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Fiery Dawn Part 19
Fiery Dawn 19:
Hatake Akuro sat down at the breakfast table with her mother and father wearing several bandages along with a few new bruises and scrapes.  Her dad Kakashi was already dressed for the day and reading one of his perverted books at the table as usual.  Her mother Anko on the other hand was still loosely wearing nothing but her robe while she slowly chewed her food as she stared out the window.  Akuro winced a little from her wounds as she sat down drawing her parents’ attention as her mom asked, “What happened to you?”
“My new mission,” she said as she pulled her plate closer, “Itadakimasu!  Naruto-sensei sent Inuzuka Kiba on an S-ranked mission so my team was put in charge of training his genin for the exam.  I got stuck with Nara Yukio…and I’ll tell you this he is definitely a hand full.”
“What do you mean by that,” questioned Anko as she put her arm around Kakashi
:iconbaronvonvoe:baronvonvoe 9 15
Far Away
‘Far away.
This ship is taking me far away,
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die.’
On a craggy, windswept cliff top, a large blue box appeared out of nowhere. A screeching, ripping sound tore into the silence as the strange box became more clear. Then all was quiet again, and nothing could be heard except the distant lapping of waves far below.
A man emerged from a creaking panelled door in the front of the blue box. His trainers made no sound as he slowly walked over the grass towards a smooth, tall rock near the cliffs edge, his hands thrust into his pockets, his brows furrowed, deep in thought. He looked like he was in his early thirties; those who knew him knew his true age.
He wore a brown pinstriped suit, with a loose, messy tie. His hair was brown and ruffled; he appeared to be a normal man. But looking into his eyes, you could tell he was different. They were deep and filled with secrets. They had seen war, peace, life, death, triumph, lo
:iconcdp-xo:cdp-xo 2 2
First Senshi: Sailor Moon
There was a legend known to all Lunarians of a silver crystal with untold powers. Whoever was able to find this crystal and wield its power would become the ruler of the Moon and be able to defeat Chaos and bring order to the galaxy. Things are never simple with legends and the silver crystal was no exception.
Only a woman could wield the power of the legendary silver crystal meaning the ruler of the Moon would be a woman, which did not sit well with the elders of the clan. Once the crystal was in the possession of its rightful owner the woman could only bear one child and that child would be a daughter. Finally, using the crystal to its fullest power would mean certain death for the wielder.
Anyone could hold the silver crystal but it would only react with the rightful owner. This meant one could pass the legendary crystal all their life and never know it.
:icondavisjes:DavisJes 51 31
DW: Stormy Reunion Ch.6
DOCTOR WHO: "Stormy Reunion"
CHAPTER 6 - Bad Wolf
Rose was beginning to feel the strain as she dealt with her frantic co-workers.
Much to her surprise, not long after the calamity outside had started, around twenty people had rushed into her office in quick succession. Turns out she wasn't the only one to work late on weekdays. To her dismay, however, only two of them were 'proper' Torchwood workforce -- qualified researchers and the like -- while the rest were government-hired cleaning staff.
Fortunately, the two researchers were at least on the ball, holding back the urge to overreact and, instead, went about gently querying Rose as to whether or not she had any idea as to just what was happening all over London. The same couldn't be said for the cleaners; massaging her temples with her fingers, she felt the unyielding desire to scream "shut up!" as, one after the other, the mop-wielding lunatics practically screamed at her in panic.
Sat behind her d
:iconddggrule:ddggrule 1 13
Prince and the bird 4
~timeskip 3 weeks~
after that day in the medow, bird and sasori were inseparable. They hung out all day at the lake, meadow or helping the villagers. Life seemed..well good. For once in the youngs prince life, he was happy. Till THAT day of course.
He returned from a day of fun, when iruka reluntly handed him a letter. It was from his grandmother
To prince sasori
sasori, you have had more then enough time. I will arrive on the day of the full moon to collect you and your choosen princess.

His ruby eyes went wide, he dropped the letter. “t-that’s tomorrow!” iruka looked at the ground. “im so sorry. In truth…I wish you could stay here. Temari’s family enjoys your company, the village love you, and bird is so much happier” “BIRD!” sasori ran out of the house. Iruka sighed sadly and collapsed into a chair.
“bird!” the said blonde turned to see sasori running to him. he jumped down from the tree he was in. “sasori?
