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Just because I made a comic and a certain friend of mine wouldn't leave me alone till I made one haha
But I don't care if no one donates I run on nice comments and stuff like that. UGH THEY'RE JUST SO INSPIRING YOU HAVE NO IDEA
It's like, you have these random strangers who are super friendly and shiz to you and telling you that you're actually really good at art when others tell you that "you can do better"
It makes me feel great and it's why I'm still posting
Insomnia Complex
You visit it if ya want but it's not too big a deal to me as long as I have the support from DevArt
I got tagged by ElementalDragonNinja!!
- these questions ONLY may circulate around OCS.
--You MUST post a journal entry in response.
- Anyone can do this tag if they see it and are not tagged but they should credit the person they originally saw doing this so we can all spread OC love!
-- You must ask 13 OC-related questions when you are done replying to the tagger's 13 OC questions for you.
-- Tag as many people as you want!
-- Tag backs are allowed
-- IF YOU WANT, you can also include a "13 Things About [Insert OC's name here]" section in your response because those are always really fun!
I don't have any OCs associated with a certain fandom, so I'll be using my comic book characters :P
EDN's questions:

1. What song reminds you of your OC(s)
TRCKRTRT-ARVFZ reminds me of Renee actually.
2. What's their favorite season(s)?
Sinneth, Renee, Alex- Fall
Max, Connor, Lliam, Ciel, Vy- Summer
Coetan, Damian- Winter
Shareen, Lukas, Sadie- Spring
3. Are any of them based on someone in your life?
Sinneth, the main character, is based off of my sister.
Renee has some of my traits.
Lliam is based off of an old friend.
Ciel is based off my brother.
Lukas is based off of an asshole I play video games with :P
4. Do they have any pets? If not what pet would they want?
Renee and Sinneth have 3 cats and a dog
5. What's their dream vacation?
They'd all like to just relax and be normal for a day
6. Are they similar to you or your family?
That was actually one of the main points in my comic, so yeah :)
7. Do they eat a lot?
Coetan eats a frick ton of candy and chocolate, especially in a stressful situation
8. Their favorite mythical creature?
Renee loves Pheonix's, Sinneth loves almost any type of creature, and they all hate Fearies thanks to Shareen
9. Do they believe in cryptids? Why or why not? idk what that is
10. Are they ever rude to people?
Renee and Shareen are assholes
11. What is a ridiculous/stupid fear of theirs?
Vy is afraid of cats
12. How would you react if they showed up at your door?
13. Favorite Christmas tradition? If they don't celebrate it, do they celebrate something else?
Well, each of them have a different haritage, and they come from different countries (Like Coetan is from Russia and Lliam and Vy are from France etc.) so they all have different ways of celebrating Christmas. But Renee hates Christmas... Because I don't like Christmas :T

My questions for you:
1. What is your OC's preference?
2. Who was your first OC?
3. Are any of your OC's in a relationship?
4. Which OC's are evil? >=)
5. Are any of your OC's spoiled?
6. Which on is the most retarded? X3
7. Who has the darkest past?
8.  Who's your most powerful OC?
9. Do you have any original OCs from you own story?
10. Which is your favorite OC?
11. What inspired the creation of your OCs?
12. Are your any of your OCs based off of something or someone? If so what or who?
13. Who's your most hated OC? By your other OC standards of course, not fans lol

And I tag...
ElementalDragonNinja (Tag back lol)
Tagged by CryingUmbreon

Rules (unedited)

Write the rules.
dont Write 13 things about yourself.
Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
Tag 13 deviants (only 13!) (or less)
Tag backs NOT are allowed.
Have fun! (or dont)

Questions I was asked:

Q: Have you used a calendar this year?
Q: What do you enjoy most in your life?
Art and Music
Q: Zodiac sign?
I think I'm a Sagittarius????
Q: Do you write on your hand?
From time to time
Q: On and scale from 1-100, How gay are you?
Like a 74
Q: Do you listen to music when you draw?
I can't draw without ;)
Q: In the room your sitting in rn, what does it smell like?
Q: If you could relive one childhood memory, what would you do differently?
I don't really know, slap my bitchy pre-school teacher maybe
Q: What do you hate most in this world?
Greedy Bastards
Q: Whats your least favorite number?
Q: How do you greet people you've never met?
With a small hey and shake their hand
Q: When drawing, what do you struggle most with?
Q: Do you see yourself becoming insane?
Most likey yeah :T

My questions for others:

Q: Lame but what's yer favorite color??
Q: Favorite show?
Q: Best game of all time?
Q: Best time of yer life?
Q: Lucky number?
Q: Favorite music artist?
Q: Ever been to an amusement park, which one?
Q: Which country are you from?
Q: What is your dream job?
Q: Favorite art style?
Q: Favorite fantasy couple, ship, otp, etc.?
Q: Favorite music genre?
Q: Dogs or Cats?

Herp derp I have a Skype that goes by my name Jean Cedar now