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Life has been busy for me.
One my health has changed for the not so good, all I will state about that is that I'm now on oxygen at night. I'm also wearing readers to read things now since the words are starting to blur without readers.
Currently working at Kohls and they love my mindset at work as they gave me the job that not everyone wants to do - yup, putting the security tags on the clothes that requires them. I end up getting them done within 4 hours which the others would take most of the day to do. I get them done within three and a half hours or less, I also get to wear an ear bug and once I am done with the security tags, I am able to float around a few spots on the floor as in the Men's clothes, housewares, the candles and bedding, helping the customers out.
I actually heard one customer compliment me to the cash register about how good I was about telling them about the product that they were considering buying and I was told not to read the product labels but I did anyways since the time is usually slow there.
On my writing front as in the story The Sword Princess: Cathene's Journey: I am about five chapters away from finishing it. I'll then, be heading into editing mode on that. I'll start that about January 1st of next year. I am working on several other manucripts as well as this one.
I found out that I am allergic to epinephrine, coconut and mint. My dentists' cleaning techs have to be aware of what paste they put on my tray but I usually check what it is before I get into the chair. I cannot have epinephrine in my numbing shots for any dental work that requires my gums and teeth to be numb. The mildest effect I have felt was dizziness and a lack of coordination.
I am currently working on getting my Hiset which is the new name for GED. I am hoping to go for the big test in 2020.
The rest of the year will be busy for me.
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My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today. - Watership Down
"Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.” - Yoda
Concerning my story The Sword Princess: Cathene's Journey?

(LINK -  )
I'm going to compile a list of questions and do a webcam Q&A session in a few days, if I get any questions concerning said story and if you want to know a bit about how I write, I will answer those questions as well.

You will be mentioned as the one who asked the question, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you.

Update: I got some questions but not as many as I would like.
I'm posting the questions below and the people who asked them have requested to be anonymous.


Q1: How did you come up with the story line for the story?
Q2: How many characters are there in the story?
Q3: Who was Cathene modeled after?
Q4: How did you come up with Cathene's name?
Q5: When did you start writing this story?
Q6: Why does the main character Cathene play the flute?
*NEW* Q7: Why did Tayah throw the sword into the gate, instead of going in with the sword?

I would like at least one more maybe two more to answer.

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On September 2, 2016, I interviewed at Kohls in Osage Beach for a new job as the job that I had at Lake Area Industries was not going good. I still love the place but the pay and the work week was not being in the best place for me. I was working only three days a week and getting about $100 every two weeks, from my four days a week and getting about $300 every two weeks.
Well, on September 2, I turned in my resignation to LAI for I was hired as backroom stocker at Kohls. Two to three days a week, at $9 an hour about five hours each day. I started working last week as we had some computer issues with the store's computers concerning me. But I spent the first two days of this week at work, my next day is tomorrow as we have a rare third truck coming in.
The backroom is not large like the other Kohls stores are, so we mainly have to do our unboxing in the aisle of the store. I have already helped couple customers while I was unpacking boxes. I do need to spend more time looking over everything to memorize the layout of the entire store. But I got some great co-workers and a great boss to work with. The boss has a son who is Autistic and he's impressed and has now hope that his son will achieve his goals seeing how I have gone about to get my goals done.
I am currently working on getting my GED. I hope to take the test sometime next year, if not next year, I'll try for 2018. But I am determined to get my GED done. It would be 35 years in the making.
I had spent a week in Canada visiting my sister Chana and I drove all the way up and back. Next time I go up, I will have a bit more income to handle maybe getting couple of hotel rooms for the way up and the way back so I am not rushed to return home in a tired state.
But I am enjoying my new job and the money will be more than what I had made before.
I am very happy and I got a good job that pays good.
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And no sight of getting more money from work. :(
I would be training for the rest of the week if I was not on a three day work week. :(
I only got one hundred dollars for two weeks (6 days total) of work out of the two pay periods. Two hundred dollars a month instead of my normal pay of 280 a pay period, the two checks that I would get would have covered some of my funding for my trip. I sold t-shirts on eBay to get most of it and now I'm down to the last possible week to really get my funds for the trip.
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A few weeks ago, I woke up choking on bile while sleeping flat in my bedroom.
I told my dad that I need to get a recliner for my bed as I sleep better sitting upright.
So on Memorial Weekend, I purchased a Lane recliner.
I have slept really good since that time.
I had decided to add a few new things to my bedroom as in a nightstand by my chair, new fan and a new area rug which actually looks really good there.
I love how everything looks now.
BDixonarts Brandy Dixon is not an art thief! She is a professional colorist and she does not steal anyone's work! She is either hired to color it or she colors something that she's working on with a friend.
She is NOT a thief!
The person or persons who is accusing her of theft is a scumbag, who doesn't like how big she got with her Decepticon fighter planes. She got people from the Transformers franchise intrigued by her custom figures and her artwork. Heck, they could even become canon! So, this jerk is most likely jealous of my friend and her good fortune.

