.
:bulletpurple: Any kind of Fanfiction is allowed.
:bulletpink: Only photos that are allowed are ones of characters in the fanfics and screen-shot like photo that goes with a fanfic.
:bulletred: Everyone is allowed to join.
:bulletorange: Please don't steal anything.
:bulletblue: You are not limited to anything on here.
:bulletyellow: Your fanfictions don't have to by English. It can be in any language you talk in. ^_^
:bulletpurple: Ratings are K-N 17 or K-M heh

More might be added over time.

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SMALLVILLE-EXPANDED: 08. Relationship by ulimann644
STAR TREK - BREAKABLE: Sammelband by ulimann644
STAR TREK - BREAKABLE: 07. Krieg und Freiheit by ulimann644
DEAN CORVIN - 02. Brennpunkt Mars by ulimann644
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Star Fighter Pilot Ltjg. Rula Hassani Black Widows by StalinDC
Captain T'Var in 2295 by StalinDC
'Wild Bill' Gallagher and Thomas Passaniti in 2374 by StalinDC
STAR TREK - DARK MIRROR: Varinea Thren by ulimann644
Art for your fanfictions
Garak measures Marino by suburbantimewaster
SNK OC - Hans Kaufmann by galateabellator
Count Robert Waldram (Kuroshitsuji OC) by galateabellator
Destined For Greatness by galateabellator
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Sonic Role Play Chapter 1
Chloe: *starts running in circles* SUGARRRRRRRR!!!!
Tracie: *drinks a monster energy drink*
Sky: oh crap -_-
Tracie: hahahhahahah *starts to run around like a crazy person*
cookie: oh dear god... Someone do something!!
Ace: Crap...
Sakura: *Hides in nuke shelter*
*2 random darts come out of nowhere. One Hits chloe and the other hits tracie, and both fall asleep*\
Ace: ...wut? Chi is that u?
Chi: *holding her sniper as she jumps down from a tree* yep and your welcome
ace; *smiles*
sakura: *comes out out of nuke shelter*
umbra: *sneaks up and scares ace*
Ace: AUGH!!!! *jumps up a tree*
umbra: *dying of laughter*
Umbra: i was bored ^-^
Ace: …
Umbra: tehe. ^^
Ace:... *Sigh*
umbra: *holds out a piece of cake*
Ace: *snatches away cake* Mine.
umbra:: tehe
*random boom happens by tails work shop*
Ace: WTF???
*screams come from the same dreciton*
Chi: that sounded like lily!
Ace: …
Ryu: LILLY!!!!! *R
:iconsnowbluexd:SnowblueXD 3 0
Voto Oscuro. FanFic NaruSaku.Prologo
Maldicion, pensaba un rubia que estaba en el suelo caida. La susodicha tenia unas extrañas  alas de angel, suponiendo asi que era un angel. La rubia llamada Naruko se sento y quizo prender vuelvo hasta que un dolor en su ala izquerda la detubo, Esta extrañada se miro su ala izquerda y se asusto al verla sangrando.
-Difinitivamente, nada puede ser peor -penso molesta y se apollo en la pared del aquel callejon donde estaba.-Pero...-penso rapidamente y vio el lugar donde estaba- Esto no es el cielo! -exclamo horrorozida- es la tierra!! mundo de lo humanos!! -Bien, difinitivamente no era el dia de Naruko-
Los angeles no podian estar en el mundo de los humanos, eso era prohivido y que pasaba? Ella estaba en el lugar prohibido. Mierda, mierda, Pensaba la rubia asustada. Se intento parar pero se callo.Se miro su ala izquerda y la vio sangrando, adema se miro su tobillo y estaba rojo. Frustrada y adolorida, se sento y se volvio a apoyar en la pared mientras murmurab
:iconminni-alice:Minni-Alice 21 17
My supernova
On that Sunday morning in April, I really didn't expect to meet someone like Sherlock. The pavement beneath the cracked stone stairs was not sanded well and I was already wobbly on my feet at the time. I was somewhere else in my thoughts, probably fifty miles away in London where I really wanted to be. I had music in my headphones, to create a shield between my fragile mind and the world around me. John Lennon and his gang informed me that all I needed was love. Pfft, I thought. The only thing I needed was a cup of blackberry tea and fresh baked scones at the cafe. The cafe was only twenty three meters away from me, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but today the road was practically an ice skating rink. I was an expert at balancing in my Converse, and I'm not one to brag, but I'm something like Leonardo da Vinci when it comes to the noble art of "Balancing In Converse". But someone disturbed this genius in progress just as I began to make my way down the stairs. An almost emaciate
:iconnicodiver:nicodiver 12 11
Golden Time p1
The streets are pretty peaceful tonight, well, I suppose that's somewhat common as of late, what with that one man running about. What was his name?
       They're calling him Scar, remember, because no one knows what his real name is.
       Oh right, right. But honestly, I've found I prefer them this way. I feel like I could just stand out here all night, breathing in the chilly, fresh air. Although there's a bit of train smoke polluting it, but that comes with being in a city lately.
       My feet click on the cobblestone road in an almost hypnotic rhythm, and I let it lull me into a peaceful state as the streetlights command my lone shadow to dance across the uneven bricks. I continue like this for a few more sluggish moments before noticing the newspaper that is still in my drooping hand.
       I'm surprised that afte
:iconbreakfast-rofls:Breakfast-ROFLs 2 12
PrussiaXreader request: The Awesome Contest!
PrussiaXReader Request
The AWESOME contest
(name) and Prussia were going at it…AGAIN. Germany's palm met his face as the two barked at each other over who was 'awesome-er'. "YOU KNOW WHAT?! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A AWESOME CONTEST (name)!!" Prussia yelled at (name). (name) crossed her arms "Challenge accepted" she said with a smirk. "meet me here tomorrow at noon for a contest of epic proportions!" Prussia yelled running off.
---this is Ned the time skipping llama who will now bring you a day into the future---
Prussia tapped his foot impatiently waiting for (name) "vhere the hell is she?" he said. A Girl with dark brown hair and a curl sticking out from her Celtics hat approached him. "hey~ ima be you're awesomeness judge~!" she said giving a wink. "and just vhat makes you so sure you're gonna be the judge?" he said giving the younger girl a poker-face stare. "cuz I INVENTED awesom
:iconxepictacosx:XEPICTACOSx 60 52
Skyrim, Tierra de heroes. Cap.01 by Ryuhoshi7 Skyrim, Tierra de heroes. Cap.01 :iconryuhoshi7:Ryuhoshi7 2 14
SwedenxFinland One Shot
Warning: extremely fluffy... X3 *go to link for pt 2!*
Berwald noticed the house was quiet as he walked in from his hunt, 'Tino must be taking a nap.'  He thought to himself as he looked around the house that obviously had been cleaned while he was away.  He took off his boots and climbed the stairs and walked down the hallway to the room he shared with Tino.  He opened the door and froze at what he saw.
Tino's hands were tied above his head to the bed and his mouth was gagged, his shirt on the floor.  Matthias was on top of him kissing Tino down his neck.  Matthias and Tino looked over at the now open door in shock at the sight of Berwald standing there.
"You can come join us if you want."  Matthias said seductively and continued what he was doing.  Tino clenched his eyes shut and shuddered at his touch, turning his head so he didn't have to look at Berwald.
Berwald's expression turned from confusion to rage. &
:icongaara-fangirl1107:Gaara-Fangirl1107 22 23
Masterpiece, A Prince of Tennis Fanfiction
Those two needed more stories dedicated to them! Haha. This can be
seen as a backstory applicable to my Fem! Ryoma fic 'Ryoma X Reina',
And please don't hesitate to leave some feedback, okay? Reading them always makes my days! :))