:icondeidarasgirl17:deidarasgirl17 5 3
Doctor Who: Change: Chapter 1
Peri’s eyes snapped open, she stared at the ceiling of the TARDIS for a few moments before jumping up and looking around her. It was different; she knew that a different TARDIS meant that something was very wrong. It had the same basic structure but the walls were a different colour, it looked to Peri like somebody had been sick all over them. A horrible thought swept over her mind, what if she was in the Master’s TARDIS? She decided to search around the other rooms, see if she could find anything of use. As she walked forward though she tripped over an outstretched leg. Looking down at the offending limb Peri saw that it belonged to a girl wearing a black bomber jacket covered in badges. A short way away laid a teenage boy wearing a stranger outfit, unless they were in the stone age Peri knew this guy wasn’t from earth.
   Peri was just about to go through the door when she heard speaking, hurriedly standing behind the it Peri watched as the door flew ope
:iconerikforever:erikforever 1 0
Untitled Fanfic :: Part I
"Araby, me darling Irish rose. . .Like ye father and siblings a'fore me, I too now must be a-headin' to the shores of Fiddler's Green." A young girl stared at her mother, tears starting to fall down the face. "No, Ma. No. . ." "Hush, love. It'll be all right. . .We'll be with you with every step ye take. Here, take this with ye." The feeble hand reached for the golden pocket watch on the nightstand and placed into the hands of her daughter. "Ma. . ." the girl tried to protest. "Arabella Rose, ye'll take this token as th' hat o' ye father's." The woman took another breath inward, the stress of it all taking its toil. "Me love, it is now time for me passing and ye time ter shine. remember above all things, me love: God loves us poor sinners an' —" Their voices joined in one accord— "there is a silver lining in every cloud." The young child felt their mother's hand squeeze one last time as they watched the last breath be drawn and then was exhaled in a manner
:icongabietink:gabietink 4 4
Mature content
Rejected Bad Guys :iconjamesbondkid2001:jamesbondkid2001 2 10
Finding Timmy chapter 5
Author's note
Good suggestions. Yeah, I didn't realize it until now that it was Buzz who appeared and not Woody, but I see no reason to change the previous chapter now. Besides, if my reviewers are fine with it, so am I.
No offense, Evil Riggs, but you need to take a chill pill. Everyone else likes this fic so far and they don't share your opinion. If you want to still be a pal, fine, but don't go acting like a flamer.
Now back to Danny, the parents, and Jenny.
Chapter 5: The Mask
"Timmy, Timmy..." groaned Danny as he is sleeping at the bottom of a cliff. The explosion from before has knock him, Jenny, and the parents out for awhile.
"Hey...can I have some of that?" said Jenny in her sleep. As she and everyone else is sleeping, the hole they are in is tipping in both directions. "Careful with that wrench..."
Danny groans as he finally woke up. He wonders what happened. He remembers being chased by the insane Stitch, getting the mask back, and the explosion. But where...
Danny looks up
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 4 1
'The Power OF Love' 2
hey! hey!! hey!!! hey!!!! this is "The Power Of Love 2"
( i do NOT own fruits basket or  anyone in it just the OCs in here are mine!)
::meeting hatusharu ayame and kisa::
~~~~at shigure's~~~~~
"Shigure! wheres my dress shirt?!"asked yuki sohma, as he ran down the stairs.
Shigue sohma looked up from his paper to see a panicking yuki." i think it's in the wash room "said shigure, "THANK YOU!"yelled yuki as he ran to the wash room. this made shigure smile.
'I haven't seen him like this since--' ring! ring! shigure's thought's were interrupted when the door bell ringed. "i'll get it!" said yuki, he took a deep breathe and let it out before he opened the door.
"Hi yuki!" said, tohru honda. "hello miss honda" said, yuki. "um yuki? your tie. it's not right um can i? can i fix it?" asked tohru, yuki look down at his tie and growled. tohru giggled at this.
"Here"tohru said fixing his tie, and yuki blushed 3 shades of red. "there!" shes said, looking up at him with a big s
:iconkami-jazzu:Kami-Jazzu 12 71
White: A Tanka
The cold, white snow blows
Silver strands this winter's day -
I see silver hair
dancing on a morning breeze,
Spring magic with amber eyes.
:iconknittingknots:knittingknots 6 50
Naruto: Yo Shourai ch. 3
Chapter 3: Squad 1’s first test!