But the last words I'll say about this is, Brandy Dixon is not a thief, if she is one, then so is every single person who colors for Hasbro is a thief!, as Brandy is as good as the colorists for Hasbro and I bet they like her work just as much as everyone else does.
And already I have problems in what they should look like.

Images for Lady Theresa by fanfictionaxis
Images for Lady Theresa's appearance in my story.
Backstory on the character: Theresa is the last of the reigning Regents of Radour and she's wishing for the prophecy to come true and the true heir to the throne will come and take her place as Queen or King. She's tired of her role and she's venturing to the Kingdom of Galcheth as witness of the coronation of Prince Tobias as King and then return home to Radour. She's not even aware that the woman Cathene she encounters in the valley is the heir to the throne of Bilaysia AKA Radour.
I'm not sure which one of the images would suit her best. I think the one in the black cloak would be the best one but I'm not sure. I also think the one on the far right is best but as you can tell, I'm not 100% sure which one would work.

White Guards of Radour. by fanfictionaxis
The White Guards of Radour.
These are the White Guards of Lady Theresa of Radour.
I'm not sure which ones should be who so I numbered them from one to five, so you can help me figure which one suits the role that they are to do.
Sven who is the Captain of the Guards. Lachlan, Sarturon, Magne and last of all is Goraidh.
Please mark the names with the number that you think is best for that image.
It sucked as I had a heavy head since noon on Christmas Eve.
I had to miss out on the Christmas Eve services at my Church because of it.
I didn't feel 100% till yesterday afternoon when we were finally able to celebrate Christmas with my two men.
I hate missing out on Christmas services as I usually help with handing out the candles and lighting them as well.
Well, I'm going to try to do something that I hope will bring joy for my fellow Church goers. I'm going to video the sermon each Sunday. Hopefully, I can do that without fail. It would be awesome for them to not just only hear the word but also see the Pastor himself.

41 years ago, my mother Janet was told by a person from the Rolla Diagnostic Center, in Rolla, Missouri after I was diagnosed as having severe speech delay and severe speech impediment to put me into a mental institution and forgotten as I would not be worth spit. That was when I was four years old. My mother refused to do that. She believed in me. Five years later and two teachers who worked with me, got me to speak fully with full sentences, not a garbled mishmash of words, even though still today, I do have difficulties with certain words and sounds.

I am an Autistic with Aspergers. On December 11, 2015, I finally got SSDI, which is Social Security Disability Income, 41 years late. I will be able to help my father Richard, with putting food on the table. I tend when I get stressed, stop speaking and start to cry or hit my head or both. I am socially inept. I tend to ramble at times, but get me on a subject that I love to discuss and you will get informed about that subject. I tend to be a loner at times, but I love to be with others. It all depends on my mood. I am very fickle about who I let in to my life, so those who are friends here and offline, you are very lucky as I don't have a lot of people who I can say are my friends.

Thank you for being here for me and supporting me with your friendship.