DISCLAIMER: I WISH I own Prince of Tennis
Part 1 of 2

was the Lost Decade in Japan, but most things were still mostly as the
people from the outside knew it. It was still a country loyal to its
culture, and a very fascinating one at that.
Inside a certain
academy for rich people, a young school girl with reddish-brown braided
hair, that semi-gracefully followed her motion as she ran frantically
along the corridor.
Hanamura Aoi was her name, and she was doing
some errands for the professor again. Of course she knew it wouldn't
necessarily give her better grades, but she would do any insurance
possible to maintain her good grades. She had always been insecure,
especially when it came to them
:iconnispedana2:Nispedana2 0 0
Demon Family: Prologue
"Isn't that the girl that Father Maxwell took in?"
"Yeah wonder what she's doing here."
"Maybe he only took her in for appearances."
"She's kind of scary looking.  Have you seen her eyes?"
The cluster of gossiping children didn't know it, but the girl they were talking about heard everything.  Alice didn't know why her new step-father dumped her here in an orphanage in the middle of nowhere.  Didn't he know adopting a child meant taking care of them, and giving them your own home to stay in?  
"I heard she's a heathen," one boy whispered.
Alice snapped the twig she was playing with.  She wasn't a heathen, and she hated be called that.
The next thing Alice remembered was a pair of strong arms picking her up from under the armpits and locking her arms behind her back.
"Father Anderson! Put me down!" she screamed squirming in his arms.
"And why do ye think I oughtta do that?" Anderson's deep voice asked, "So ye can continue ta beat the liv
:iconslenderarmy:SlenderArmy 4 5
The Beast That I Am 3 by OrionPax09 The Beast That I Am 3 :iconorionpax09:OrionPax09 23 25
Our Detective Lives Ch. 1
Our Detective Lives Chapter 1:Message From L
It was a sunny day,a little to sunny though.I walked into the Detective HeadQuarter's and into the elevator.When it reached the floor of my office I walked out and said hi to my friend Sara who was another detective.I walked into my office and looked around.Just an ordinary office.I walked up and sat in my chair in front of my laptop.I kept it off a lot.I bit into a chocolate chip cookie when i heard something like a 'bing'.I looked at my laptop and gasped.A large black L was on the screen.I looked closer at it,wide-eyed.Then a voice came which made me jump back."Hello."I stared at it and whipered,"Who...who are...wait a minute your L aren't you?""Yes.And you are detective Ash,I have heard much about you."The voice which said it was L said."Um yes.But how did you get on my computer?"I asked him."That will be explained later,right now I need your help on something."He said."My help?But why my help?I've heard you have solved cases without anyo
:iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 26 12
The Prince of Ba Sing Se - 1
The Prince of Ba Sing Se is an AU-story;
about the moment when Ursa's life start to change. She and her child are banished, she tries to survive.
Iroh is fifty-two,
Lu Ten is twelve,
Ozai is thirty,
Ursa is twenty-nine,
Kuei is thirty-two,
Zuko is five.