Roko: “what’s going on Horona-Sensei?” he felt weird calling his mom this but none the less this is what she was to be called.
Horona: she smirked at her son’s stupidity. “This is your first official test as gennin’… let’s see if you can get around these rocks shall we? There are two colored boulders at the top of this gate…as you can see one is black and one is red…you each have to make it up to the top and bring the boulders down…if you can figure out how to do this you will pass and become a Gennin’…”
Roko: “this is impossible!”
Horona: “I don’t know about that…Sonya-sensei and I had to do it when we were you’re age…I had Lady Tsunade teach me this trick before she left again…” smiling she held up her arm “you have till lunch time to do this assignment if you cannot the you will fail and you will go back to the academy and mayb
:iconlovenevercomes:Lovenevercomes 3 4
Fading Echoes
It was the little things about her absence that hurt the most. The little echoes of her that were quickly fading from his mind. Her humming while he tinkered. Random articles of clothing scattered around the Control Room. The way the cheese was slanted because she could never get the hang of cutting it straight down. The sound the TARDIS made when she stroked her. The way she innately knew when the milk had gone bad. (His tea schedule got completely off when there was no milk.) He even missed the way the bathroom smelled like jasmine for hours after she took a shower. But most of all he missed her warmth. He’d gotten so used to having a warm human running around that the TARDIS seemed unnaturally cold without her. Nowadays the only way he could get to sleep was wrapped up in a cocoon of artificial Rose-ness.
And then one day the bathroom smelled like jasmine again. For one, blissful minute he thought he’d dreamed her absence. But…it was just Martha, using the body wash t
:iconmahditherovingblade:MahdiTheRovingBlade 1 0
gaaras b-day bash chapter4
The reat of the people waited in the lobby for shikamaru to get back wit temari with there room key. gaara sat on the bench oppisite from naruto staring at him angryliy!! ur not still mad are u gaara? naruto asked no of course not dont be silly!!! why would i be mad at a guy who practically drowned me!!!!! oh so ur still mad huh? naruto said.gusse what guys said shika the hotel is booked on rooms. temari added. what!!! they all said u can not be serius?
yes sadly they are. shika said, but thaey said they have 2 suits left so we can stay in those girls in one boys in the other kay? okay replied naruto.they then got to there rooms wow!! look at the tv!!!! naruto said i call couch replied!1 kiba .sasuke just starred wat losers! gaara didn
:iconmissteriousdarkrose:MissteriousDarkRose 5 76
Planet Chaos-Ch. 5-Pt. 3
Raket runs around the castle, looking for Shadow. After a while of searching, he finds a bunch of guards all standing in a corner facing the wall.
Raket: Hmm... I wonder what's goin' on over here.
Guard: Black Hedgehog! Stand down! Or we will be forced to..... uhm... use force!
Shadow: I dare you to try.
All the guards step closer.
Shadow: BACK AWAY FROM ME! YOU SMELL LIKE FEET! BACK AWAY! Or I'll...... I'll lay eggs in your stomach!... REALLY! I CAN DO THAT!
Raket: Great... He's in trouble and he's quoting "Invader Zim."
Shadow looks through a crack of space between the guards and notices Raket standing behind them. What's more, he notices the Chaos Emerald in his hand.
Shadow: Raket! Quick! Throw me that emerald!
Raket: Uh... Ok.
Raket tosses the emerald over the guards and Shadow catches it. He holds it in front of him in a somewhat odd fashion.
Shadow: Don't make me use this! I know how!
Guard: What... that little blue rock?
Shadow: Chaos.........
Guard: Uh.... is he glowing?
:iconraketth:RaketTH 4 7
An Absalute Answer: Part Two
Then Carlisle said the best words in the history of mankind
"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, Edward you may now kiss the bride."
Then Edward grabbed me in his steely grasp and kissed me with a passion that I didn't know existed. We stayed like that for it seemed an eternity. Then to soon he let me breath. I was careful not to faint. Then everybody stared to clap.
"I give you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen."
Then there was the reception.
"Bella, I cant believe it were legally sisters." Alice said after me and Edward had cut the cake and stuffed each others faces with it.
Renee and Charlie came up and gave me and Edward big hugs.
"Oh, my little girls all grown up." she said with a big smile.
"Even though I really dont like you Edward I think you made a great desision by getting my daughter, you make sure you keep her safe."
Edward smil
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