Here we are in the middle of December and I have another bout with Bronchitis.
I spent since December 7th off work and I won't be returning till at least Monday to work.
I had to miss our Office Christmas party because of it.
I hate Bronchitis.
Last Friday, I went to get my results back from my testing.
Yeah, I never told anyone that I was getting tested.
For what, you may ask?
For Autism, 41 years too late.
It may be late now but at least, I know, what my problem is.
As I was told that all I had was Severe Speech Delay and Speech Impediment, when I was 4 years old and started on a course of speech therapy to get me to speak full sentences and in English, instead of the new language that I was using since I was 6 months of age, after I got a hairline skull fracture at age 6 months. It took me till I was 9 years old to speak fully.
I have Autism with aspects of Asperger's syndrome mixed in.
My great grandmother Louise has been vindicated as she had told my mother when I was 6 or 8 years old that I should be tested for Autism and my mother refused as she didn't think I had the problem.
Now I can start getting the moral support from my caseworker in a big way and most likely I can get a PA, that's Personal Assistant to help with things like making sure that my bills that I have are lined up for me to tend to, so I don't get overly stressed out about things as I tend to stress out.
But at least, I now know the reasons behind me hitting my head with my hand at times and wanting to have everything done in a certain way and getting stressed when the words aren't coming to me as easily as they should.
On October 21st.
All I did was walk down the hallway of my house and I tore it.
And guess what I didn't do.
Yup, that's right, go to the ER to get it x-rayed, till two weeks later when I could not handle the pain any longer.
Plus that my dad didn't really think to take me right away to the ER that day that I did my tendon.
My dad didn't think I did anything bad to my ankle, just another strain, which I have been known to do with my ankles.
About three and a half weeks ago, I finally got it x-rayed and MRI my ankle by my orthopedic to find that I tore my Achilles Tendon.
I've been doing PT for the last two weeks, in hopes that surgery will not be needed.
Last week, I thought I tore my tendon again, so I had another MRI to find that my tendon is actually healing, which is very good news.
With how my ankles are, I'm lucky not to have snapped bones or the tendons with how bad I am with walking at times.
I had not looked outside since I came home from work at 4:15pm and when I did, I had to grab my cell phone as that was the closest camera I had. I snapped off four photos, but I think the first one I did was the best.
When I went back out to get better ones with my camera the thundercloud had moved away and it looked different than what it was before.
On July 30th. The stand which holds our labels for the tackle box lids fell and hit my left wrist and my left calf. Nothing is broken beyond a few blood vessels. Good thing for strong bones. I was placed on bagging Kool-Off till this past Wednesday when I went back to labeling lids for the Laker line till there was no more lids for me to label and I was put back on bagging Kool-Off for the last hour, which I did over 240 bags before the call to go home was yelled out.
I do have some pain in my left leg from where the stand hit my calf at, but I don't think I broke anything there or they would have known that minute that I tried to stand up.
It did take a week before I started to experience the pain of the hit on both my wrist and my left leg. I was not able to do much beyond crawling around on my belly to get places. Good thing I took that day off to deal with something else. I hate getting injured as this was the first true injury that I had there.
I ended up getting some news at work, that I am trying to come to terms with. I won't state it here but I could use prayers that everything will be okay.

POV - Point of View.

This is honestly the first one that has gotten past chapter three and I am still writing it. Normally, I would lose interest or the vibe to do it in the first person's POV. But this story is coming along nicely. I'm not sure if I am going to make it into a short story or what.

It deals with a young woman who is pen pals with an elderly Greek man, who summons her to his home where he tells her that her needs or wants will be taken care of forever before he passes on. From there, she learns how wealthy her friend really is when they reveal what was written in the Will.

I think people will find it entertaining and fun to read, I hope.
I woke up on July 12, to the sound of knocking on my door from my father. He handed me a sheet of paper and said, Happy Birthday. It was the sheet of paper that said Beth, you're going to DEF LEPPARD, STYX & TESLA concert!

I am now able to go see The Boys! I'm going to find where they're going to be in a few days from the first of August and send something to them letting them know that I need to see them if at all possible privately as I need to tell them something important, have Malvin look for me at the fair on August 14th, I'll be there.

I'm going with couple friends and their kids, which means it will be an all day event, so there is a chance I'll find them before the concert at the fair.

I cannot wait till August 14th!
In my story The Sword Princess: Cathene's Journey.
I reached 60,000 words! That is pretty good if I say so.
I give myself word goals for each month.
Sometimes it is 2.5k in words or as little as 500 words.
It really depends on how I feel about the month.
In May, I picked 500 words as it was the month that I lost my mother in and that month is always very hard for me to cope with.
I'm looking forward to getting 3,000 words done this month.
Can I do it?
Yup, I can.
Well, back to writing I doth go.