The Prince of Ba Sing Se,
Chapter one.

"This ship is safe; my friends will transport you to the east-coast of the Earth Kingdom." General Iroh whispered worriedly, he was still in shock about what had happened earlier this day. He rubbed Ursa's shivering arms which held their poor child. "I'm so sorry for the mess I've made."
"We're both responsible for this, Iroh. I had to be much wiser; I couldn't fall in love with you in the first place. Look at us now! I am banished; my son is named a bastard."
Iroh placed his finger on her sensual lips. "Don't call him a bastard, he's our son." His finger moved slowly over her wet chin towards the painful red mark on her upper chest. "I'll follow your trail when Ozai calmed down. We'l
:icongadani13:Gadani13 11 3
Moonlit Secrets
The Maid discovers a shocking secret about the Head Butler.
Pairing: SebastianxRonald
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler
Length: Drabble
Warnings: None
Moonlit Secrets

It was an unusually warm spring night in London England, the full moon lit the gardens and grounds around the Phantomhive Manor, casting long shadows across the ground. The house was still, save the large grandfather clock in the Entrance Hall that ticked away the seconds until both hands stood at attention, causing twelve loud chimes to break the silence that had settled after each member of the Household had turned in for the night to escape to their dreams.
Meyrin, however, was finding it quite difficult to drift off into her own dreams. She sighed and reached out for her glasses, pushing them up her nose and swinging her legs out of bed, the floor unpleasantly cold on her bear toes. She grabbed a candle from the drawer in her simple wooden bedside table and lit it, sh
:icontibun:TiBun 19 18
Afraid to be a soldier
Afraid to be a soldier is an AU-story;
about the moment when Prince Zuko hears about his fathers plans.
Iroh is sixty,
Ozai is forty,
Zhao is forty,
Zuko is thirteen.

Afraid to be a soldier.
The old retired General sipped his tea calmly as he glared over his playful little nephew. Prince Zuko was already thirteen, but he proved to be very childish. Iroh hadn't really a problem with that fact but he knew Ozai did.
His younger brother was so serious and Zuko was indeed the next heir, those two facts caused some problems inside their small family. Iroh lowered his cup with a lovely smile as his nephew rolled over the grass mat with pleasure.
Zuko's harmless fun hurt deep inside Uncle Iroh's old heart, he knew his nephew hadn't much time left here but he wasn't the one who would tell him. Iroh couldn't break his surrogate son his tender heart.
"Uncle? You're daydreaming." The young boy spoke out with amuse as he made a perfect handstand. "What were you thinking about?"
:icongadani13:Gadani13 14 4
Mulans of FFVII: Ch 19. Memories
    Skye knew she was in a memory, because it had been quite a few years since the counter tops were over her head.
     "Sweet heart, are you coming?" Her memory self tilted her head back with a smile.
     "Coming!" The little girl started skipping over to the front door, smiling. She was excited to get to go to grandma's house. Grandma's house meant cookies and family and good food. It meant laughter and happiness. Skye smiled as she watched the memory replay. She was wearing her grandmother's slippers. She walked around wishing she could have the pair for herself – they were so soft! An idea stirred in her young brain, a scheme that played on her family knowledge. "Grandma… I really love these slippers!" Her kind grandmother smiled at her.
     "How about you keep those then dear." Even though that had been the reaction she had expected, Skye's younger self feigned surprise.
:icondeadly-fudge:Deadly-fudge 0 5
Friends At Your Back - Bleach fic
Since the day his Captain betrayed his trust and loyalty, he often found himself drinking, trying to bury his head into forgetting. Of course the next morning he would wake with a headache but after taking some medication to get rid of the headache, he would move on with his day, doing his best to lead the men as best as he could. There was no Captain now, but that didn't mean his group couldn't still function. That was what a Lieutenant was for… to do jobs when his or her Captain wasn't around. And now he was doing all that he could. Although where there was no Captain, the other Captains picked up the slack when it came to paperwork. But they even had their own jobs to deal with and with three Captains now gone, it made life complicated for everyone. With having three less Captains, those Squads were never handed down assignments anymore and they were never given any new recruits either.
Sitting down in tavern, alone, Izuru Kira began to do what he did every night. But just as h
:iconlady1venus:Lady1Venus 4 0




Here are the queen of the group and her high knights. XD
Just kidding.
Now looking for co-founders and contributors.
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